The Top 5 Probate Lead Companies

Identifying the best probate lead companies

The best probate lead companies offer reliable, high-quality leads and detailed estate data. They should also make it easy to access leads in real time, provide accurate contact information, and have strong customer service. Evaluate these features when choosing the best company to meet your needs.nded for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.

Should you buy probate lead lists?

Answer: While it’s possible to generate quality probate leads without buying a list, investing in a reliable lead list can be an effective way to quickly and easily build your contact base. A well-crafted probate lead list can quickly and easily expand your business territory, but it's important to make sure the up-front cost makes sense for your current stage of business development..

How much do probate leads cost?

Most probate lead companies provide their list of leads at various cost levels, depending on the amount of data or the type of session that you need. Generally prices range from $69 - $799 per month, with some cost-effective rental options available as well.

How much does All The Leads Cost?

All The Leads offers subscription-based pricing plans for probate lead lists. Prices range from $249-$1099 per month and are based on the county and quantity of leads you need. Lists can be scrubbed for property for an additional charge.

How much does US Probate Leads cost?

The cost of US Probate leads can vary depending on the county, but can be as cheap as $80/month. Lists can also be appended with additional information such as property information, heirship data, and other useful pieces of information.

How much does (Foreclosures Daily) cost?

At, you can get time-sensitive daily probate leads delivered to your inbox for as little as $19.99 per month plus setup costs, or the price may vary depending on the type of subscription package you select. You can determine which package fits your needs best by contacting a customer service representative.

What cost/pricing plans does have?

The cost of a membership to starts as low as $99/month for access to 3 counties and 100 cases a month. They also offer a free 7-day trial.

Understand the Cost of (Successors Data)

The cost of is determined by the size and scope of the search and could range from $25 to $500+ depending on the number of records ordered. The exact cost will be outlined before checkout. You can search down to the zipcode level!


What features does a probate lead company provide?

A probate lead company typically offers curated lists of potential clients and properties from public court documents. These lists generally include name and contact information, and basic information about the probate filing. Not all public records include property or asset information, phone numbers, heirs or beneficiaries, and so on. However, some data companies amend their lists with this information. Other features can include customized search filters, reports to track progress and email campaigns targeted specifically at probate leads.

How to Get Free Probate Leads

Yes, it is possible to get free probate leads. The best place to try is your local probate court house, which is where most online list providers get their information. There are a number of online sources such as public records databases, newspaper obituaries, and online forums that can be used to locate potential probate leads. Additionally, networking with real estate agents and attorneys (which we teach in the EARN Course)  can often provide useful information and potential opportunities.