Pitching attorneys, overpriced listings, and why now is the best time to be in real estate | Episode 101

weekly probate mastermind for estate professionals podcast

In this episode, probate real estate professionals share tips for handling objections and pitching attorneys for real estate referral relationships. Bill Gross share his path to success in real estate in 4 years time through the probate niche. The group shares tips for handling slow-moving probate attorneys and weighing whether the court being backed up is a valid excuse. Lastly, you’ll hear how to deal with overpriced listings and attorneys who want to run billable hours for the sake of business (not value!).

Real estate market slowing down? Fear not. Tips for surviving real estate slow months | Episode 99

Real estate slowing down Fear not episode 99 probate podcast

In this podcast episode, Certified Probate Experts discuss how to be successful through seasonality and economic fluctuations. The group shares advice on mindset, motivation, and finding creative opportunities. Key questions about what to do with international heirs and successor trustee disputes are asked and answered. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

Probate scripts & common objections for prospecting attorneys | Tricky will situations | Podcast Episode #90

preview for podcast episode Probate Scripts for Attorney Prospecting weekly mastermind episode 90

In this episode, Chad Corbett shares 3 probate scripts for prospecting probate attorneys and overcoming common objections. The group also discusses the new Estate Professional Directory launched to help probate experts find referral partners and generate inbound business from consumer searches. Chad Corbett also shares insight on tricky probate situations involving will disputes, non-performing attorneys, and minor heirs.

Why EstateExec is the best probate software for estate executors

Estate Exec is a game changer! Guide and benefits of this software

Personal representatives can save hundreds, if not thousands, of their own time and money by using EstateExec software. EstateExec CEO Dan Stickel created this software to help estate executors solve simple and complex problems involved with managing an estate. Magnum Opus Project founder Chad Corbett is educating professionals on how to better serve families in probate using this great tool. Together, we are bridging the gap between consumers and professionals in the estate management space.

Authorify Reviews for Customizable Real Estate Books and more tips: Mastermind with Certified Probate Experts Podcast Episode 83

Authorify Reviews for Customizable Real Estate Books and more tips: Mastermind with Certified Probate Experts Podcast 83

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts share Authorify reviews and marketing ideas for customizable real estate books. They also provide ideas for real estate eBook marketing, and ways to generate probate leads through doorknocking and courthouse visits. If you’re looking for a new way to generate leads and connect with potential probate clients and referrals, this episode is a must-listen!