How to unlock profit, solve common transaction problems, and close more probate deals in 2022 | Live Probate Deal Analysis

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Probate Mastery alumni share their recent probate listings and acquisitions and mastermind together for live deal analysis, transaction engineering, and marketing strategy optimization. An awesome tip is shared about using haul-away and junk removal services as a value-add, PLUS turning it into a potential investment opportunity for yourself. Probate investors also discuss the opportunity in dry camping rentals.

Making cash offers fast, solving problems with probate real estate deals, and wholesaling ethics

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This episode covers: How to navigate situations with adverse possession, find agreeable options for heirs who disagree, condominiumize a property to facilitate the sale of probate property without evicting a live-in tenant, shift your mindset away from thinking wholesaling has no value to probate sellers and more. Chad Corbett hosts this week’s live training with Certified Probate Experts.

Infinite banking, trusts in probate, and the #1 thing to include in your probate marketing letters

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Preview for live probate training Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast episode 36

This episode covers: Why yellow letters don’t work like they used to and how to make your probate marketing letters better; How infinite banking concept can help you AND your clients build wealth; How to navigate probate cold calling with DNC numbers; Dealing with Cold Call Rejection; Why You Shouldn’t scrub your leads; and how trusts can end up in probate court.

Lead Sources, CRMs, and Probate Prospecting Best Practices | David Pannell’s Pivot Agent Real Estate Mastermind

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David Pannell hosts this weeks probate podcast with live Q&A from certified probate experts

How to set up your real estate CRM and get consistent in your lead generation and probate prospecting; probate marketing ideas and best practices for drip campaign sequences; cold call contact rates, best days to call, and handling call backs from leads; Probate Mastery students share All The Leads reviews, ForeclosuresDaily reviews, and discuss real estate CRMs like LionDesk vs. Sierra Interactive.

How to become THE go-to Probate Expert | Probate marketing with real estate title attorneys

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Probate podcast episode: Be THE Certified Probate Expert at probate court, Probate marketing with real estate title attorneys

In this session, the group discusses tips for improving cold calling scripts and building rapport with probate leads over the phone. Jamie and the team brainstorm ways to find investor-friendly realtors to work with in probate. Bill Gross shares his insight on locating life insurance policies, navigating probate property with reverse mortgage foreclosures, and how eXp’s internal Express Offers iBuyer program works. The group shares ideas for value-adds like CPA referrals, relocation services, and to get probate listings and build their SOI.