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The Probate Mastery Course

We have earned the top probate certification course from, the recommendation of dozens of top real estate coaches, and over 300+ 5-star reviews from students.  In addition, our course and community have attracted related vendors (Attorneys, CPAs, MLOs, Assisted Living Specialists, and more) who are looking for exactly what a Certified Probate Expert does. 

While other courses limit their approach to traditional real estate listing methods, pennies-on-the-dollar investment offers, or state-specific processes, we teach you how to help anyone you meet, with any situation they have, and to scale your successes into a lucrative and rewarding business. 

We put ourselves in the hot seat publicly so you can see real students achieve real results.  If you’ve followed us long enough, you’ve seen hundreds of students pop in with their success stories; from climbing out of debt, helping families save houses they were about to lose, churning out commercial deals, and even become successful coaches themselves.  You might have even seen heartfelt testimonials from the clients and partners Certified Probate Experts have helped with the Probate Mastery approach.  

We’re here to help you be great at probate.

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