Why EstateExec is the best probate software for estate executors

Estate Exec is a game changer! Guide and benefits of this software

Why we want more people to know about EstateExec software:

Personal representatives can save hundreds, if not thousands, of their own time and money by using EstateExec software.  EstateExec CEO Dan Stickel created this software to help estate executors solve simple and complex problems involved with managing an estate. Magnum Opus Project founder Chad Corbett is educating professionals on how to better serve families in probate using this great tool. Together, we are bridging the gap between consumers and professionals in the estate management space.

This guide covers:

  • The benefits of estate management software
  • How EstateExec can streamline tasks and communication
  • What EstateExec costs and how to access special pricing
  • EstateExec reviews, features, and updates

You’ll also be able to learn about EstateExec directly from Dan Stickel and Chad Corbett’s Ask The Expert interview, recorded for the Estate Professionals Mastermind podcast and YouTube series.

Table of Contents:

  1. The EstateExec Interview Podcast and Video Streams
  2. What is EstateExec?
  3. What does EstateExec Cost?
  4. Who is Dan Stickel and why did he create EstateExec?
  5. Benefits of estate management software for personal representatives
  6. How to use EstateExec
  7. Is EstateExec state-specific?
  8. EstateExec features
  9. EstateExec reviews
  10. Benefits of EstateExec for Professionals
  11. How to market and explain EstateExec to consumers
  12. Get featured to local users in EstateExec
  13. The official Estate Professionals directory
  14. Additional Resources and Closing Remarks

The EstateExec Interview Podcast and Video Streams



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What is EstateExec?

EstateExec is a software designed to help estate executors navigate probate. The software includes tools to help with the division of assets, communication with beneficiaries, and more.

Since its creation, EstateExec has helped personal representatives save time and money. In fact, many executors have reported saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by using the software.

EstateExec is constantly being updated with new features and improvements. For example, the latest version includes a tool that makes it easier to track expenses.

If you are a personal representative, EstateExec is the best software for you. If you are a professional (e.g., an attorney, Certified Probate Expert, or CPA), this software can be a game-changer for your clients.

What does EstateExec Cost?

EstateExec has a free trial and paid version. Though anyone can demo the software on the site, users can try the software using real information and inputs using the free 10-day trial.

The paid version currently retails at $199 and includes additional features, such as expense tracking and recommendations from local probate experts and services.

If you are a student of the EARN Course or work with a professional that is, EstateExec can be purchased for juts $85. If you are a personal representative looking for help with probate and want to access a discount for EstateExec, let us know.

Who is Dan Stickel and why did he create EstateExec?

Dan Stickel is the CEO of EstateExec and created the software to help estate executors solve simple and complex problems.

Prior to EstateExec, Dan was an estate executor himself and found that there was a lack of good software options available to help with probate and estate management. He saw an opportunity to create a solution, and EstateExec was born.

Since then, Dan and his team have been dedicated to helping personal representatives and probate professionals streamline the probate process. He has also been interviewed on the EstateExec Interview Podcast and video streams to discuss probate, estate planning, and more.

If you want to learn more about EstateExec or hear from the CEO himself, check out this interview with Dan Stickel for the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast.

Benefits of estate management software for personal representatives

Estate management software like EstateExec offers many benefits for personal representatives. If you’re in charge of managing an estate in probate, this software can help you:

  • Unravel some of the mess of not having a proper estate plan.
  • Have clear lists of tasks and how to do them when grief is making it hard to think clearly.
  • Make it easier to keep everyone informed about the estate and what’s going on with it.
  • Save Money. EstateExec can be as cheap as $85 when signing up through an EARN student, but users have saved thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars because of the software.

EstateExec is constantly being updated with new features to help personal representatives save time and money, so these benefits are always growing.

EstateExec reviews: cost and savings

How to use EstateExec

If you are a personal representative, EstateExec can help you manage your estate. Here’s how:

1. The first step is to create an account and input some basic information about the estate. This will help the software generate a list of tasks that need to be completed.

2. Next, you’ll want to start working on the tasks that have been generated for you. The software makes it easy to track your progress and see what still needs to be done.

3. As you complete tasks, EstateExec will provide recommended next steps based on the latest updates to probate law. This ensures that you are always up-to-date on the latest information and requirements.

4. When you need to send documents, reports, or tasks with other heirs or professionals you are working with (e.g., your attorney, real estate agent, CPA), you can easily share PDFs and spreadsheets from the software!

5.Finally, EstateExec offers a number of features to help you save time and money. These include an expense tracker, recommendations for local probate experts, and more.

You can try the software out for free to see if it works for you. If you’d also like the help of a Certified Probate Expert, find someone to speak with for free in the Estate Professionals Directory (COMING SOON: For now, please contact us with the city and state you need probate help in and we will pair you with a local probate expert)

Is EstateExec state-specific?

EstateExec is not state-specific and can be used in any US state. However, the software does offer some state-specific features, such as:

  • recommendations for local probate experts
  • links to state-specific resources, documents, and statutes
  • a task checklist tailored to the laws of your state

EstateExec offers a free trial so you can try the software before you decide to purchase it. This is a great way to see if EstateExec is right for you and your estate.

