Real estate market slowing down? Fear not. Tips for surviving real estate slow months | Episode 99

Real estate slowing down Fear not episode 99 probate podcast

In this podcast episode, Certified Probate Experts discuss how to be successful through seasonality and economic fluctuations. The group shares advice on mindset, motivation, and finding creative opportunities. Key questions about what to do with international heirs and successor trustee disputes are asked and answered. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

Mobile Home Park Investing – Deals and Syndications with Miles Noland

Mobile Home Park Investing - Deals and Syndications | Guest Miles Noland | Podcast Episode 89

Is investing in mobile home parks a good idea? On this podcast episode, we interview Miles Noland, a real estate investor who specializes in mobile home parks. He shares his story of why he became an investor, his experience purchasing a mobile home park, and the benefits of mobile home park syndications. We also discuss the K-1 tax benefits of a real estate syndication and why past clients are the best private money lenders near you.

Sub-to deals in probate real estate, PLUS optimizing your probate marketing strategy

This episode covers probate marketing strategy for digital and direct mail, transaction engineering for probate deals involving late mortgage payments and pre-foreclosure, why leveraging debt in an inflationary environment is a great strategy for real estate investing, and more tips for planting your flag in the sand as the probate real estate expert in your market.