Picking your probate marketing strategy | How to get probate data ep. 78

Picking your probate marketing strategy | How to get probate data

In this episode, Bill Gross coaches real estate agents and investors that specialize in probate. Topics include tricky probate situations that require a litigation attorney referral; networking at probate court; probate lead companies compared & how to collect probate data on your own; tips for cold calling probate leads, increasing contact rates, and handling probate objections; and how to build a probate marketing strategy around your strengths and goals.

How to become a successful probate real estate agent: Zac Mazur’s story

In this episode, Certified Probate Expert Zac Mazur shares his success story and offers tips for becoming a probate real estate agent. Topics discussed include building attorney relationships, probate mail marketing, text messaging for real estate prospecting, and tips on how to speak to personal representatives.

Finding real estate deals in 2022 with BiggerPockets Henry Washington

BiggerPockets Henry Washington hosts real estate investing podcast episode

In this episode, Henry Washington joins Chad Corbett to discuss why BRRH is better than BRRRR; the mindset difference between investing vs wholesaling real estate; the importance of educating sellers on creative finance options like Sub2; and how to speak and market to motivated sellers from ANY list and find deals in 2022.

The Easiest Way to Get SOI Leads With A Powerful Probate Script

Probate Real Estate Prospecting Tips, Referrals vs. Leads, & SOI leads script for estate planning referrals

In this episode, the probate masterminds break down how probate real estate prospecting tips that will help you increase contact rates while cold-calling, lock in follow-up calls, and set appointments through the appropriate medium (in person or over video conference). Other topics discussed include what script to use when reaching out to your sphere of influence (to generate estate planning referrals), buying probate leads vs. winning referrals, and how to put together a webinar event for co-marketing with referral partners. You’ll learn tips for sales pitches, prospecting efficiency, print marketing, and building a probate business that’s successful and scalable. Dive into this probate real estate mastermind now:

Probate Marketing Mastermind: How to prospect personal representatives and attorneys | Estate Professionals Mastermind Episode 69

Probate Marketing Mastermind: How to prospect personal representatives and attorneys

In this probate marketing mastermind, we break down how to prospect personal representatives and attorneys. In this episode, Bill Gross, Randy Milmeister, David Pannell, Bruce Johnston, Sheri Lund, and 50+ Probate Mastery mastermind members break down the value of postcard marketing for probate real estate leads, the best way to combine direct mail and cold calling, and how to make more money in real estate simply by talking to people

Probate Data and Property Lookups | Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast 67 | Probate Coaching

Probate data and property lookups for real estate

This week’s training covered a ton of great topics with a heavy focus on skiptracing probate data and doing property lookups. Bill Gross and Probate Mastery students discuss how to find missing heirs for vacant property leads with a deceased owner. The group shares tips for probate real estate data production, using things like property lookups, forwarding addresses, and phone number lookups for probate court records. Bill Gross breaks down 4 different types of probate attorneys you can network with and how administration vs. litigation differ.  Other topics include how to approach probate property with a reverse mortgage, transferring title after death, and handling probate objections about commission.

3 Paydays with Creative Finance: Lease Option, owner-finance, and sub2 deals

2022 Real estate opportunities with creative finance strategy: Lease Option, owner-financing, and subject-to deals

In this episode, Zachary Beach of Wicked Smart Real Estate joins to discuss 2022 real estate opportunities with creative finance strategy. Topics discussed include the best exit strategy for creative finance deals, why sub2 deals help home buyers facing higher interest rates, and what an example subject-to or sub2 deals looks like. Zachary does a sub2 deal example walk through and explains why subject-to is profitable. This podcast episode will run you through the basics of how creative finance works, who pays the existing mortgage, how sellers make money, and how buyers and investors get paid. Plus, if you’re thinking about entering the real estate industry and leaving your full time job, you’ll hear how Zach built productive cold calling habits! This is a must-play!

Probate Leads and Transactions – Real Estate Coaching with Bill Gross

Probate Leads and Transactions - Real Estate Coaching with Bill Gross

ertified Probate Experts to discuss probate leads and transactions.  Questions covered include real estate specializations, solidifying your probate marketing, where to get probate leads pulled for you, and tips for growing your probate business.  Bill and Lynette also discuss a probate transaction and how to move it forward.

Working with attorneys to create a probate checklist; Probate wholesaling script

Pitching attorneys on a probate checklist marketing piece | Probate wholesaling script

n this episode, Chad Corbett runs through his simple probate wholesaling script and his co-marketing script for probate attorneys. Certified Probate Experts share tips on how to network with estate planning and assisted living facilities for referrals; how to create a probate checklist with probate attorneys; and what to know about wholesaling probate, letters of intent, and probate exemptions.