The 48-Hour Real Estate Referral Formula + Example referrals script

Real estate referral leads in 48 hours

If you’re like most people in the industry, you’re always looking for real estate referral ideas. And if you’re really like most people, you’ve probably tried a lot of different methods that just haven’t worked out.

But what if I told you that there’s a simple way to get an avalanche of real estate referrals with no upfront costs and that you can get started in just 48 hours?

Brian Wilson is a busy dad who set out to generate real estate referral leads the smart way.  Here’s what he did that landed him 8 appointments in 48 hours and really set his referral network in motion.

Here’s the deal: Go through this episode and summary and you’ll understand how you can build a referral network like the top 1% of real estate professionals.

real estate referral leads and partners
…that administrative drag is their #1 problem.

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Podcast and YouTube Streams

Brian Wilson breaks down how he rolled out his real estate referral plan in just 48-hours in this success story episode of the Estate Professionals Mastermind podcast. Listen to the podcast or watch the video below. You can also access the full episode 86 transcript here

Watch The 48-Hour Real Estate Referral System on YouTube

Best referral leads and partners

A key takeaway from Brian’s success story is that he quickly saw where to find the best referral leads and immediately figured out how to connect with the right partners.

Because probate leads are public records and often purchased by multiple parties from different vendors, getting referrals from attorneys is a huge advantage. On one hand, a probate attorney referral partner could refer a client to you before probate is actually filed.

Another benefit of referrals over leads is that probate leads are not leads in the traditional sense – They’re really just data from the courthouse records. But when a probate attorney brings refers a client to you, they’re likely already qualified to have real estate needs and intent to do something with the probate property. Brian did a great job in isolating this opportunity.

Asking for real estate referrals

This episode talks about a successful strategy for asking for real estate referrals. Asking attorneys for referrals can seem uncomfortable, selfish, and likely to lead to rejection. In the EARN course, we suggest adding a degree of separation and asking people you already know what probate and estate planning attorneys they recommend.

As soon as Brian finished the course, he took action:
I picked up the phone and I said, “Hey, who is the best estate attorney that you know, that I need to know?”

They all gave him, and he met with all 8 suggestions.

The first step is not to ask attorneys for referrals, but to ask people you already know who they recommend as a good attorney in the probate and estate space.

Example real estate referral script

My favorite tip from this episode was this script that works in two ways: either it gets you a referral to a good attorney, or it gets you a good referral to bring to an attorney.

Brian makes it so simple, and it works. Here’s his advice:

It’s all about relationships. I would say to you, if you have not called your own trust attorney or a second trust attorney, if you haven’t asked your CPA, who do you use? If you haven’t asked your neighbor, “do you have a trust? Who do you use? Who do you recommend?” That to me was the absolute best question.

And I ask it almost everywhere now, because if I’m out to lunch with somebody, if I’m on a showing, if I’m on a, a listing appointment, I’ll say, “do you have a recommendation for a trust attorney?” They’ll say absolutely! Call John. This is him, I’ll give you his information.” Great!

If they go.. “What’s that?” I go, “do you have a trust? This piece of real estate should be in a trust. You should have this in a trust. Let me give you this name and number.” And then I call trust attorneys and I say, “Hey, I’m gonna list this house. They’re not in a trust, highly recommend that you reach out to them. They’re open to an initial conversation.”

Timestamp 17:58

This quote shows how easy and simple a referral script can be, yet it’s so much more powerful than an ordinary referral pitch.

How to build a referral network

The last key takeaway from this episode is how to build a referral network that operates like a well-oiled machine. Attorneys all want to reduce administrative drag, and if there’s a real estate agent or investor that can help them do that, where do you think they will refer their clients?

I loved Brian’s insight on this:

“Every single attorney has told me exactly what you said, which was, if you can eliminate some of this mindless administrative drag that they’re trying to eliminate, you’ll be my guy. I’ll call you every time, I’ll send you my clients.”

Timestamp 4:48

Brian and Chad go on to discuss how the EstateExec software and growing Estate Professionals Directory can take client management off the attorney’s plate, and vendor networking off of your’s.

If you’ve made it this far without listening to this episode, listen now. Brian and Chad lay out exactly how to meet the right people in the next 48 hours and start building a network all aligned with the same goals.


This success story is proof that you can start getting more real estate referrals today. We’ve seen why probate is a great niche for referral leads and why attorneys are great referral partners. It’s clear that attorneys prefer a real estate referral agent that values efficiency. And, most importantly, the biggest step in Brian’s formula is just to take action.

“I would just say, take action. You have done all the hard work for us, Chad. You’ve laid it out for us.”

So, replay this episode, join our free Mastermind Group, and take the EARN course.

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