Probate Mastery Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have questions about the Probate Mastery course or probate training in general, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help you get answers right away:

The Probate Mastery Course

What is the difference between Probate Mastery and other probate training courses?

We have earned the top probate certification course from, the recommendation of dozens of top real estate coaches, and over 300+ 5-star reviews from students.  In addition, our course and community have attracted related vendors (Attorneys, CPAs, MLOs, Assisted Living Specialists, and more) who are looking for exactly what a Certified Probate Expert does. 

While other courses limit their approach to traditional real estate listing methods, pennies-on-the-dollar investment offers, or state-specific processes, we teach you how to help anyone you meet, with any situation they have, and to scale your successes into a lucrative and rewarding business. 

We put ourselves in the hot seat publicly so you can see real students achieve real results.  If you’ve followed us long enough, you’ve seen hundreds of students pop in with their success stories; from climbing out of debt, helping families save houses they were about to lose, churning out commercial deals, and even become successful coaches themselves.  You might have even seen heartfelt testimonials from the clients and partners Certified Probate Experts have helped with the Probate Mastery approach.  

We’re here to help you be great at probate.

How much does Probate Mastery cost?

Probate Mastery is just $497. Over 50% of exit survey respondents said they would have paid twice as much for the course itself, without considering ongoing benefits like access to the CPE referral network, Alumni Facebook Group, and Alumni-only events and content offerings.

Can I start the course right now?

Woah, hold on there, Speedy!

Well, actually, yes.  Just choose how you’d like to check out.

After checkout, you’ll be prompted to create a new account/sign in to an existing account on Kajabi (our Learning Management System), and you’ll be able to begin the course right away

Is there competition already in my market?

There may be. The truth is, a lot of real estate practitioners come across probate by accident, and usually aren’t equipped or knowledgeable in how to best proceed with the property sale – they treat it like an ordinary transaction and the deal falls through, money is left on the table, and the client doesn’t know there’s a better solution out there.  There are certainly Realtors and investors in every market, but Probate Mastery is designed to teach you how to stand out as a probate expert

If you want to become the person people think of first when they think of probate in your market, this is the course for you.

Do you offer a payment plan for Probate Mastery?

Yes! You can opt for 6 monthly payments of $100.  You’ll be able to access the course and any associated coaching benefits while your payments are in good standing. Upon completion of the payment plan, you’ll be able to access course completion benefits, which include your official Certified Probate Expert certification, CPE digital badges and profile picture frames, and registration to our nationwide CPE referral network.

Do you have probate marketing letters?

Yes, we supply over a dozen marketing letter templates for different scenarios. More importantly, we discuss best practices for marketing design, copy, and frequency that we’ve learned through the course of sending hundreds of thousands of probate marketing letters nationwide. Additionally, we provide an overview of probate marketing tools that can help you manage your mail marketing, and strategies for integrating your mail marketing with other marketing channels.

Do you have probate scripts?

We provide a probate script to help you get over the fear of cold calling. However, probate conversations can fork in any number of directions. As such, we’ve provided a conversational framework and example role plays so you can see objection handling, for various situations, in action. 

Most importantly, we have an entire module dedicated to creating your Probate USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your probate USP will allow you to shut down the top probate objections (Who are you? Why are you calling me? Where did you get my number? Are you just trying to grab my mom’s house?!) before they arise  This decreases your hang-up rate and increases your conversation length, which provides a positive causative effect on your conversation rate.

Do you provide a probate marketing plan?

We provide over a dozen letter templates, an overview of helpful systems and tools, a quick start guide to marketing, and a comprehensive marketing system mindmap for you to follow. 

Additionally, you’ll learn how to design your pitch, leverage value-adds in your marketing, and use compelling, persuasive, and relevant messaging in your marketing. 

Not only will you learn how to speak to probate sellers, but you’ll learn to do it in a one-to-many format across your marketing channels.

How soon do most people start getting probate deals once they complete the course?

