The Easiest Way to Get SOI Leads With A Powerful Probate Script

Probate Real Estate Prospecting Tips, Referrals vs. Leads, & SOI leads script for estate planning referrals

In this call, the probate masterminds break down how probate real estate prospecting tips that will help you increase contact rates while cold-calling, lock in follow-up calls, and set appointments through the appropriate medium (in person or over video conference). Other topics discussed include what script to use when reaching out to your sphere of influence (to generate estate planning referrals), buying probate leads vs. winning referrals, and how to put together a webinar event for co-marketing with referral partners.  You’ll learn tips for sales pitches, prospecting efficiency, print marketing, and building a probate business that’s successful and scalable. Dive into this probate real estate mastermind now:

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Episode Segments for Probate Real Estate Prospecting Tips, Referrals vs. Leads, & SOI leads script for estate planning referrals

4:03 Cold calling script for probate leads (Probate Leads)

Cold calling script for probate leads (Probate Leads)

7:21 Tips for increasing contact rates and setting more appointments (Probate Real Estate Prospecting)

Tips for increasing contact rates and setting more appointments (Real Estate Prospecting)

9:59 Reading the probate seller and setting the appointment (Sales Tips)

Reading the seller and setting the appointment (Sales Tips)

17:47 Probate marketing plan and example brochure from All The Leads (Probate Marketing)

Probate marketing plan and example brochure from All The Leads (Probate Marketing)

23:01 Joining the BAR as an affiliate member (Attorney Networking)

Joining the BAR as an affiliate member (Attorney Networking)

26:55 Do I need to buy probate leads? (Probate Business)

Do I need to buy probate leads? (Probate Business)

28:50 Sample sphere of influence script: Using your SOI leads database to generate estate planning referrals (SOI Marketing)

Sample sphere of influence script: Using your SOI leads database to generate estate planning referrals (SOI Marketing)

36:29 Marketing events with real estate referral partners (Community Building)

Marketing events with real estate referral partners (Community Building)

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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Probate Real Estate Prospecting Tips, Referrals vs. Leads, & SOI leads script for estate planning referrals

Increasing contact rates and setting more appointments PLUS Sample SOI conversation script | Probate Real Estate Coaching

[00:00:00] Introductions

Good afternoon. Welcome to our Probate Mastermind weekly phone call for Probate Mastery. We do this every Tuesday at noon, Pacific time, 3:00 PM. Eastern time heads up next week. When I say that I’ll be on Eastern time, there’ll be in Orlando, Florida for company convention. But today I’m running this call here from Los Angeles, California from beautiful sunny Los Angeles, California.

We do this every week and I think that, let me just introduce myself. I’m bill gross. And I’m a graduate of Chad’s Probate Mastery coaching program. Both this version of the prior version is all company. I’ve been a real estate agent since 1986. But I’ve been a probate focused agent. I launched, we launched my probate business getting back into production about three years and three months ago from scratch came off out of manager back into product.

And I took Chad’s coaching and follow the process, put together a business plan and to build a great business in probate real estate over the last three years. And as a result I built my own zoom call. I host probate and Chad’s asked me to help by hosting this program. In my envision, I think was something we’re working on trying to find the right spot for it and where it actually fits.

So you’ll see some changes. My vision is as a practitioner, I’m not making a living, selling, coaching or data. I’m a real estate broker all day long. I just was responding to an attorney before and I’ll have other phone calls afterwards. I’m also an investor, but my primary focus are. I do this for a living all day.

I’m in the probate space. Every day I talked to probate attorneys, families, other agents, investors, and use my knowledge and experience to help create value for my customers to build a business. And so I’m here helping you to do the same thing. That’s my I’m not paid to do this. 

I really just enjoy helping people. It does help my business. It helps from my probate call, but I really do enjoy helping agents build their business. And I’m building a national nationwide team of realtors in my team. Probate focus one for each county to be experts in their county. But in the meantime, I’m here to help anybody along the way.

And my vision having taken the program is it’s great. It’s on demand. You can come, come back, review the material, but expertise is not a destination. It’s a process. And so, coming on this week, I came in the call either live or. ‘ cause I need to brush up. I need to learn. I need to find new vendors. I need to find new tricks to consistently improve my business as a competition gets better. So I’ve been watching this call or being on it continuously. and then Chad asked me a couple of times after I, I guess, hosted to hosted a more regular basis. So that’s why I’m here for is to help answer your questions. And I really believe that if you’re looking to build a business, it’s a constant process of iteration.

It’s a constant failure and then fixing, and then a new failure at a higher level than a failure. And fixing that going to a higher level. That’s what business is in my experience. And so I’m here to help you guys today. This is the place where I want to be for you, a good laboratory or good team room. We get together and share ideas and solutions together to help our respective businesses.

I also wanna throw out that we’d like to on this call interview successful alumni. I’m one. Been interviewed here, but I want to offer to you, if you are a full-time agent investor, who’s used the probably mastery to build your business and have success success with it. I’d encourage you to share it. I think the more you help other people, the more help you get.

So if you’re interested, either reach out to Kat or me in the chat box here or in the private mastery. My email address I’ll put in the chat box is You’d find me there. You can also find me at my YouTube channel, gross, exp Oh, you can go into my weekly call, which is probate weekly .com

and I do every Thursdays 4:00 PM Pacific time where I talk about probate, similar to this, I might call there. I’m bringing in more vendors every week, more other person focused attorneys from around the country and more of a national perspective that may be a local realtor. So that said, feel free. This is meant to be participant at so you can use the zoom reactions button and raise your hand, or put a question in the chat box.

If it’s a question, if you could start with a Q that way, I’ll know you’re not just chatting to each other, but there’s a question of all of them glad to help. 

[00:04:03] Probate Real Estate Prospecting and Intro Script (Probate Leads)

And we’ll start off with Brian and looks like Brian Wilson. So my first mailings by this week from ATL all the leads, I feel good about the first call, but what should I be saying on the second, third four, et cetera.

