Great content as always Chad!

-Bruce Johnston

Thank You Chad. This was so informative.

- Joloyce

Amazing MasterMind!!

-Trina Davis

Thank you Chad, this was an informative session!

-Elizabeth Delauro

Thanks for putting this together! I will look for more great meetings.

-Richard Homer

Great Workshop, Chad!

-Kyle Taylor

My comment...…….SOLID GOLD

-Vince Kleinknecht

Great program tonight....thanks so much!

-Frank Macri, JD

Very Good Content!! Love the stories of Chad's past clients and how you helped them!

-Lynette Jackson

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    With the Probate Mastery Certification Course, you’ll learn the probate process from start to finish. You’ll learn how to find probate leads, speak to probate prospects, list and invest in probate properties, monetize leads that wish to keep property or don’t have any property to sell, and build vendor relationships to offer vertically-integrated solutions and share referrals. More importantly, you’ll learn how to build a scalable business in and beyond the probate real estate niche, and take the most important steps towards building wealth and making an impact.

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    • 13 Probate Marketing Letter Templates (Plus continued access to new templates added)
    • Live Role Play Demonstrations
    • Conversational Framework (The Ultimate USP and Objection Handlers)
    • Probate Seller Interview Sheet
    • Complete Appointment Package Sample
    • Q&A Sessions
    • Probate Real Estate ROI Calculator
    • Complete Problems and Solutions Matrix (So you can be the ultimate problem-solver!)
    • Probate Reading List
    • Downloadable Action Plans and Workbooks
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    The Probate Mastery Certification Course is taught in


    Probate Process

    Learn the process step-by-step and get insight into how to create value as an expert in your community.

    Session 1 Covers:
    • What to expect
    • What exactly is probate
    • When probate is not required
    • Common obstacles in the probate process
    • What probate court is like
    • What data is included in probate records
    • What parties are involved in the process
    • How to navigate your local processes
    • A complete walkthrough of the probate process timeline
    • Common Q&A

    Strategic Planning

    Map out your probate success strategy from team building to referral networks and much more.

    Session 2 Covers:
    • Actionable probate success roadmap
    • Learn your value-adds and offers
    • Learn how to speak with heirs and families in probate
    • Set up your prospecting systems
    • Set up your marketing system (letter templates included!)
    • Build your probate vendor team
    • Learn how to delegate tasks efficiently
    • Build your real estate referral system

    Sales & Service

    Gain the advantage by mastering sales and service processes - from the very first conversation.

    Session 3 Covers:
    • Learn sales psychology & tactical selling skills
    • Write your Unique Selling Proposition
    • Deconstruct the sales conversation
    • Learn common and not-so-common objections
    • Hear script delivery and objection handling demonstrated
    • Learn how to offer price options for a quick sale, full retail listing, and as-is, where-is disposition
    • Understand the complete seller appointment walk-through
    Certified Probate Expert Designation
    You'll get a certificate of completion designating you as a Certified Probate Expert (CPE) upon completion of course exams, but that's not all.  You'll also get high-resolution digital badges to use in all of your marketing, and a photo frame to let people know YOU are the go-to for all their probate needs - perfect for social platforms with circle profile pictures, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!
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    As a purchaser of the Probate Mastery Certification Course, you get access to participate in the live weekly Brokerage group coaching calls. This call is exclusive to Estate Professionals Mastermind members, however, we've extended the invitation to Probate Mastery students/alumni to offer continued support in your probate real estate business.

    Check out these highlight clips from recent group coaching calls

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