Content Marketing for Probate Real Estate + The Truth About Mail Marketing | Weekly Coaching

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In this episode, real estate agents and investors dive into content marketing and video strategy for probate lead generation. The effectiveness of direct mail marketing is questions. The group shares tips about probate situations involving mobile home sales, dealing with property not in a trust after death, and pre-probate. It’s a great time to be in the probate real estate niche and we hope we can help you learn the ins and outs each week!

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” Plus Best Pre Probate Script | Weekly Coaching

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” PLUS Best pre probate script | Weekly Coaching | Episode 105

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts coach through probate sales, probate marketing, and general good-to-knows about the probate process. Bill Gross breaks down the biggest real estate myth: that the real estate market is slow. The group discusses pricing probate properties right, cold calling pre probates, and probate litigation situations. We also celebrate the launch of the Probate Problems and Solutions Workshop and Courtney Rollin’s probate videos.

Marketing your probate vendor team, dealing with cold call reluctance & probate agent imposter syndrome

In this episode, Magnum Opus Project announces new course offerings, and Bill and David dive right in to probate real estate Q&A. David introduces his dealmachine driving for dollars strategy and shares his trick for marketing to leads cheap. Bill, David, and Stephen discuss probate marketing frequency, probate mailers vs. cold calling, and how to be more effective with text message marketing for probate leads. Bill offers great insight on how to find accurate probate leads and find a probate list provider that best suits your real estate business.