Call. Great question. Brian first I’ve probably where do you do business? Washington DC area, greater Washington, DC.

Is that, is that the DMV area? DMV? Yes. So, Work with a team member out that way. So a DV is what district, Maryland, Virginia. So to those who aren’t from the area, but if you’re from DMV, you have to act like everybody knows or should know what DMV is.. I’m not getting my license every day, so. 

Okay. So you fill me in about your first call?

What does that mean? What are you gonna say? The first call this role-play? Started out by saying, Hey, I don’t know if I have the right number, but I’m looking for bill gross. Does this happen to be his number? Yeah. Well, Hey, Hey, Hey bill. What I was calling because we have a concierge program that helps families going through probate that takes care of the things that either they don’t know how to do or don’t want to do.

I really don’t know if what we do is right for you. Do you think I could take a quick second and share the reason for my call? So I’m curious who who’s the script from? Oh gosh. Is that from Bruce? Thank you. Thank you, Bruce. So, so true confession. I have not called petitioners personally since COVID started as far as calling. Right. My business is focused on some other lead generation techniques. And then just that more with attorneys, my goal is to build referrals. And what I do is I work my sphere to generate some probate interest business, as well as attorneys is my focus.

So, you know, true confession, but, but a couple of things I would say, you know, the script is an outline of a conversation just from a fundamentals point of view a script is always the outline of a conversation. I don’t, I’m not really wedded any wording as long as it’s a conversation and it’s natural and where you want to go.

And so I think oftentimes we’re attracted when I get asked the question about scripting, what I know is the person asks me, has a called anybody yet. So true or false bring you’ve not yet called it in. I have not called these people because the first mailers went out and I was told to wait until day five to call.

Wow. Okay. I don’t know when all the leads mail drop is, so, and what type so I don’t know all that. So that said okay, wait until they find, so I think you’ll find your path on that once you make those phone calls, if you call how many, how many mailers you send out?

This first one was only 37 in the file. Okay. So what percentage of, so this is a great opportunity and we’ll give you some free coaching here. This is normally I would charge for this, do just for free. So, of it, how many you think when you dial them, whenever you call, let’s imagine you to call now or tomorrow at 9:00 AM or tomorrow at 4:00 PM or whenever it is the very center, how many do you think will answer the phone?

One to 3% when the 3%. So 1% of 37 isn’t even one, I mean, I may get, I may get one. I may get one person that answers out of the 37. Okay. My experience is cold-calling a list like that, of numbers that have been done professionally. As they have, you’re probably thinking about one in five will answer the phone.

Okay. Similar to expire listings or for sale by owners, we buy it from the service. So you should expect to talk to you when a five would be about seven conversations, which is a little less than an hour with the time for starters. Okay. Okay. So the first thing you’re asking me is a second, third, and fourth call.

[00:07:21] Tips for increasing contact rates and setting more appointments (Probate Real Estate Prospecting)

Of course, you’re going to recall the 80% that you don’t reach the first time. So that’s the same first call. It’s the first call, but it’s the second or third time dialing through those numbers. Well, more along the lines. So yes, I get that point. I just wanna clarify everybody listening, but that’s the process.

You’re going to call those numbers and you’re going to recall the ones that didn’t answer the second time and a third time and a fourth time. Whenever that is, you have to, so your question on the scripting is going to be dependent on what the conversation is like. So what I would say is the goal of the conversation is what, what’s your goal when you talk on the phone?

What’s my goal, I mean, ultimately it’s to develop a relationship to get the business. So do you believe that with a first phone call you can develop a relationship? I mean, no. Ultimately that’s the, what’s the goal of the phone call? The moment you’re on the phone call, what is your goal for that?

To see if, well to establish communication with them. So let me back up a little bit. Let me help you a little bit vague about where I live in Los Angeles, Los Angeles is as liberal, as committed to the, I mean, I make this a political discussion, but there’s, there are pro maskers and there are anti maskers.

Right? We can, we agree. There’s a spectrum of a different opinions, regardless of what’s right or wrong. I’m not here to discuss that in LA we have the highest percentage of maskers in the country. Uh, That doesn’t mean everybody’s a masker, but those who are masked or offended, if you want to meet with a person true or false in your area, there are some of those people too, right?

Well, you are careful. We’re very, very similar to LA. Okay. So you’d be careful. And so everything I say is pretty can understand. that because of having COVID do you have to kind of deal with that little minefield you want to meet with a person, or is its goal to maybe do a video call with the person depending on where you are in your locale and what’s appropriate for you personally, business-wise and health-wise.

Now, Steven, who says don’t be carried somewhere. Trust me in LA. Some people care. There are people. If you suggest it to me, even a person will think you’re stupid. I’m not seeing they are right or wrong. I’m a businessman. And my job is to know my market. And I’m telling you, there are people in DMV as well, who would assume if your goal is to meet in person.

So you have to figure out that you can negotiate that part of your job. I can’t speak in your local market. I can speak in LA. I would say that if you’re calling in Torrance, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re calling in a diamond bar or walnut, that I wouldn’t worry about. You’re calling in Tarzana would worry about, but if we’re calling an LA west LA or Beverly Hill, I’ve lived particularly west LA, I would worry about it.

High west Hollywood. I would worry about it. So I would just make sure we’re all current on our COVID marketing protocols. 

[00:09:59] Reading the probate seller and setting the appointment (Sales Tips)

That said, the goal is normally pre-COVID. The goal of a phone call is to set an appointment. If they are a lead, whether it be qualified them, are they lead? Are they interested? And if they are to meet with them.

So I would say to you, Brian, the goal of the call is to make, an appointment for whatever the next step is. Whether that means a person or the next appointment might be a zoom call where you can have a more intimate relationship. Right? And so we’re going to think about our contacts of intimacy and the most intimate would be in person.

