The Latest on Probate Lead Generation with Bill Gross of

Probate Real Estate Coaching episode 81 Bill Gross

In this episode, Bill Gross of coaches students of the Probate Mastery program on marketing, lead generation, and business best practices. Is it better to cold call or send direct mail to probate leads? How do you introduce yourself to personal representatives on the first call? Is RedX good for probate leads? How should I approach a reverse mortgage situation? Plus. Bill shouts out Miriam’s excellent content marketing piece on probate! Learn something new this week with the latest episode:

Probate cold call objections, vendor teams, and content marketing | Real Estate Coaching Episode 79

Probate podcast episode 79 - weekly probate mastermind

Struggling with probate cold call objections or how to navigate your probate marketing? Watch or listen to this probate real estate coaching session! In this episode, Bill Gross coaches real estate agents and investors that are members of the Probate Mastery program.  Topics include handling probate objections, approaching the concept of having a vendor team for probate services, and leveraging content marketing not just to get inbound referrals, but to warm up your outbound prospecting efforts.

Finding real estate deals in 2022 with BiggerPockets Henry Washington

BiggerPockets Henry Washington hosts real estate investing podcast episode

In this episode, Henry Washington joins Chad Corbett to discuss why BRRH is better than BRRRR; the mindset difference between investing vs wholesaling real estate; the importance of educating sellers on creative finance options like Sub2; and how to speak and market to motivated sellers from ANY list and find deals in 2022.

Cold calling pre probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers, and probate role-play partners

Cold Calling pre-probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers, and role play partners

In this call, the probate masterminds break down probate real estate prospecting tips that will help you commit to practicing your scripts, committing to your role-play and cold calls, and having better conversations with pre-probate and probate prospects. Other topics discussed include whether you need to build your probate vendor team before starting to market your probate brand, why the language you use can make a huge difference in your relationships, and why a service-oriented approach is a necessary element of growth mindset. Dive into this episode now: