Why EstateExec is the best probate software for estate executors

Estate Exec is a game changer! Guide and benefits of this software

Personal representatives can save hundreds, if not thousands, of their own time and money by using EstateExec software. EstateExec CEO Dan Stickel created this software to help estate executors solve simple and complex problems involved with managing an estate. Magnum Opus Project founder Chad Corbett is educating professionals on how to better serve families in probate using this great tool. Together, we are bridging the gap between consumers and professionals in the estate management space.

Probate cold call objections, vendor teams, and content marketing | Real Estate Coaching Episode 79

Probate podcast episode 79 - weekly probate mastermind

Struggling with probate cold call objections or how to navigate your probate marketing? Watch or listen to this probate real estate coaching session! In this episode, Bill Gross coaches real estate agents and investors that are members of the Probate Mastery program.  Topics include handling probate objections, approaching the concept of having a vendor team for probate services, and leveraging content marketing not just to get inbound referrals, but to warm up your outbound prospecting efforts.

Picking your probate marketing strategy | How to get probate data ep. 78

Picking your probate marketing strategy | How to get probate data

In this episode, Bill Gross coaches real estate agents and investors that specialize in probate. Topics include tricky probate situations that require a litigation attorney referral; networking at probate court; probate lead companies compared & how to collect probate data on your own; tips for cold calling probate leads, increasing contact rates, and handling probate objections; and how to build a probate marketing strategy around your strengths and goals.

Marketing your probate vendor team, dealing with cold call reluctance & probate agent imposter syndrome

In this episode, Magnum Opus Project announces new course offerings, and Bill and David dive right in to probate real estate Q&A. David introduces his dealmachine driving for dollars strategy and shares his trick for marketing to leads cheap. Bill, David, and Stephen discuss probate marketing frequency, probate mailers vs. cold calling, and how to be more effective with text message marketing for probate leads. Bill offers great insight on how to find accurate probate leads and find a probate list provider that best suits your real estate business.

Real Estate Cold Call Scripts: Assisted Living Sales, Senior Downsizing, and Keeping Property objections. PLUS How to hurry the probate process up.

Estate Professionals Mastermind - More than a probate mastermind podcast episode 49

In this podcast episode, Chad Corbett and the probate masterminds practice senior downsizing scripts and assisted living sales scripts through cold call role play. In addition to these cold call role plays, Chad covers what to say when a probate lead presents the common objection that they plan to buy and keep the probate property to rent out. Chad and the group do some live deal analysis and transaction engineering for probate property situations with urgent timelines (foreclosure) and discreet, off-market sales (wealthy clients).

How to unlock profit, solve common transaction problems, and close more probate deals in 2022 | Live Probate Deal Analysis

Thumbnail for episode 40 of estate professionals mastermind podcast live probate training: Picture of Chad Corbett and text

Probate Mastery alumni share their recent probate listings and acquisitions and mastermind together for live deal analysis, transaction engineering, and marketing strategy optimization. An awesome tip is shared about using haul-away and junk removal services as a value-add, PLUS turning it into a potential investment opportunity for yourself. Probate investors also discuss the opportunity in dry camping rentals.