Next laced would me maybe to call next lease maybe as a phone call, next lease might be an email. The next lease might be text. The next lease might be social media. Our goal is always to move down. That scale of intimacy and ourselves. Does that make sense? Makes sense. So, on these phone calls, what’s your goal in your market area?

This is appropriate for you where you live and work? I mean, here, it will be to set the appointment on my regular listing side business. It’s always to be able to walk through the property and meet with the client at the house and meet with the client of the house. Although I, although just naturally in the course of my business, I have dealt with so many estates that a lot of times they, you know, they’re, they don’t live here.

Right. Well, that’s, that’s different. I’m just saying, assuming they’re at the house or they want to meet you at the house, you’ll come to meet them at the house that’s appropriate for my grade. So your goal of the appointment, then there’s to meet them now, like you, most of my clients are out of state or out of the area.

And so that meeting looks like a zoom. This is scheduled like an appointment. I try and make it feel more formal with a pre-appointment package and information, but the goal of the phone call is the appointment. That makes sense. Makes sense. Sometimes before the appointment, I want to drive the property or have some member team drive the property, maybe take photos, they do some research.

Got it. That’s an appointment. A professional. So again, just going back to your question, the goal of the call is to get an appointment. Right? Got it. Okay. So now your question is what happens? I call them the first time and I have this whole concierge pitch. I give them what the second call looks like. And the answer is, well, it depends what happens in the first call, because if our goal is to, you know, I don’t buy new married.

Yes. Good for you. So, because you know, most guys are knuckleheads. We don’t know how to have relationships. And then we find some woman dumb enough to marry us with cling to her, like grim death from Wednesday, Mary, but that’s a joke, but anyhow, my point is. Th the interrelationship it’s about listening to them and finding out what they want.

Right. So at second or third phone call is based on the first phone call. Alright, so I don’t know. There’s a script for a second or third phone call. The question is, where is your, where’s your first phone call going? Got it. But we always want to have a reason to call them back about something else. If we, we like to leave one of the rules of dating, I’m married for 36 years.

I haven’t dated since I got married, but I know the rules I’ve taught married, marriage-minded, men classes, and dating. Well, the rule is don’t ever leave a date without saying the next date. One of the rules of relationship building and sales is never to leave an appointment without the next appointment or the next step.

Okay. So the question then is on the first call, your goal is to set the appointment that resolves that if you don’t get an appointment, your goal is to find some reason to call back. Hey, I know you mentioned that you were ready to do anything. And I sent out a market update. Did you get it? Do you like to review it again?

I did. What the properties are you looking for some excuse to send them something as a reason to talk to them, to reengage for what’s the purpose of the second or third or fourth phone call it’s always to set the next appointment. Okay. Now one of the things that are also a little different is in our business.

You, let me ask you what percentage of the goal of your business is petitioner related family related versus attorney related? Are you looking to build 20 referrals? I would love to build attorney referrals. I mean, as you can imagine in Washington DC, they’re under every rock. Yeah. Yeah. We have the same thing here in Los Angeles.

So w and the thing that’s odd about the business is, I don’t know. It’s like, I would urge you to find out the answer to this question in your area in my market is. 95% of probate cases, the attorney has done one or fewer probates and less than 12 months, any, you know, 95% chance. They’re not going to do another one for a year.

Right. So I want to know the difference. I want to know when I’m talking to a probate specialist, I want to know what I’m not, and my business has been on maternity. So I’ll either search online or search the database. I have of, of probably curious to see how many they’ve done, but one of the purposes of the phone call is to get in with the attorney, right?

So can, we focus a lot on getting the listing, but if the attorneys are on your side, is that listing more or less likely? A lot more likely, right? Yep. And the tree is not the interesting side. They have another agent they want to work with. Now I find every tree says the two things, they all say that the customer picks the real estate agent and the customer always says the realtors, encourage them to use some.

They’re not lying. They just don’t want to tell you the truth because it’s uncomfortable. So on that phone call, you also want to find a reason to get with the attorney and then circle back to the customer. Hey, by the way, I just met with your attorney. So personally pre COVID, I would try to meet with every attorney in person, pop by the office, meet them at the courthouse, and buy them a cup of coffee.

Again. COVID may be different for you now or not. I don’t know. I don’t know your geography, but whatever’s appropriate with Mesa phone call when a nice excuse to call back the client, say, Hey, I know you guys, weren’t sure what you’re looking to do. Turns out I know your attorney or me, you know, turns out I spoke to an attorney and he mentioned blah, blah, blah.

And I’m here to help. It gives a reason for a callback. Does that make sense? Makes sense. Okay. So does that help answer your question as far as what to do on the second, third, and fourth? Very much. Just trying to make about building the same. If you’re a successful listing property follow the same process.

Just change the people a little bit. Okay. Okay. Are you coming to Orlando next week? I am. Are you with me? Yep. I’ll see you there. I’ll be there with bells on. Okay. I’m gonna host this call live somewhere. I haven’t figured out where yet, but we’ll figure out how to do that. Thanks, man. Thanks for your question.

Thanks, Bill. Okay. And Stephen, Stephen here’s where do you sell houses? I’m in Utah. I mean, I guess the greater salt lake city area. There you go. Yeah. I mean, it’s just definitely here. I get it’s different on the west coast than here. I get it. You can’t imagine how different you just don’t. You just don’t get it nothing personal.

Well, some, some of them come out here and then they still had those plates and they cover them up with the construction paper because people cuss them out in person even though. Oh yeah. Okay. So yeah. So I appreciate the feedback. And again, in areas where there’s, where COVID, it’s a history thing, then, by all means, the goal is to set the people, meet with people in person, whether it be the journey of the, and I agree a hundred percent, I just, you have to be aware of your, your clients.

And I’m like, look, I’m in Los Angeles, I’m a member of the hill county bar. They have an installation dinner and warmly. I would call a couple of attorneys and invite them to come as my guests. It’s dinner. It’s like fundraiser costs like two 50 a plate. So I’m gonna spend 500 bucks, but I got a nice night with an attorney and, and get, you know, and then you kind of work the party by almost so-and-so, but to go to the party, you have to have a current vaccinated card.