That all depends on the time and effort you dedicate to the process. We’ve had students who’ve gotten and closed their first deals in under 30 days, as well as students who applied the Probate Mastery methodology to quickly turn non-probate leads that were sitting in their database into opportunities.  We’ve had other students who didn’t do much with the course until several months after taking it, and within 30 days of that new commitment were able to put deals through.  If you aren’t doing deals within 30 days, or you’re getting plenty of possible deals and aren’t confident in how to close them, all you need to do is engage with our community, ongoing group coaching, or our support team.

Is the course live?

Probate Mastery began as a live course, requiring busy people to be present for 3 consecutive days for 5 hours a day was boxing out thousands of prospective students. 

Probate Mastery is now an on-demand digital course, and to preserve a key benefit of the live course format we’ve included Q&As from a previous live iteration.

Is the Probate Mastery course step-by-step?

The course is outlined in a linear progression. We know many students want an explicit, step-by-step process, and are eager to start generating business – so we provide several actionable guides and marketing samples to download within the course. This means you can start taking strategic action using the Probate Mastery methodology without having to complete the course in its entirety. 

In other words, if you get through the direct mail marketing module and can’t wait to start sending letters, you can grab the templates, make your customizations, and start your mail campaign right away!

Will I get 1-on-1 coaching calls?

We offer 1-on-1 real estate coaching as a separate service.  For probate real estate coaching, you’ll have access to better rates and priority scheduling as a Probate Mastery student.  Don’t forget you’re getting over 15 hours of coaching and training content AND our current group coaching benefit for just $497 with Probate Mastery.

Is this course CE approved?

Not at this time, but Tom is diligently reaching out to different state boards as requested. Please let us know if you’d like to see it in your state.

Is the course available on mobile devices?

(We love how dedicated you are!)
Yes! We chose the Kajabi LMS (learning management system) to host the Probate Mastery course because of their easy-to-use mobile apps, available via Apple App Store and Google Play Apps.

Also, we strive to make all ongoing content accessible, using platforms with dedicated mobile apps like Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, and Kajabi.

How does enrollment work?

Choose how you’d like to purchase Probate Mastery through Kajabi, our Learning Management System. When you complete your purchase, you’ll be prompted to create a username and password or sign in to an existing Kajabi account (if you already have one).  You can begin the course right away and go at your own pace. 

Whether you pay in full or choose a payment plan, you can begin the course right away. Certification and Digital Badges are unlocked after course completion and completion of the payment plan (if applicable).

With the promotional offer for free group coaching, you will also be registered for group coaching events and receive join information an hour before a coaching event begins.

How long do I have to complete the course?

We are shocked people ask this question – You have lifelong access to the course! You can complete the course at your own pace and revisit modules as many times as you’d like.  We update and add supplemental materials to the course from time to time and want to underscore that this isn’t a boring, useless training course you’ll just skip through to get a fancy certificate; you’ll learn a lot, and we want you to be able to reinforce your learning so you can execute on it.

What if I think Probate is right for me but I’m wrong?

We offer a 30-day guarantee for a full refund; however, if you can’t commit to a process for more than 30 days this likely isn’t for you in the first place. The ongoing coaching and support you’ll receive are crucial for preventing underperformance and helping you accelerate and scale a probate business that enables you to work less, earn more, and make a really big impact in your community.

What is a typical conversion rate for probate leads?

Where you fall in this is up to you and the market you’re working in.  A safe average for somebody that has never done this, but commits to using the system and diligently doing the work, is >2%.  Most students start around 2%-4% (even if they’ve never worked in real estate before) and work up to 4%-6% in a few months. This is a combination of application/consistency and a commitment to ongoing education through our Alumni coaching and community. If you market consistently, your come-list-me calls, inbound referrals, and growing arsenal of evergreen digital content will continue to compound your conversion rates over time. But, you have to get started.

How long does it take to make money in probate real estate?

The cash conversion cycle for any individual probate listing/deal can range from 30 days to 24 months, and the best solutions and biggest paydays can exist at any point in this timeline.

