Evictions, unclaimed property, and how to get probate leads faster | Podcast Episode 92

Estate Professionals Mastermind - More Than A Probate Podcast episode 92

In this episode, certified probate experts discuss probate lead sources, unclaimed property, and evictions for probate properties. Khalid shares a success story about daily trips to his local probate court. David has a probate property under contract, but there’s one last squatter issue to deal with. Larry is about to have his first meeting with a probate attorney to discuss a referral relationship. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

How Real Estate Agents with Multiple Titles Can Create a Powerhouse Personal Brand

Branding with multiple real estate titles and services - Mastermind with Probate Experts Episode 82

In this episode, we break down real estate branding with multiple real estate titles and services. Bill Gross of ProbateWeekly.com coaches students of the Probate Mastery program on titles, introductions, and designations. Certified Proabte Expert Larry Smith shares how he went to probate court and what happened. The group masterminds ideas for branding, marketing, and building a probate business in episode 82.

Probate cold call objections, vendor teams, and content marketing | Real Estate Coaching Episode 79

Probate podcast episode 79 - weekly probate mastermind

Struggling with probate cold call objections or how to navigate your probate marketing? Watch or listen to this probate real estate coaching session! In this episode, Bill Gross coaches real estate agents and investors that are members of the Probate Mastery program.  Topics include handling probate objections, approaching the concept of having a vendor team for probate services, and leveraging content marketing not just to get inbound referrals, but to warm up your outbound prospecting efforts.

How to become THE go-to Probate Expert | Probate marketing with real estate title attorneys

Probate podcast episode: Be THE Certified Probate Expert at probate court, Probate marketing with real estate title attorneys

In this session, the group discusses tips for improving cold calling scripts and building rapport with probate leads over the phone. Jamie and the team brainstorm ways to find investor-friendly realtors to work with in probate. Bill Gross shares his insight on locating life insurance policies, navigating probate property with reverse mortgage foreclosures, and how eXp’s internal Express Offers iBuyer program works. The group shares ideas for value-adds like CPA referrals, relocation services, and to get probate listings and build their SOI.