Like you have to index in the last 90 days. Just to get into the party. That’s Los Angeles attorneys. So we’re at the cutting edge. They’re at the leading edge of that movement. So free state of Florida. Yeah, one, one the next week I’ve been in fights. I was born in Florida. I used to live in Florida and I’m looking for, to going back.

[00:17:47] Probate marketing plan and example brochure from All The Leads (Probate Marketing)

Debbie Wilson, I see your hand up. Let’s see here. Let’s move.

Let’s put you in a spot. How can we help you?

My question is I would like to farm attorneys in my area. I’m from Canton, Ohio. And I’ve looked, I’ve Googled, you know, attorneys to see which ones say they do probate and I’ve and you know, I haven’t called it. I did send a packet of information to one attorney. But I didn’t get any phone calls of course, because I haven’t followed up.

Cause that was, you know, what I, why I sent it and I need to go there, but okay. Let me just get more. I’m trying, I joined the auxiliary of the star county bar association, just so I’ve heard you say that. And I would like to see what the brochure looks like, where we go to their office and say, you can have this side, and this is my side. 

Sample probate real estate brochure
probate marketing brochure example
Bill’s Probate Marketing Brochure

What I do. I would like to see what that looks like. I’m a visual person. Sure. Well, I can’t say there’s a particular official brochure that you should use, but I’m glad to share with you the one that I use. And I would love that. Thank you. I’ll put the chat box and I got through all the I bought however many, the minimum is I think about a thousand.

So I keep them, I’m a man. So busy means I have a spork suit coat and I keep them in my pocket, which I like, I don’t hand them out unless somebody asked me a question. I can pull it out and then just show what I do. And I, and I have had a couple of people ask for and give them little plastic folders and put them in their office.

I don’t know how effective that is, but I do like it a lot. I think it’s been a great tool for when I meet with people that won’t open or save, it says a file not found. Okay. I have one last thing. Okay. To bring credibility to me I’m going to get the website with all the leads and I would like to interview different attorneys to have them come on and talk about what it is that they do.

And other people that are in the probate like contractors or whatever. So I think that would be helpful as a way to get into the door to say like, why I’m there and this is what I can do for you. I brochure that they could get on and they could come onto my zoom show, whatever you want to. That’s exactly what I do. I interview probably a couple of weeks in I’m from all across the country. And you know, some appreciate some doubt and, you know, it’s just how life works, but so yeah, I think the zoom, the website I got from all the leads as well, I don’t think is particularly fancy. I’ve seen other ones that are good, but I don’t think that is a deal-breaker.

I think people just have to see you have the content and you’re focused on it. I think it’s sufficient that when they search you, they find their way and it ends up looking like, you know, you’re doing so it sounds like we’re on the right track now. I just always caution people. Are you already a full-time.

Yes, I am. And you’re selling other houses, which is important. Sounds like you are on your game. So just as a warning to those who are listening along with realtors, we’re very susceptible to you, you will spend a bunch of money that will help me make some sales. And I would say this the opposite, trying to make themselves without spending money and then reinvest some of it in some of these accouterments or some of these tools.

Because if you can’t sell without the website and the brochure, you’re not going to be also with it, faculty with it. Then you had to learn the skill system, and the sales skills to get there. If you’re not driving traffic to it, now that works on its own. So just like words in general, I’m always hesitant for people to spend money and things until they have some success.

But if you are, I would say, feel free to reinvent and you have some brochures or websites, pretty inexpensive stuff. Overall join the bar association as, as you say Zilretta, but in ours, it’s called five bucks. So, I figured it out. Yeah, some are cheap. So I’ve joined a couple and you get information when your judges new occasions, new rules.

I have an attorney, who’s asking me about the rules for us, if, for continuance, by having information. Cause I’m in the bar and I joined the section has their probate rules of such as as well, so great tool. And then if you have networking events to go to I would, you know, again, as long as appropriate for your health wise in your area, I would encourage you to do those events.

Okay. All right. Well, very good. Thanks. Come back and circle back with us. So how it all works out. I mean, the point of this call for all of us is partitioning. So thank you so much. Thank you. Great. And so let’s see Florida fine hide every firm, Shelby. Michigan Metro Detroit. Yeah. Yeah. Look the goal of this meeting is to also get some referrals.

So if you have people who have probates in Los Angeles, California, or anywhere in California, I’d love to help. Likewise, it’s nice to meet people in other states. I get on my phone. I also have a group called probate experts on Facebook, and I get it almost every other day. Somebody asked them for an attorney or a realtor in a different area.

So glad to do that. Christopher, you may have any leads, but underwater versus mortgages and housing assistance. I know Christopher, a great guy, anybody specializes in doing short sells and some of these probates, because it seems like a double whammy short sell, not a lot of equity, not a lot of motivation.

And then you’ve got to figure out how to transfer the title, maybe through probate. And so Christopher does that. So if you know anybody who has a reverse mortgage that might be underwater and or they need air assistance, that’s something he can help. And here’s the chat box. Okay, good. They’ve got it.


[00:23:01] Joining the BAR as an affiliate member (Attorney Networking)

Can I clarify joining the bar and recruiting within? So, just like realtors have affiliates that join like mortgage companies, title, and escrow, the bar has the attorneys group, which is called the bar.

And most areas. The bar association is that it’s not going to a bar or drinking though. You’ll probably find attorneys there. But the bar association usually also has affiliate memberships available and it’s designed for people like us to learn how to work with attorneys, and how to refer to attorneys better.

So most bar associations, you can’t join the bar unless you’re. Normally you have to pass a licensing test and such, but they usually have an affiliate membership that you can join. And I find it to be very inexpensive. Beverly Hills is the most expensive, I think at two 50, some of them ones are $2,000.

