Probate Marketing Mastermind: How to prospect personal representatives and attorneys | Estate Professionals Mastermind Episode 69

Probate Marketing Mastermind: How to prospect personal representatives and attorneys

In this probate marketing mastermind, we break down how to prospect personal representatives and attorneys. In this episode, Bill Gross, Randy Milmeister, David Pannell, Bruce Johnston, Sheri Lund, and 50+ Probate Mastery mastermind members break down the value of postcard marketing for probate real estate leads, the best way to combine direct mail and cold calling, and how to make more money in real estate simply by talking to people

Probate Data and Property Lookups | Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast 67 | Probate Coaching

Probate data and property lookups for real estate

This week’s training covered a ton of great topics with a heavy focus on skiptracing probate data and doing property lookups. Bill Gross and Probate Mastery students discuss how to find missing heirs for vacant property leads with a deceased owner. The group shares tips for probate real estate data production, using things like property lookups, forwarding addresses, and phone number lookups for probate court records. Bill Gross breaks down 4 different types of probate attorneys you can network with and how administration vs. litigation differ.  Other topics include how to approach probate property with a reverse mortgage, transferring title after death, and handling probate objections about commission.

Make More Money in Real Estate: Tax lien investing, probate sub2, and branding tips for real estate | Ep. 61

group real estate coaching for probate course

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts share tips on how to make more money in real estate without working so much (Quit your job!). Chad Corbett and the group mastermind solutions for dealing with call reluctance, pre-foreclosure timelines, and choosing a good real estate brand name. The group discusses how to build a scalable real estate business that can be sold at a higher valuation when you’re ready to retire, and why probate leads are a great source if you’re looking to do wholesale deals, small business acquisitions, or fix and flips.

Real Estate Cold Call Scripts: Assisted Living Sales, Senior Downsizing, and Keeping Property objections. PLUS How to hurry the probate process up.

Estate Professionals Mastermind - More than a probate mastermind podcast episode 49

In this podcast episode, Chad Corbett and the probate masterminds practice senior downsizing scripts and assisted living sales scripts through cold call role play. In addition to these cold call role plays, Chad covers what to say when a probate lead presents the common objection that they plan to buy and keep the probate property to rent out. Chad and the group do some live deal analysis and transaction engineering for probate property situations with urgent timelines (foreclosure) and discreet, off-market sales (wealthy clients).


Preview for Probate Mastery Real Estate Group Coaching 18

Balcom and Chad roleplay through a cold-call to a foreclosure/NOD lead; James, Balcom, and Chad do some transaction engineering in anticipation of a seller appointment where the Zillow Price will be the biggest objection; Eddie and Chad discuss best practice tips for inbound content marketing, merging mail marketing with digital marketing efforts, and the intersection between consistency and accountability.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Probate Mastery’s top performers are challenged to create a list of “10 Probate FAQs’ ‘ comprising the common questions and challenges people in probate have, and use this list as the basis for inbound marketing content.

A SCRIPT For Every Foreclosure Lead; PLUS How to Maximize Cash Flow, Equity For Any Investment Property

Preview for Episode 16 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast: Group Coaching

Chad and the Masterminds brainstorm tips, strategies, and tools for working less, earning more, and doing good. David Pannell describes a multi-property deal landed from a lead that ignored him for over a year and shares his recommendations for probate leads. Gary Nash shares advice on how to build a cash buyers list with investors that know what they’re doing, and how to creatively maximize the cash-flow of any investment property. Rosie and Chad mastermind strategies for subdividing lots and creating AirBNB-style rentals for dry camping use; Chad, Balcom, Rosie, and David talk training virtual assistants and scripts for foreclosure leads.
Not going to lie, these calls are hard to summarize in a paragraph – So you might as well just dive in!

Probate Mastery’s top performers are challenged to build a partnership with a mortgage refinance partner: You send them foreclosure leads that need to refinance; they send you everyone else they can’t refinance. Tune in to learn more on how to approach any foreclosure conversation.