I’m Katt and I love helping people pave their paths.

I wear a lot of hats. Professionally, I’m most interested in helping small business owners with impactful marketing strategies and authentic branding that will connect them with the people they can help the most. 

In life, I aspire to help people make the impact they want to make. My magnum opus project is to be in a position where I can help connect people with the causes they are passionate about.  I have interests in so many causes and fields of study, from environmental sustainability to criminal justice. Life is more than the sum of its parts, and I know I can leave a bigger impact by helping others.

I’ve helped people start, save, and scale all sorts of businesses – from tanning salon chains, to international entertainment companies, to passive e-commerce businesses.

I found my way into the real estate space when a friend asked me to help them start an appointment-setting company.  I agreed, and on day one I walked into the back of a mutual friend’s screenprinting studio, cleared a small space on a table, and got to work.  

We quickly expanded and within a year had two proper office locations that offered white label appointment-setting and marketing services nationwide. What mattered to me was that we weren’t just hitting appointments out to left-field – We helped agents and investors ditch that icky sales feeling and realize marketing is just talking to people at a one-to-many level. 

Now, I produce and manage content for ProbateMastery.com (home of the #1 probate real estate certification course!) and the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast. I help co-host a community for high-performance agents, investors, attorneys, CPAs, and entrepreneurs. 

It’s really awesome to have a dynamic relationship with “customers” who are also mentors, coaches, and colleagues – people that help teach and inspire me. – and I love giving back by paying it forward to others.