But you get invited to electoral installation dinners. You can ride it, their networking, events, and education online. I’ve learned a lot online through, I belong to two bars and are blind to LA county. I bind to Beverly Hills and they both have probate training classes a couple of times a year. That alone is worth my price of admission.

So, I’ve not, I went to one bar mixer. I don’t want to look like any other realtor. My strategy is to be different than any other realtor in my market. Normally the bar association was four or five other realtors, right. Go that are sponsoring or through there. And they run around and act like realtors and hit up on everybody.

And I don’t want to look like that. So I’m only going to go if I can bring a friend attorney, and then it’s really almost like a date, a business date I’m married, so I’m not doing that, but dating them as far as business at that event. So if there’s a mixture, I’m gonna go to a say, Hey, Joe does a mixture of the night.

It looks interesting like to go up and he’s my guest. And I’ll go with him for that reason. But I would not just personally show up. I do think it’s a good place to go and meet people. And since COVID now I had met a lot of trains before COVID so since COVID maybe I would go to more because it’s been hard to meet people at court because the courts aren’t as busy as they were before I used to go to court every day was one of the things I did.

So, but I’m sorry. So, I hope that’s your question. If not put my chat box, raise your hand and we glad to help you with that. How do you find out about joining the bar association? What’s it cost. So many owners asks. So I would just, you know, Google search your county’s name or his name in the bar association.

So got the whole association with Sandra’s park association and they, they all have websites and information on it. And such Robert was asking about the, oh, the brochure I got from all the was my pressure source. Okay, good. So look, we’re about two-two-thirds into the call. I’m glad to answer any questions.

Hopefully, this is helpful at. If it’s helpful, say yes, it does not say no. We can schedule guests, we can schedule attorneys or vendors, or such. My thinking was I do already a call with that group, and this was more about answering questions and getting in the weeds with experience. My thinking is if you’ve paid.

And you’ve paid to buy the data. You need somebody to help you walk through those steps as you counter those changes and help her good. If not, let me know. And I’m glad to, to change it. We’ve been, you know, internally Chad and I and, and his staff cat and others have been debating. How do we make this as effective as possible?

I think that just starting your business, you need to have some sort of coaching they offer coaching program. And I think if you’re more personal and more in-depth must spend the money to do that’s appropriate, but I just starting your parents have the money to do it. So my goal was to offer kind of some free coaching by answering questions to actual practitioners on this corner, with the basis and to supplement the private mastery training.

Okay. In your questions, feel free to hit the reactions button to raise your hand. Or thank you city, or put your hand up Debra Wilson, take advantage of, to say, love to help, help me, help you to, okay. I have another question. I don’t have any leads. 

[00:26:55] Probate Real Estate Prospecting: Do I need to buy probate leads? (Probate Business)

I’m not buying any leads yet because I don’t feel that I’m ready to buy leads.

And if I’m targeting attorneys, why would I want to talk? I mean, I’m not saying it like that, but I don’t want to cold call the people. And just like what, like Brian was saying, I, I, I would rather have another audience. Well, okay. So I’m not gonna disagree with you, but I’ll just throw it out. I’ll tell you some reasons why you might, you might want it because by buying the data now, you know, which attorneys are doing probate cases.

Number one, number two you might get the data and contact petitioners as a way to get to the church. Right. So you might just pick those cases are attorneys that you wanted to work with, or you might work with any client to get to an attorney. I also buy the data because I get people to call me about a case.

And now I have the some of the data and I have a case number. I can look it up and I can do some research. So to be honest, I buy the data from two different, two different sources. And I have one more for the data that I do to cold call that said Debra, how long have you been in rusty? Are you open to some personal coaching?

Can I coach a little bit individually here? I love it. I’ve been in since 2003, but just doing probate just third at that, like, perfect. And so do you mind sharing how many transactions you closed last year? Let’s say, or last 12 months? I would say about. Good for you. And about how many people do you have in your database past clients’ influence?

I haven’t always kept a CRM, so I’m not very, yeah, I’m remiss on that.

So look, I’m not selling coaching my data so I can be honest. I’m not saying jazz eyes. I think he is too, but I’ll say that, that the, you know, the success of anything is consistent hard work. And every realtor I work with looks for an alternative to actually building a database and contacting it regularly.

[00:28:50] Sample SOI conversation with estate planning script (SOI Marketing)

And I’m gonna tell you, your business is building a database and contacting them regularly. The fastest way to your probate success step in your case is if you could gather everybody that you know, like, and trust, and that knows likes, and trust you, that means all your people in your phone, in your email program.

And your zip forms or your dot loop or whatever you use to do contract. If everybody had on Facebook or LinkedIn, and it was all a database name, address, and phone number, and you connect with them on social media, then you can start contacting them about probate information. And they’ll start coming to you with questions and that’s the best business.

And not only that, you can call your past clients not to ask them for business, but it’s becoming a phone call. It sounds like this. Hey, Debra, go grow some real sit agent. You may remember I showed you a house four years ago. How are you doing? Have you ever bought a thing? And you’ll say, yeah, we bought her the agent.

Okay, great. No, we bought, we never bought. Okay, great. Hey, a question for you. I know we showed you the property. We’re talking about buying at that time. If we were to buy it today, would you be using a family trust? Have you, do you have an estate plan? In place already? The reason I’m asking that is I’m looking for clients of mine who might have an attorney that they didn’t stay playing with it.

They’re happy. I’m not prying. I’m looking to maybe help my other attorneys. So that’s a way that if they answer, there are only three answers. One answer is yes, we have one and we love our attorney. We’d love to give them his name and number or her name and number. So you can call them and do business with them.

No, we don’t have one, you want to mark that down so that you can then wow. Interesting. So if you’re looking to buy a house, do you know important? It is. Let me send you this video. It talks about how important playing a, so when you buy a house, you protect your family’s assets and avoid probate. So you have to find the resource to send to your client.

If you don’t have any go-to trust and they are very inexpensive online. Can do it yourself kind of like the TurboTax. State planning better would be you find a local attorney you might have in your database, your clients might have them for you waiting for you to call and find out who they are.

