Content Marketing for Probate Real Estate + The Truth About Mail Marketing | Weekly Coaching

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In this episode, real estate agents and investors dive into content marketing and video strategy for probate lead generation. The effectiveness of direct mail marketing is questions. The group shares tips about probate situations involving mobile home sales, dealing with property not in a trust after death, and pre-probate. It’s a great time to be in the probate real estate niche and we hope we can help you learn the ins and outs each week!

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” Plus Best Pre Probate Script | Weekly Coaching

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” PLUS Best pre probate script | Weekly Coaching | Episode 105

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts coach through probate sales, probate marketing, and general good-to-knows about the probate process. Bill Gross breaks down the biggest real estate myth: that the real estate market is slow. The group discusses pricing probate properties right, cold calling pre probates, and probate litigation situations. We also celebrate the launch of the Probate Problems and Solutions Workshop and Courtney Rollin’s probate videos.

Cold calling pre probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers, and probate role-play partners

Cold Calling pre-probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers, and role play partners

In this call, the probate masterminds break down probate real estate prospecting tips that will help you commit to practicing your scripts, committing to your role-play and cold calls, and having better conversations with pre-probate and probate prospects. Other topics discussed include whether you need to build your probate vendor team before starting to market your probate brand, why the language you use can make a huge difference in your relationships, and why a service-oriented approach is a necessary element of growth mindset. Dive into this episode now:

Pre-probate leads, Real estate side hustles, and Self banking in 2022 | WEEKLY COACHING

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In this podcast episode, Chad Corbett and the probate masterminds practice senior downsizing scripts and assisted living sales scripts through cold call role play. In addition to these cold call role plays, Chad covers what to say when a probate lead presents the common objection that they plan to buy and keep the probate property to rent out. Chad and the group do some live deal analysis and transaction engineering for probate property situations with urgent timelines (foreclosure) and discreet, off-market sales (wealthy clients).