Probate Real Estate Marketing, cold calling, and Facebook Communities | Episode 93

weekly probate mastermind with certified probate experts episode 93

In this episode, certified probate experts discuss probate marketing, imposter syndrome, and community banks. Winston shares tips for using community banks to buy probate property. Kim and Chad discuss how to shake imposter syndrome as a new probate agent. The group discusses best practices for probate websites, building online communities, and direct mail marketing. Also, should vendor subcontractors also be bonded when doing work for your real estate clients? Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

How Real Estate Agents with Multiple Titles Can Create a Powerhouse Personal Brand

Branding with multiple real estate titles and services - Mastermind with Probate Experts Episode 82

In this episode, we break down real estate branding with multiple real estate titles and services. Bill Gross of coaches students of the Probate Mastery program on titles, introductions, and designations. Certified Proabte Expert Larry Smith shares how he went to probate court and what happened. The group masterminds ideas for branding, marketing, and building a probate business in episode 82.

Make More Money in Real Estate: Tax lien investing, probate sub2, and branding tips for real estate | Ep. 61

group real estate coaching for probate course

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts share tips on how to make more money in real estate without working so much (Quit your job!). Chad Corbett and the group mastermind solutions for dealing with call reluctance, pre-foreclosure timelines, and choosing a good real estate brand name. The group discusses how to build a scalable real estate business that can be sold at a higher valuation when you’re ready to retire, and why probate leads are a great source if you’re looking to do wholesale deals, small business acquisitions, or fix and flips.

How To Access Equity in Mom’s House | Handling Objections from Multiple Heirs | Live Probate Training

Preview for Probate Mastery Group Training 20 for the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast

Josh and Chad brainstorm a video marketing strategy to use in paid Facebook ads with the purpose of driving membership to a Facebook community. Chad describes what landing pages and call to action has worked best for him in conjunction with Facebook ads. Corey shares updates on the probate closings he has in his pipeline. Alex, Chad, and John Fraker discuss ways to access equity in Mom’s house and the pros and cons of refinancing, HELOCs, reverse mortgages, and living trusts. John discusses his experience using TROs and injunctions to stop probate properties from going into foreclosure temporarily. Chad discusses tips for finding private lenders through probate and inheritance leads, and how to interview both community banks and small banks that hold portfolio loans to find the right lender for investments. Ronald asks about options for a surviving spouse when there is a reverse mortgage on the shared residence; Josh asks for advice handling objections from multiple heirs about how and when to sell the inherited property.

Probate Real Estate Coaching #10: How To Differentiate Yourself From Competition

Preview for Episode 10 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast with Chad Corbett

What should you say to differentiate yourself from other agents and investors? How can you quickly deliver an elevator pitch online? How can you find a missing heir in probate when the other relatives haven’t had contact with them in years? What should you know when considering your business structure and liability for investment? What opportunities are there in co-hosting a seminar with other vendors in your market? Chad and the Masterminds share their advice and insights.