And that attorney might have a video on a stage play that you can send them video instead or send both. And so when you only want to do the goal of all, this is you really wouldn’t be contacting your current database with the idea of finding out, do they have a state plans in place, if not the importance of it.

And if they do who is that attorney? So you can meet them not to ask for referrals, but to send them the business fastest way to get business is to offer other people business and to do it. I mean, you could, that’s why I, I visited them. I see like, as the video view and send it out to my database. So if people need to stay and they’ll give you a call about doing video, that’s kind of what.

So that’s how you use your current database to build your business. Now that’s an hour-long talk. I do. And, I just don’t have time to go through it all today, but it’s on my YouTube channel. I talked in detail about how to build your business from the current COI. I think we’re, Chad’s training comes to places.

Now you have a mindset of helping those people because too many roles were thought, oh, if they’re not realist today, I’m just going to move on. No, the opposite. Do you want people to ask you questions? My probie business. When I took the training, I’ll show you guys a quick story. I took the training and my mindset was I’m looking for people to help that wasn’t my mindset, my whole career, the mindset was I’m looking for people with problems I can solve as a trained probate agent.

So I call the attorney friend of mine, who is not a probate attorney. Does civil litigation, you, I mean, you know, actually have a client who has a question regarding her title or her property. Can you help her? What’s the right answer. Yeah, of course. I would be kind of quiet. So she’s a widow and has been married 55 years.

And her husband had this six-unit property that you’ve managed. He passed, and she was overwhelmed. She had some dispute with a neighbor about a fence and a wall in the line. And she’s talking to me and I felt bad for us. We said, she said, well connected, can you come by? Can I show it to you? I said, yeah, sure.

And I drove her. It was an hour away. I drove over with no expectation of selling a house. We walked the property for 45 minutes. Sweet ladies. You can imagine no loss without her husband. She even had to bounce a checkbook. And she turns to me and says, can you sell this property for me? That was my whole listing presentation yes.

So I go through the process on that property and deliver her a nice check. I think the proceeds are $500,000. And she was like crying to me and says, you know, I’ve always wanted to move to Arizona to be with my sister. Can you help me sell this house? Which was a resonance? And I said, yeah. So by asking my call, my client who’s an attorney by coincidence telling him of all the probate, he gives me this lead that no interest in sung out.

Trinidad, not one but two transactions. That’s the power of working with your current database of people who already know, like, and trust you. If you just buy data now for a new agent, you’ve got to start with strangers. There’s a way around that. But if you’ve been in the business tip, like you had been over 10 years or more, you have to have a database of two or 300 people.

If you don’t start with the people you are knowing it’s going to be a lot harder. No shortcut bypasses that I don’t care about. I’ve had this art and I’ve let agents, I had one who joined my team and quit because he wanted me to believe him. When he said that none of his past clients, we would work with them in probate.

I said, well, if you believe that, then you should be in this business talking about probate because you think you’re right. You’ll be right. But I’m going to tell you my professional opinion. I’ve earned this based on my business. I’ve talked to like, I’ve had this discussion with hundreds of real estate agents score, which take me up on it.

I get its hard work. I get it. That’s the fastest path to business. Okay. Okay. I like that. I used to sell a lot of REO, so, but I still have the information about those people. So I could even talk to them. I mean, they probably don’t remember me because most of them, you know, they’re like investors or whatever.

I don’t know. Summary members send me down. And by the way, if you put in your database, you email out to them, the more electro member you, and by the way, if you like them in social media, Facebook or Instagram, like you remember you, if you send them videos, they see a picture. They’ll remember you. So the goal is to reacquaint them and to re-invigorate those relationships.

Wow. Okay. I have enough COVID somebody who I had not seen for seven years by emailing them every week. He’d be in the military. I hit a property of selling you’re by me for like $850,000 called me up with us to the house and sold it. Oh, works. Thanks, Deborah. All right. Hand up patiently was the owner.

That’s quite a name, their owner. How can we help you? There you go. That’s funny. My name is Felicia. Hi, bill. How are you? How are you? And well, thank you for asking. One question and then I wanted to share something that I’m doing this week.

My one question is with your brochure, can we just duplicate what you already created? Just add our stuff and tweak it a little bit. Well, that brochure is just a template from all the leads where you download it and put your stuff and then they, and they print it too. So you might go that route as far as taking my, doing it somewhere.

I don’t know if it’s copyrighted or not. I don’t care. I’d say good luck with it. If it works for you, it’s fine for me. But I would say you got to pay something to print it and they’re pretty cost. We’re competitive. So I just took theirs. And you, you, you put in your picture and your name and your phone number and they downloaded and you prove it.

And then you order the print and they tell me the print, but you can do it. I would have to set up an account with all, all the leads though. Right? I don’t know how that works, but you, as far as I’m concerned, you can do whatever you want with it. That’s between you and them, but they wrote it as their material.

So don’t care. I don’t care, but I wish you luck. 

[00:36:29] Probate marketing events with referral partners (Community Building)

Where do you push? What do you sell? Real estate, New Jersey. What part? Central and Northern New Jersey. I’m in, I’m located in Clark and I cover anything far north of Hudson county. And as far as south to Tom’s river. Got it. And what I wanted to share, what I’m doing is I’m hosting a how to sell your probate inherited property on Thursday.

And what I’m, what I’m doing is I have my attorney and my estate planner. He’s a tax expert and my mortgage lender is going to host the zoom meeting she made a flyer up and we put it out on social media. All of the contracts that I have, all the context with the attorney have all the context that the texts Google has.

And we got an overwhelming response from people who are gonna attend. She made like a little link, so anybody, everybody can click on and join at six o’clock on Thursday. And what we did was we all had pre-written questions that we know we can answer. So I had questions about probate that I know I was comfortable with asking.

