Growing Your Probate Business: Effective Use of Existing Relationships and Skills

In this invaluable episode of the Probate Mastermind Call, Bill Gross engages in a thought-provoking discussion on how to effectively utilize existing relationships and skills for success. Delve into expert insights and practical advice with Bill Gross, as he explores innovative strategies for leveraging your network and abilities within the realm of probate. Perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their approach and achieve better outcomes through the power of connections and expertise.

Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast episode 168

Table of Contents:

In this week’s coaching call, Bill Gross, one of our seasoned Certified Probate Expert (CPE) and Probate Mastery alumnus, leads a discussion on “Growing Your Probate Business: Effective Use of Existing Relationships and Skills.” Joined by students and alumni, the conversation talks about leveraging your current contacts and deepening your probate knowledge to spur growth. He emphasize the need to make strong connections and create content that pulls in clients naturally.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to identify potential clients within your existing contacts.
  • How to craft valuable content that positions you as the authority figure in your network.
  • What strategies to explore for rekindling past client relationships and generating new probate business.
  • How to leverage your existing strengths, like interviewing, to create valuable content for your network.
  • How to collaborate with local attorneys to expand your reach and generate referrals.

Podcast and Video Streams for Episode 168

This FREE training guides you through identifying probate opportunities, crafting marketing strategies, and perfecting your prospecting approach . Watch The Probate Opportunity Now.

Podcast and Video Streams for Episode 168

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Episode Timestamps: Growing Your Probate Business: Effective Use of Existing Relationships and Skills

00:00 Introduction

04:57 Restarting Probate Mastery: Maggie’s Path to Getting Started Again

05:20 Bill on Mindset and Motivation: Reigniting Your Probate Mastery Journey

07:33 Marcos Asks for Recommendations on a Good Starting Point

08:00 Bill on Leveraging Existing Contacts and Probate Knowledge for Growth

13:18 Success from Reconnecting with Family and Sharing Probate Tips

14:48 Bill’s Take on Engaging with Real Estate VAs

18:51 Matt Asks About Adding Value to Probate and Estate Attorneys

19:05 Bill Discusses Building Reciprocal Relationships with Probate Attorneys

23:32 Emily Asks About Content for Reels

23:35 Bill’s Experience with Probate Shorts

24:15 Script Advice for Calling Probate Leads

24:20 Resources for Cold Calling Probate Leads

25:00 Gathering Local Information for Probate Real Estate

25:10 Building Relationships with Attorneys for Probate Real Estate

26:16 Payment Process for Team Members in Probate Listings

26:30 Financing Options for Probate Expenses

28:53 Prospecting Strategies Beyond Cold Calling Probate Leads

28:56 Effective Lead Generation Beyond Cold Calling: Bill’s Approach

29:47 Enhancing Follow-up Systems for Probate Cold Calls

29:56 Utilizing Probate Mastery for Advanced Prospecting Training

32:03 Enhancing Follow-up Strategies after Cold Calls with Probate Mastery

32:30 Bill’s Approach to Authentic Marketing in Probate

36:34 Maggie’s Approach to Probate Business Development

36:43 Bill’s Advice on Focusing on Trusted Contacts for Probate Business

37:10 Overview of Probate Mastery Website and Courses

42:19 John Shares a Common Probate Issue with a Client’s Outdated Will

43:27 Bill on the Importance of Formalizing Estate Plans

43:53 John on the Validity and Limitations of Holographic Wills

47:46 Bill Discusses His Role as an Administrator

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Resources & Links

  • This FREE training guides you through identifying probate opportunities, crafting marketing strategies, and perfecting your prospecting approach to smooth out the ups and downs commonly experienced in our field. This training is your foundation for building a solid, reliable business grounded in expertise in the probate niche. Watch The Probate Opportunity Now
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  • Public Facebook Group: Join
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Closing remarks

You already have everything you need to get started. Dust off your contact list, brainstorm some content ideas, and consider reaching out to local attorneys. By leveraging your network and expertise, you can become the trusted advisor your community needs when it comes to probate.

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