Over 1 million houses per year sell during probate

What Is The Probate Mastery Course?

Probate Mastery is a comprehensive 5-Session Certification Course and coaching program designed to equip you (the real estate professional) with the knowledge, tools, systems and techniques to list or buy more inherited real estate. 

Probate Mastery is designed to give you a leading advantage and position you to be the 'go-to' in your market for inherited, estate or Probate properties.

Graduates of Probate Mastery will receive their Certified Probate Expert (CPE) designation. 

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Get customized mentorship, 1-1 coaching and full system implementation with Mastery Academy

  • Master the probate process from start to finish
  • Learn the secrets of buying & selling probate properties
  • Build a scalable business in the probate & estate niche
  • Get time & financial freedom you've been looking for
  • Get weekly coaching to further scale your business
  • Implement systems with step-by-step guidance
  • Weekly prospecting & appointment role play
  • Guaranteed closings

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Probate Mastery Course

The Probate Mastery Course is a 5-session probate training for real estate professionals that want to scale up their business, while providing a higher level of service to those they work with. Comprised of 5 in depth sessions, this course will give you the tools, knowledge and techniques that our coach (Bruce Hill) has implemented over 20 years in the real estate business and 10 years, specifically, in the Probate and Inherited real estate niche.

Probate Mastery can be taken Live or On-Demand in your course portal. Live sessions are held approximately once a month and students are encouraged to attend, even if they have already completed their 'On-Demand' sessions.

Upon completion, students will receive their Certified Expert (CPE) Designation, which will remain in effect for 1 year after completion of the Probate Mastery Course.  This designation will be granted permanently upon completion of 3 Probate or Estate related real estate transactions. 

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Mastery Academy

Most certification courses and programs throw out designations and certifications like candy with no real experience or expertise required to earn your shiny new credentials. The Certified Probate Expert designation is different. Once Probate Mastery is completed, you will receive your 'conditional' Certified Probate Expert designation. The CPE designation will be granted permanently upon completion of 3 Estate or Probate based transactions, where you work directly with the estate or heirs. 

Mastery Academy is our Coaching and Mentorship program that is created to hand-walk you down the precise path to this expertise. Our mission is to train you & then hold  you accountable to implement your tools, systems and strategy. We do this with additional courses, role-play, trackable KPI's and one to one coaching from your peers who have accomplished what you want to accomplish in the Probate space.

This coaching platform is created to get you there faster by implementing your systems and rituals faster than with Probate Mastery alone. 

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  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching & Mentorship
  • New Courses Released Monthly
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