So I’m giving it to her as the moderator to ask me if the attorney has his, and then the tax person has his, so this way we’ll have a nice Answered. And I’m not like out doing it alone. I worked with my partners. So this way they can answer some of the things that I might be uncomfortable with. Like, is there a tax benefit for, you know, inheriting a property?

You know, I’m a real estate broker. I don’t ask your tax accountant. So it was great that the tax account is going to be online and be a part of this session that we’re going to have. So that’s why I wanted to share, love it. Do you mind sharing the links and angels here can join in and watch it and see the details and the reason why you should do it also is just FYI that oftentimes H you know, of course, you’d be concerned?

There are stupid real estate agents. I’m just gonna warn you right now, who go onto. And try to steal your leads. I understand their thought processes, you know, I, I, I fuck. I come from a pretty giving place I invite is for the country, to come to my probate weekly call. And, you know I’m not charging them for it, but I’m trying to Jerry businJerry’sand there’s always a local LA realtor who is in the chat box, social referrals.

And somebody asked a question to me on the call there. I see the chat box is chatting them away. You know, but I think customers see through that. And I think you if you’re hosting, you know if you’re hosting it, they’re gonna see you hosting the event. And some other idiot trying to steal your lead in the chat box.

People know what’s going on there. But I’ll tell you one way to boost your attendance is to invite the realtors that will never do business with you. Because if I don’t know how many people, how many people do you expect to have on the call here to a guest? So far we have 64 that RSVP just in general, I would expect about a third of the people that are, will show up just as a gentleman number, but all those people will be invitations for your next event.

Absolutely. So, so if you had 20, let’s say the worst case, and I want to disappoint you or prepare you for some badness. It was only, only 20. We’ve got like 20 realtors on. Now you have 40, this is a bit more energy and more, more to the events. So I would encourage you to get a good one. If you share that I’d love it.

I’d love to check it out myself. I’ve thought about doing something directed to petitioners or families. I’ve not done it. And I love that you’re leveraging your partners. I think that’s, that’s just a whole other level of Felicia’s business. Fantastic. Thank you. I’ll pull up the invite and put it in the chat.

Let me try to do that. I’m not very technical, so let me work on it. Well, if I was just a customer, how would you. Well, it’s on my Facebook page. It’s on my Facebook is on all my social media posts, but I can find it. I’m going to do it because I have to know how to do this by Thursday. After all, I have to share links.

Yeah. Okay. So I’d love to be on, I check it out. I host something an hour later, so I may or may not be available to see it live. And then also a couple of other hot tips I’ll give you for sure you want to record the video recorded. Okay. No matter, even if half of it’s terrible that they have is not recorded the video.

And also I would say you could send them a full video to a virtual assistant to have them cut pieces. Now you have social media posts for the rest of your life of that one video or YouTube, right? Okay. But you take a post on YouTube and Facebook and where you, whatever she uses, real Instagram, all that stuff you have to, the hard parts, the content you’re going to have some, I would imagine some great.

Okay. Okay. Lisa, thanks so much. I look for it. You got it. Okay. So question personal says like they did they call past clients. If they have a trust who’s attorney, a great lead into my past clients, your business is built on referrals a hundred percent or so. And I would just say, even if they never, she was coming to my comment about calling your past client database, even if they never know anybody at a probate or estate planning or have don’t have one, don’t want one, the fact you call them and ask them shows you care.

And when you refer them and say, I’m looking to do to refer to my other clients you’re of them as a client, people appreciate that. What’s your YouTube video to help with building your business. So I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t even know which video it is myself. I’m going to search for it. Too. Yeah.

And hopefully I’ll be able to find my video to refer you guys here before we’re done. I’ll do my best to post on that. We’ll have to come back to that. ATL is very reasonable. I thought. So the printing was very reasonable and the websites I thought were good to put the link to for sure.

One more time. Okay. So yeah, free, if you jump on the call late, you don’t have the wig, let’s put the link in. Okay. Just put in the link again the, to the brochure. So hopefully that will help you. Great job, Felicia. Yes. Hopefully, that’s amazing. Felicia volume. I’ll talk to you about this program.

Our first one. Well, that’s not quite true, but you want a very, very few. What they get is taking action. I’m impressed. Even 34 is fantastic. Good. I show a chicken out. Yes, it’s great. I don’t say that cause I hope you pull it through and get 150. I don’t want to, I want to set your expectations low.

So you’re thrilled. We put, have you do Sherri asks, how can we find Felicia and Facebook? I think everybody wants to be Felicia’s best friend. Now I would, I’m one of them, Felicia and her name is Felicia Hankerson and you can friend her on Instagram. Of course the gram she’s way too young to be a Facebook person.

Sorry about that. If I miss attract you and she’ll put the flower in the chat box. Great. Innovative approach. Yeah. I would say a very innovative approach. And imagine if you just did that, you know, all the way, I’ll just tell you as a person who hosts a podcast, I’m guest hosting here for Chad. I have my own probably weekly that I do.

It’s a lot of work. But that’s where I drive all my traffic to. And so, but imagine that instead of cold calling, right, it could be a lot more fun and I think more productive because think of what you said she had 67 people respond at a minimum. She now has 67 people and let’s assume that all of them are good.

Let’s see some of her friends or some of her, whatever, their realtors or there, whatever, whatever the number is 60, 50, 40, just by putting it out there. She’s already got those leads, right? I mean, you have to pay all the leads you have to pay probably dead or some company to get leads. She’s already got leads interested.

That’s where something, these are those who want to talk to her. Not just cold leads, waiting for full calls. They like Felicia enough for the concept of a Felicia to sign up and participate. So I always find that if you have a, I encourage all my team members. What we do is we build a platform for them, including a weekly zoom call.

I think it’s really important for a realtor to be a thought leader. You know, there are several ways to skin a cat, but I think one of the great ways to be a real estate agency and differentiate yourself is to have the expertise and to share that expertise with people over and over. That’s what I try to do.

