Deeds and title transfers in probate, joint bank accounts, and probate cold calling motivation

Probate mastermind podcast episode 103

In this episode, Certified Probate experts coach through probate sales, probate marketing, and general good-to-knows about the probate process. Courtney shares why probate is the best niche to him and how cold calling probates is actually something he enjoys. The group also discusses the EARN course and why it is the perfect course if you’re looking to break into B2B referral networking and start EARNING attorney referrals.

Pitching attorneys, overpriced listings, and why now is the best time to be in real estate | Episode 101

weekly probate mastermind for estate professionals podcast

In this episode, probate real estate professionals share tips for handling objections and pitching attorneys for real estate referral relationships. Bill Gross share his path to success in real estate in 4 years time through the probate niche. The group shares tips for handling slow-moving probate attorneys and weighing whether the court being backed up is a valid excuse. Lastly, you’ll hear how to deal with overpriced listings and attorneys who want to run billable hours for the sake of business (not value!).