Probate Real Estate Coaching #10: How To Differentiate Yourself From Competition

Preview for Episode 10 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast with Chad Corbett

Here’s How To HASHTAG Your ELEVATOR PITCH so you can stand out from competition.

Episode #10 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast

Please note that live participation in weekly group coaching is reserved for Certified Probate Experts (Probate Mastery course alumni).

Summary: What should you say to differentiate yourself from other agents and investors? How can you quickly deliver an elevator pitch online? How can you find a missing heir in probate when the other relatives haven’t had contact with them in years? What should you know when considering your business structure and liability for investment? What opportunities are there in co-hosting a seminar with other vendors in your market? Chad and the Masterminds share their advice and insights.

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00:00 Introductions
00:21 How to Find a Missing Heir in Probate
08:41 Business Structuring and Liability for Investment Activity
16:21 Pre-Probate: Skip-Tracing and Marketing
23:14 How to Generate Leads Through Seminars
29:21 How To Hashtag your Elevator Pitch
41:03 Getting Prospects To Care About Their Financial Future: The Stepped-Up Basis and Proposed Tax Changes
49:42 Sparking Participation in Zoom Seminars
52:34 The Social Enterprise Approach to Probate Marketing
1:07:16 Turning a Million Dollar Single Family into a Multi-Million, Multi-Use Building

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