EstateExec features

EstateExec is a powerful software that can help any personal representative in any state. Here are some of the features that make EstateExec so helpful:

1. Time Management. Easily keep track of probate deadlines. This is important because if you miss a deadline, it could result in extra costs or delays in the probate process.

2. Probate Checklist. The software offers a task checklist to help you complete all the required tasks in probate. This is especially helpful if you are new to the probate process, managing a complex estate, or are simply finding it hard to get organized.

3. Expert Help. The software provides recommendations for local experts, such as attorneys and real estate agents, who can help you with the probate process. This is helpful because it can save you time and money by connecting you with the right professionals.

4. Expense Tracking Keep track of all the expenses related to the estate. This is important because your attorney, CPA, the IRS, and the court will all want to know this information eventually. Now, you can find it once and keep it all in one place.

5. Asset and Debt Tracking. Resources in the software make it easier to find assets for the estate and keep a running record of everything you need to know. This means you can find and document titles, assets, accounts, distributions, and more.

6. Executor Compensation Calculator. This state-specific calculator helps executors and administrators log the hours and expenses they’ve personally incurred while managing the estate. The calculator matches state-specific statutes regarding executor compensation. Plus, as a built-in line item, heirs understand that this is normal (and often required depending on your state), and not just a case of a personal representative overstepping.

7. Convenient Access. EstateExec is web-based software that you can access from any device with an internet connection. This means that whether you’re at home or on the go, EstateExec can help you manage your estate.

These features are a game-changer for personal representatives. If you’re going through probate, start using this software sooner rather than later.

EstateExec reviews

EstateExec reviews EXCELLENT on Trust Pilot

To get a sense of what EstateExec users are saying about the software, check out these reviews:

Just started using EstateExec

It’s a game changer!! And the price is right. Thank you so much!”

Great tool for Executors and Trustees!

It’s such a great tool, especially when you’ve lost someone and can hardly function. It also helps with family infighting, because you can produce detailed documents if there’s any questions of impropriety. It’s hard enough to be an executor or trustee, because you don’t get time to grieve, but this program has helped me stay organized. I can use all the help I can get now. Thank you so much for creating it!”

Great Product

Great Product! Could not have done it without this program. Easy to review, manage and update. Highly recommend for anyone who has executor duties. Custom tailored to your state is a big plus. Many hints and links to probate documents for your state. Worth the price!”

The benefits of EstateExec for Attorneys and Real Estate Professionals (Especially EARN Students)

EstateExec is a great tool for attorneys and real estate professionals who want to better serve their clients. The software provides a convenient way for personal representatives to access and share organized information with the necessary professionals.

Some of the benefits for attorneys and real estate professionals:

  • Get found by users who need a professional like you
  • Bring better referrals to professionals in your network
  • Reduce administrative drag (for all parties!)
  • The personal representative can complete necessary tasks efficiently, reducing delays in transactions.
  • Offer special pricing as a value-add in your marketing: Professionals that have gone through the EARN program are able to license this software for just $85. 

With this software, Attorneys can focus on more pressing legal matters, rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Real Estate professionals can focus on maximizing equity and solving inherited property problems. Personal representatives feel like they had a great, efficient experience and are more satisfied with the professionals they worked with.

How to market and explain EstateExec to consumers

Are you a probate professional wondering how to explain EstateExec to personal representatives? Hear Dan Stickel explain:

-How to explain Estate Exec to clients

-How to Market EstateExec
-How attorneys can benefit when their clients use this software
-How professionals can work together to streamline projects and provide a better client experience.

PLUS: Try this sample email script for probate B2B prospecting: “Hey, I just sent you a free trial to the software that I’m using for all of my prospects. I just wanna make sure you understand the UI, the user interface, and what they’re seeing, so you can see why we do this. We are trying to raise the standard of the referrals we send you and to lower the administrative drag on your firm.”

Additionally, EARN students get marketing letters to reach personal representatives early with a special offer as a value-add. This letter alone is seriously worth signing up for EARN.

Get featured to local users in EstateExec (for Professionals)

As a professional, you can use EstateExec to get found by potential clients. Though we are automating this process so qualified EARN students and Certified Probate Experts will automatically be featured, the process involves a manual request. If you have gone through our training, reach out to Dan and his team and let them know you’re interested in being featured as a local probate expert.

Listen to Dan and Chad explain how to get listed:

The official Estate Professionals Directory

We are just weeks away from launching the official Estate Professionals Directory. Find a local probate attorney, real estate agent, or other professional to help with your estate or probate situation. Certified Probate Experts will be notified and have automatic permissions to set up their directory listing. Stay tuned!

Additional Resources and Closing Remarks

If you’re looking for a solution to probate and estate management, for yourself or for clients you work with, look no further than EstateExec. Their probate software is easy-to-use, state-specific, and helps everyone stay organized throughout the probate process. Simply create an account, add your details, and start managing the estate! Plus, Dan Stickel and his team are constantly improving the software to make sure users have the best experience possible. Sign up today and see for yourself why this estate management software is the best!

Need to find a Probate Expert? Our Directory is still under construction, but in the meantime, we can help you find someone local. Just send us an email letting us know where you need a probate expert.

Want to take EARN? The crazy part is estate management software is just ONE small part of this incredible course.  Get exclusive access to EstateExec pricing and marketing materials and so much more! Enroll in the EARN program now.

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