Starting real estate in a new city, new niche | Success Motivation with Susan Chace

Starting real estate in a new city, new niche | Success Motivation with Susan Chace

In this real estate success story, we hear Susan’s story of starting real estate in a new city. She describes the action she took to start getting leads and building her real estate referral system while continuing to educate herself. This episode will inspire you to carve out a path for your success today so you can build a career that lets you work less, earn more, and do good.

Evictions, unclaimed property, and how to get probate leads faster | Podcast Episode 92

Estate Professionals Mastermind - More Than A Probate Podcast episode 92

In this episode, certified probate experts discuss probate lead sources, unclaimed property, and evictions for probate properties. Khalid shares a success story about daily trips to his local probate court. David has a probate property under contract, but there’s one last squatter issue to deal with. Larry is about to have his first meeting with a probate attorney to discuss a referral relationship. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

Probate scripts & common objections for prospecting attorneys | Tricky will situations | Podcast Episode #90

preview for podcast episode Probate Scripts for Attorney Prospecting weekly mastermind episode 90

In this episode, Chad Corbett shares 3 probate scripts for prospecting probate attorneys and overcoming common objections. The group also discusses the new Estate Professional Directory launched to help probate experts find referral partners and generate inbound business from consumer searches. Chad Corbett also shares insight on tricky probate situations involving will disputes, non-performing attorneys, and minor heirs.