Okay. Spell her last name. I have Hankerson H a N K E R S O N S. Is that right? Things about it? It’s the chat box. I’ve written here as living the bins. Call me to turn their clients over to me because they found my workshops are formative and to be an expert. Yes. A hundred percent retiring real estate agents.

What a great way they have a database of people that never call in hell. Now the problem is most agents don’t have a database. When I asked Deborah that was her reaction, very normal. They make good money in real estate and never think about all the people they know that they’re not reaching to. I am constantly embarrassed, and homeless daily to find somebody who should be in my database.

It wasn’t, I’ll give you an example. I’m building a team. In addition to my book of business of real estate agents. I had a guy who interviewed me a year ago. He was, he came to me through another company, promised me, oh, this guy’s a YouTube genius. He’ll help blow up your YouTube channel. Well, I learned a year ago was, well, my YouTube channel was bigger than his.

A year later, he joined my company not with me, but under somebody else. So my point is, that I never kept in touch with him. I lost him, his information. So, I’m pretty good. And I’m pretty good at getting everybody in my database and that went up through the cracks. So, Felice has also, you’re pretty old.

Yeah. Well, I just, you know, I have a lot of realtors and Facebook, and the format just seems to work for what I’m trying to do. But Belinda says, how do you set up your meeting? Do you use contemporary to comp or just set a zoom link, which is set up? So Belinda asks a great question. How are you doing something blended with it or are you just something you’re planning on?

I don’t.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. So I did, an event you know, through another program, it didn’t turn out this successful, but it did get me through the process of using the vape. Right. And having the marketing and all that kind of stuff. And it had a process where you could join a zoom and put the zoom link in with your marketing.

But, you know, just from what a physician was saying, it sounds like it that you and she may have a simpler method. We just actually you know, advertise it on Facebook and things like that. And they’ll just send people the zoom link rather than go through something like Eventbrite. So I don’t do that.

There are two ways to work events. I find one is you can, you can register people. And then give them the zoom link. In other words, you can use zoom to register people. Oh, I might’ve always implanting, implanting dumpings at some point number of reasons why I don’t want to get the detail of it, so I didn’t wanna be tied into them.

So I use vamp praise, my registration database, and I try to, share that link with everything. And then that brings in their name, and address, and then you can specify additional fields, phone number, company, and such. So I use that and then they get the zoom link through Eventbrite. I do that to help manage the registration process.

So I get their information cause that’s, that’s the lead generation that you’re doing right there. If somebody calls me just wants the link. I’ll send them the zoom link that already has it in my database. But if they’re not, I want them to come through Eventbrite cause that will help force them to register it, and weeds out some of the knuckleheads.

That will come into the process. Okay. Okay. Good question though. But if you really want to have one central registration database and then use that link for your Facebook or your Instagram or whatever I should do to promote your event I’d drive people through that process. Now, if they’re already in your database, those people, you can set a separate email to just with the zoom life.

There’s reasoning. Have them sign up the vamp, right? You would have their name, address, and phone number. That’s all you’re collecting. Then you just send them directly, but be careful because people share the zoom link that takes a zoom box, where people who look online, you’ll have a friend who thinks it’s great, and then we’ll help you now put a Twitter, the zoom link that realizes what everybody else has to register.

They got it because they’re your friend. And so the people went to Twitter, search, resume links, and we’ll just come in. Drop the nastiest was pornographic. Disgusting, vile audio. You can imagine so careful the zoom, how to handle the zoom bombing. Be carefully used to career settings as such and have a whole seminar that ’cause even with the people that I know there’s a way to, you know, cut and paste the big bright Linkin and make them still make them come through.

If that’s the case. If I haven’t if I didn’t know that what happened with you, you know, people can get delayed and it doesn’t even cross my mind to what we need to do that. It’s an, and I’m telling you, you can’t believe the viral garbage they’ll run on your video. It’s just shocking. The first time it happened to me, I mean, I’ve, I’m, I’m a guy, not much shocks me in life.

I have to admit, I was just, wow. I was just the most viral it’s like they cut to the most disgusting part of the pornography. Wasn’t just pornography, I guess. You know, some pornography has the lead-up and the dialogue. No, they’d cut right. Okay right. To the chase. It was just, and I remember the first time I was like, I don’t believe it was happening called a pit bull.

There are 40 people on the call. You got to jump into it. So, yeah. Okay. And then also says a good point. I hope that’s not true for people on this call, but what she points out, is true. No question she’s right is that most people don’t set up their business as a business, most real estate agents for investors, don’t set up a business as a business is set up as transactions.

They’ll call people. If they’re not going to list, they’ll throw the numbers away and you have to look at everybody as yes, please. I got the, the Lincoln works perfectly. Thank you so much. What a great graphic he did inherit property. Some are very, very impressive. Yeah. So anyhow yeah, this, the business, and I think that’s, you know when you buy data that you have to You can return for your money.

And one way is by keeping people and keep inviting me. And I would say to Felicia, make sure all the people don’t show up invited for the next one. All those who do show up thank them and invite their next one. Okay. Hey, we got over a little bit here, so sorry about that. I just kinda lost track of time.

I love talking about events. Marketing has been a big part of my business. I’m bill gross. I run this call for now regularly. I’m a mastery alum as well as a coach, as well a practitioner. I do this every day as a real estate agent. Full time. Glad to help. Can. Join me, I do Thursday at four o’clock Pacific at 7:00 PM.

Eastern. You can set up at probate with a com. You can see all the things I do. If you want to learn about how to do a denim line, sign up and join mine, and you’ll see everything that I do. There’s nothing a secret about it. This called probate mastery is part of Chad. Corbett’s probably mastery program.

It’s designed for alumni of the program. Who’s been to the coaching or implementing it, taking steps to build a business. And so it’s natural on the way to have questions. Some trip-ups along the way, looking for different tools. We’re here to shop and I’m here to help, and I’m here to help you with that.

So thanks so much again, next week, I’ll be remote from Florida, but until then, make this a great week Thank you so much for being ready for participating 

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