How to get more referrals in real estate, WITHOUT Direct Mail – Agent Success Story

How to get more referrals in real estate, WITHOUT Direct Mail - Agent Success Story

There are a ton of creative ways to get more referrals in real estate, but what really works?

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In this episode, Certified Probate Expert Pete Marck shares how he overcame several hurdles to get more leads and listings through referrals.

  • He was a new agent in a new market
  • COVID hit right as he was getting started
  • Direct Mail wasn’t working and was just draining money

To start generating leads and increasing his ROI, Pete turned to the sphere of influence marketing. creative referral marketing ideas into action, like looking for opportunities in traditional media like radio, networking with people that know a lot of people, and helping attorneys he knew so they’d learn to trust him as a probate real estate expert.

Pete was able to start generating real estate referrals without cold calling and direct mail marketing, with 80% of his business coming from probate real estate referrals. This episode and summary will help you get more referrals, too!

why I chose referrals vs. direct mail

Podcast and YouTube Streams

Pete Marck breaks down how it’s possible to build a marketing strategy and get more referrals without relying on direct mail and cold calling in this episode of the Estate Professionals Mastermind podcast. Listen to the podcast or watch the video below. You can also access the full episode 86 transcript here

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Direct Marketing vs. Referrals

There are two main types of marketing that real estate agents and investors use to find new clients: direct marketing and referrals. Direct marketing involves reaching out to potential clients through advertising, cold-calling, or mailing campaigns. Referrals, on the other hand, come from existing clients or contacts who recommend someone they know and trust.

While both types of marketing can be effective, referrals tend bring higher-intent clients and often result in higher quality leads. Therefore, agents and agents who focus on building a strong referral network are typically more successful in the long run.

A key takeaway from Pete’s success story is that he quickly realized direct mail marketing didn’t have a strong ROI in his market, and he immediately set out to get more referrals through his sphere of influence. You can jump to that segment here:

Should I take a referral networking course like the EARN Course?

By taking a referral networking course, you can learn how to effectively use referrals to grow your business. You’ll learn how to find and connect with potential referral partners and how to create and maintain relationships within your SOI.

By learning these skills, you can increase your profitability and transaction volume and create a steady flow of inbound business. In addition, with the unique approach taught in EARN, you’ll have leverage like nobody else when it comes to reducing administrative drag through software.

Hear from Pete how education was the solution to his problem:

Creative Ways to Get More Referrals in Real Estate

My favorite tip from this episode is how you can pick different marketing ideas and put together your own combination of strategies to get more referrals.


  1. Look for opportunities in traditional media like radio
  2. Republish traditional media on social media
  3. Start a Facebook community
  4. Network with people who know a lot of people
  5. Keep a spreadsheet so you never lose track of your SOI
  6. Invite B2B partners into your marketing
  7. Help answer questions when people need help
  8. Provide solutions to reduce administrative drag
Pete invites his referral partner onto ESPN Denver radio.
How a little help leads to lifelong referrals
Using software as a value-add

What type of marketing do you enjoy most? Consider how you can turn that into a complete marketing strategy that feels authentic and sustainable.

More Ways To Learn

Pete’s success story is proof that you can get more referrals without cold calling and big direct mail campaigns. Whether you like creating content or networking with attorneys and other professionals, it’s clear you can create a marketing strategy that’s both effective and authentic. And, most importantly, the biggest step in Pete’s plan to get more referrals is to take action.

“It’s like I said at the beginning, before we started taping: if it wasn’t for [your courses], I wouldn’t really have any referrals… but you put it all together for everybody. And that’s great. Thank you.”

Timestamp 25:49

If you haven’t taken the EARN course or Probate Mastery and you want 80% of your business to be inbound, be sure to check out these courses and our communities.

So, replay this episode, join our free Mastermind Group, and take the courses that are leading to real traction:

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