Earn Attorney Referrals Now (EARN) Course


With the Earn Attorney Referrals Now (EARN) course, you’ll learn how to take your probate business to the next level by scaling your business.

Born out of necessity, this course focuses on a specific topic taught in the Probate Mastery Certification Course, which is to build a referral network of professionals, specifically attorneys in the estate space. What's the benefit of doing that? Taking action from this Earn Attorney Referrals Now course affords you a reliable pipeline of legitimate, ready-to-go leads handed to you by attorney partnerships built on trust.

Even more, you’ll learn how to build a scalable business in and beyond the probate real estate niche, and take the most important steps towards building wealth and making an impact.

Here's why the Earn Attorney Referrals Now course is worth your investment:

Education & Training

Learn everything you need to know about estate attorneys and how you can provide the most value to the partnership as a real estate professional.

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Attorney panel

Hear from actual attorneys across the US who share their perspectives of working with real estate professionals and provide advice for you to build B2B relationships.

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Executor Software

Provide the most value to your attorney partnerships and PRs by utilizing the #1 Executor Software in the country, offered in this course.

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  • 7 hours of Education (with lifetime access for repeated viewing)
  • Attorney Panel Discussions within each module so you can learn their perspectives toward real estate professionals
  • 9 Downloadable Guides (Plus continued access to new templates added)
  • 3 Marketing Letters to launch your B2B referral business immediately
  • Conversational Framework when approaching attorneys
  • EstateExec software licensing exclusive 42% discount
  • Q&A Session
  • Lifetime Access to the course

The EARN Course is taught in


Understanding the Estate Law Business

Module 1 Covers:
  • The expectations & risks for an estate attorney
  • The cost of living
  • Attorney panel discussion

A Day in the Life of an Attorney

Module 2 Covers:
  • The culture of an estate law firm
  • The role of an estate attorney
  • Attorney compensation
  • Attorney panel discussion

Attorneys Who We Can Benefit

Module 3 Covers:
  • Types of estate attorney specialties
  • Attorney panel discussion

How Estate Attorneys Get Business

Module 4 Covers:
  • American bar association
  • Traditional marketing methods
  • Attorney panel discussion

Find the Right Attorneys to Partner With

Module 5 Covers:
  • Cold prospecting
  • Nurturing the relationship
  • Attorney panel discussion

Providing Value First to Earn Attorney Referrals

Module 6 Covers:
  • Introducing yourself to the attorney
  • Handling objections & imposter syndrome
  • Pro se/pro per referrals
  • Co-marketing with attorneys
  • Probate court networking
  • First 30 days of building your attorney network
  • Attorney panel discussion

How Attorneys Reciprocate Value

Module 7 Covers:
  • Reciprocating value
  • Recording of the LIVE student Q&A
  • Network Pitch

Course Wrap Up

Module 8 Covers:
  • Closing thoughts from the attorney panel
  • Creating YOUR action plan
  • Best practices for taking action

Bonus Resources

Bonus Includes:
  • Student Success Story: The 48 Hour Referral System Action Plan
    • Learn how a student took action and got 6 attorney partnerships with inbound referrals in 2 days
Attorney Panel

Throughout the course, you'll get the unique opportunity to gain the perspectives of actively practicing attorneys.

Why does this benefit you? What better way to approach your local attorneys and create valuable relationships than to already understand and empathize with their needs in business and specifically, their needs while working with a real estate professional!

The Attorneys Share:
  • Challenges and redundancies
  • What to look for in attractive referrals
  • What EVERY real estate professional should know when working with attorneys
  • Virtual offices
  • Attorneys' ideal real estate partner
  • Specialties and areas of focus in a firm
  • Baby boomers and how that affects elder law firms' ability to scale
  • What to do with elder law referrals
  • Top 3 ways of earning business
  • Sources that have the best quality business
  • Co-marketing with real estate professionals
  • How to approach an attorney relationship
  • How to avoid connecting with the wrong attorneys
  • Should the real estate partner have rapport with the attorney's office staff
  • Best advice for the first meeting with an attorney
  • Advice for real estate professionals working with PR's
  • Advice for real estate professionals attending a BAR meeting for the first time
  • Connecting with attorneys

What Attorneys are Saying about the Course:

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