Since we started, we have not had a single student who followed the system with diligence and confidence that did not yield a positive ROI – and this applies to students who were brand new to real estate or only working part-time in real estate.

We have many students that make over $1,000,000 in their first year in probate real estate, and others that took no action for months but when they did, the results came. That window of time where a student decides to take action or not is why our community and ongoing training are foundational features of the Probate Mastery Course.

If you “try it,” make sure it’s for at least 6 months – the methodology we teach makes it simple and actionable for any budget or time commitment.

Building real wealth through probate real estate is best accomplished with a long-term mindset, but this course will equip you to create revenue and cash flow quickly when you need it most, so you can start investing in and scaling your probate business.

Why do I need training when I just want probate leads?

Our entire business model has been shaped by the needs of our students and the needs of the families they serve.  We initially started in the lead business – only selling leads – but began to notice common failure points.  Now you have the opportunity to step into a comprehensive training course designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals, and step out knowing not just how to find and augment probate leads, but market to them, engineer transactions with bigger paydays, and monetize every opportunity (even the ones you might otherwise write off as a dead-end lead)

How long is the Probate Mastery course?

The Probate Mastery course is 15+ hours of video modules, available for on-demand consumption. There are also downloadable guides and action plans you can use when and where you see fit.

Please note that there is no time limit on the course – You can go through the course at your own pace, and revisit any modules you’d like whenever you’d like to.  We will also make announcements when we add new features or content to the course.

Is the Probate Mastery course associated with NAR?

No, and here’s why: Probate Mastery was approved for NAR status, but the commitment would have driven the course price up by 120% as NAR staked a claim in revenue. Raising our bottom line would increase the barrier to entry for prospective students.

Additionally, the NAR version of the course would have about 1/3rd of the content, still covering basic definitions and simple transaction concepts, but missing or greatly watering-down the training on how to speak to families in probate and offer the best solution for maximizing the equity in the estate.  This version would fall far below our own Code of Ethics, and based on student feedback, it would remove the exact training that helped them breakthrough as the probate expert in their market.

The Certified Probate Expert designation is more than just a title, and we won’t dilute that by chasing a title ourselves.

Do you provide probate leads or pre probate leads as well?

We do not sell data at this time; however, Chad Corbett was a founder at All The Leads and you can easily mail-merge leads purchased through them with Chad Corbett’s letter templates.  You can also explore our free guide: Best probate lead companies and how to get probate leads online for free

How am I tested for probate certification?

You will be quizzed throughout the course. Once you pass the quiz for a section, you’ll unlock the next section. You can revisit modules as many times as you’d like, and a 90% passing score is required for final certification.

Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast FAQs

Where can I listen to the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast?

The Estate Professionals Mastermind podcast is available on all major platforms and on YouTube.

Podcast Archive (on
Podcast Players

How can I join the interactive coaching podcasts live?

The coaching sessions are reserved for Probate Mastery Alumni. When you enroll in the course, you’ll start to receive reminders via email with a private link to join the coaching sessions via ZOOM. Probate Mastery students can also join through the Probate Mastery Alumni Facebook group.

I purchased Probate Mastery LITE, but want to upgrade. How can I do that?

To make sure you only pay the difference to upgrade, use the links in your Probate Mastery Lite course. For example, go to the “Course Wrap Up” section and click any of the posts to find upgrade links for full access or discounted group coaching access.

Are you looking for guests for Estate Professionals Mastermind?

Yes! If you are interested in guesting on Estate Professionals Mastermind, please send an inquiry to

Do you offer any private instruction? I’d like to learn more about something you covered in an episode.

If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, you can book a session through the Probate Coaching Program or send a detailed request to


I purchased Probate Mastery LITE, but want to upgrade. How can I do that?

To make sure you only pay the difference to upgrade, use the links in your Probate Mastery Lite course. For example, go to the “Course Wrap Up” section and click any of the posts to find upgrade links for full access or discounted group coaching access.