Navigating Probate Coaching and Investment Returns

Navigating Probate Coaching and Investment Returns

This podcast episode dig into two key areas for success in the probate niche: maximizing your return on investment from a real estate coaching program and exploring investment returns. Leading the way is Bill Gross, a successful program graduate and your weekly mastermind host. He’ll give you tips and essential strategies and the crucial mindset shift needed to thrive in this specialization.

Even if you’re new to the field, you can gain valuable insights on getting started in this real estate niche. Check how a targeted and integrated marketing approach can build momentum for your business, minimizing reliance on solely cold calling (if it’s not your strength!).

Bill Gross emphasizes the power of alternative strategies like content marketing. It allows you to build long-term value and attract clients organically. However, consistency is key. If you’re not seeing results from a program, it might not be the program itself. Take a step back and consider your implementation.

Take David Pannell for example…

He was recently interviewed by Bruce and shared his marketing steps that led to six-figure months. But this wasn’t an overnight success story. David has put in a lot of hard work and adjustments to finally understand his unique process, effectively implementing the education he received.

This perfectly aligns with Bill’s emphasis on the right marketing mindset during our call. Consistency, as he stressed, is a driving force. Bill’s own success exemplifies this. Through consistent content marketing and email marketing efforts, he’s not only integrated everything effectively, but also adapted his approach as needed, ultimately dominating his market and building a steady flow of leads for his business.

Get Motivated! : Real Estate Success Stories

The key is to find a strategy that aligns with your resources, personality, and business goals.

And More. . .

The episode also tackles confusing probate commissions and equips you with negotiation strategies to ensure fair compensation. You’ll also learn how to leverage probate paperwork to your advantage.

Thanks to Bill for leading this informative session!

This is valuable for both seasoned real estate professionals (realtors or investors) looking to refine their probate skills and newcomers considering probate coaching.

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Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast episode 169

Table of Contents:

You’ll learn the following:

  • What are the top tips for getting started in the probate niche, especially for someone completely new?
  • Beyond cold calling, what other marketing strategies are recommended for building a presence in the probate space and finding the right approach that aligns with your strengths.
  • What’s the key mindset shift necessary to succeed in the probate niche?
  • How can you build a strategic approach while remaining adaptable for the ever-changing market?
  • What are Bill’s advice on handling NAR commissions in probate deals?
  • How can you cultivate relationships and build trust with probate attorneys?

Podcast and Video Streams for Episode 169

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00:00 Introduction

04:14 Natalya Seeks Advice on Starting Cold Calling for Probate Cases

04:44 Bill’s Global Advice on Starting Cold Calling for Probate Cases

07:38 Matt Asks About NAR Commission Impact and Negotiating Lower Commissions

09:02 Bill on Handling NAR Commission Impact and Negotiation with Probate Listing Addendum

18:05 Sarihn on Transitioning to Probate and Handling Large Volumes of Leads

20:41 Navigating Probate Coaching and Investment Returns

32:37 Case Study Update: Results as Personal Representative

32:57 Managing Correspondence: Updates on Probate Experience

42:00 Handling Attorney Relationships: Insights from Probate Mastery

43:03 Distinguishing Roles: Attorneys vs. Real Estate Agents in Probate

47:34 Demonstrating Expertise: Building Trust with Attorneys and Clients

49:55 How to Connect with Attorneys for Trust Referrals?

50:41 Building Strong Referral Relationships with Attorneys

57:15 Finding Qualified Estate Planning Professionals

58:34 Differentiating Estate Planning Attorneys and Services

Resources & Links

  • This FREE training guides you through identifying probate opportunities, crafting marketing strategies, and perfecting your prospecting approach to smooth out the ups and downs commonly experienced in our field. This training is your foundation for building a solid, reliable business grounded in expertise in the probate niche. Watch The Probate Opportunity Now
  • Probate Training & Certification Course (Take this to join the next Probate Mastery Live!)
  • EARN Course: Sign up here (Enroll in our Earn Attorney Referrals Now Course and Get the Vacant Property Marketing Pack!)
  • Public Facebook Group: Join
  • Probate Mastery Alumni Group: Join
  • Here’s Executorium as Bill recommended : Check it here.
  • How to get Probate Leads from Courthouse

Closing remarks

That wraps up our key takeaways from this coaching call. Remember, the probate market offers tremendous opportunities, but it’s important to have the right tools and strategies in place.

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