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Corey Richardson shares probate deals and wins from Probate Mastery Training reviews
Probate Mastery reviews get more probate real estate listings

Christie took Probate Mastery and one month later was able to quit her W2 job. Now, she's doing creative transaction engineering and maximizing equity for her clients!

The probate designation Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys look for when choosing referral Partners:

Course reviews from newly-minted Probate Experts:

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Corey jumped into real estate through the probate niche; With the Probate Mastery approach. As a rookie, he quickly took 5 probate listings in one week.  

Closing on a 1031 exchange and triple net lease deal, and winning repeat business (Success Story)

You'll learn how to work with high-net-worth investors and become their go-to for real estate - because you'll understand real estate's role in legacy and wealth planning. Hear one of Federico's many success stories with Probate Mastery's ongoing coaching.

Beating other professionals in probate
Just about a year after getting started in real estate, Probate Mastery student (and ambassador!) Grant Cox is teaching other professionals how to put better transactions together. This is the value of the ongoing coaching for students!
confidence to network for referrals in real estate

You will learn how to build a referral-based business without ever having to ask outright for referrals.

probate listings and video content

Randy has had incredible success in probate, and is now launching his content marketing campaign (we'll coach you through this frequently on weekly coaching calls). His momentum is snowballing! You can get started today.


You'll start winning before analysis paralysis has a chance! Let's go!

stop foreclosure probate listing

Afraid of being called an ambulance chaser? Don't be. As a CPE, you'll be helping families solve problems and be truly appreciated.

Probate Mastery course review
May, 2023 review from a new Certified Probate Expert

Build a lucrative referral business with probate

"As a result of working your program diligently, and after spending over a year, three hours a day, minimum every day lead-generating, physically going to court, I don't do that anymore [cold-calling].

People call me....

I closed 42 sides last year, and about 35 or 40 the year before."

-Bill Gross, Certified Probate Expert

And if you swear you're never going to cold call, our proven probate letters work.

probate letters vs cold calling probate leads

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