Great content as always Chad!

-Bruce Johnston

Thank You Chad. This was so informative.

- Joloyce

Amazing MasterMind!!

-Trina Davis

Thank you Chad, this was an informative session!

-Elizabeth Delauro

Thanks for putting this together! I will look for more great meetings.

-Richard Homer

Great Workshop, Chad!

-Kyle Taylor

My comment...…….SOLID GOLD

-Vince Kleinknecht

Great program tonight....thanks so much!

-Frank Macri, JD

Very Good Content!! Love the stories of Chad's past clients and how you helped them!

-Lynette Jackson

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    The 4 pillars of success

    Chad Corbett from All the Leads

    Chad Corbett, Founder of Magnum Opus Project and creator of the courses Probate Mastery and Earn Attorney Referrals Now (EARN) shares...

    "After making over 7 figures in the probate real estate niche, I switched gears and founded a LEADS Company. What I discovered was an 80% churn rate simply because real estate professionals didn't know how to effectively convert their leads into clients.

    I thought...if I can teach them what I've learned, which is to monetize every real estate conversation, then they'll be successful with their leads. So I gave them EDUCATION by developing the Probate Mastery Certification Course. I've taught over 4,000 professionals through that course with raving reviews. To my surprise, we only lowered the leads churn rate to 60%.

    Then I thought, well COMMUNITY and peer support are the most important. So I built private Facebook groups for thousands of professionals and carefully cultivated a culture of no poisoned pens. It's really cool to watch our students coach other students. Members are collaborative and supportive. But some people were still failing in their businesses.

    What I've ultimately learned is that there are 4 components to a successful career in probate real estate. You have to get the leads so you have a list to market to. You need at least foundational education to know how to cultivate empathy and really understand what they're going through and what solutions you can provide to the problems they might have. But the biggest hurdle is on those days when you don't want to pick up the phone; you don't want to purchase that next mail order; you don't want to go visit an attorney. On those days, the most important component is LIVE INTERACTION.

    So I created this bundle to finally put everything and everybody all in one place.

    I'm not in the probate leads business anymore and I don't care to be. What I care about is that my community gets leads and I don't want to lock anybody out based on price. So we've partnered with US Probate Leads to offer you the most affordable leads in the country. We gathered trusted vendors across the nation who provide services to help YOU in your real estate business by offering free or discounted services. We've also added things to build community and live interaction; we've got a private Facebook group, weekly group coaching, and live workshops based on topics requested by members of this community.

    If you commit to taking action in this space and take full advantage of the 4 components, you won't fail. In fact, you should be in 6 figures in your first year. My personal goal is to keep the price as low as possible so people who deserve to be in it can afford to be in it and for you to get $100,000 in value, whether that's through lifestyle value or business revenue." - Chad Corbett


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