Probate Leads and Transactions – Real Estate Coaching with Bill Gross

Probate Leads and Transactions - Real Estate Coaching with Bill Gross

In this episode, Bill Gross of Probate Weekly hosts group coaching with Certified Probate Experts to discuss probate leads and transactions.  Questions covered include real estate specializations, solidifying your probate marketing, where to get probate leads pulled for you, and tips for growing your probate business.  Bill and Lynette also discuss a probate transaction and how to move it forward.

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EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Probate Leads and Transactions – Real Estate Coaching with Bill Gross

Okay, so here we go and get started. They asked me to substitute for Chad and I’m honored at the opportunity to do that. I know some of you well over the last few years and a lot of you, I don’t know. And a lot of you, I probably should remember, but my memory is I’m 63 years old and I’m pretty busy and I, I can barely remember what I had for lunch.

So forgive me if I don’t recognize you. I just want to share my story and then we’ll get into it, if you guys have some questions and feel free to put your hands up or put the chatbox and I’ll go in order, but just like just background, introduced myself to the dome. So, three years and two months ago I had been in real estate at the time for about 33 years.

I’ve been had been my career. And unfortunately, I made a couple of mistakes along the way while I had had a good amount of business overall didn’t create the wealth or long-term income that I needed. And I got into management, which was a mistake. I think my generation assumed that going from sales into management was positive.

Even when we have a good income, never worked into the opportunity is for wealth building that I hope they would be. And so three years ago, two months s March of 2019, I had to start from scratch. I had no listings, and no leads. I realized the only way for me to build any income in the long run, wealth was in sales.

And I had known of probate. I’d done a couple of probate deals over the years. Like any experienced agent had come across them, but I didn’t make it a source of lead generation. And so, I started doing some research and I went to a couple of classes online and I stumbled into Chad’s program.

And you did an online call and then he was a coaching program. I didn’t know. At that time it was three days of four or five hours. It was amazing. He had a perspective that lineup of who I am as a person, rather than all be about just getting business, taking business from people in rather be about kind of tricking vulnerable people in the flipping properties on the cheap.

It was about exchanging service for value, which is at a core right. Come from my first coach was Zig Ziglar and he said that you can get anything you want in life. If you help enough other people get with it. In Chad’s, Koshi aligned me in real estate for the first time. And so, I had to put a plan together.

Now my plan is different than anybody else’s because I’m different. And that’s one of the things that I would say is you need to have a plan that works for you. That takes advantage of your strengths and your asking. And that you went to work and make sure that it is aligned with who you are as a person.

For me at the time three years ago, in 2019, I could go to the court every day. And I did that and I, I do know that you need to spend about three across a day lead generating to generate leads in real estate. I know that what you do, whether you door knock or cold call or network or buy the lead. You need to spend about three hours or four hours a day generating leads to create enough appointments, create enough contracts, and make a living in real estate.

And so, I started going to court every day and I got there before 8, 7 45, have a cup of coffee, and hang out and watch the court. And I would network with people. And my goal was to get one and a half people a day where their name, address, phone number, and email are, and connect you with them. And again, when COVID started, I had built a business where I had a huge pipeline of business and it seemed more court confirmation cells in anybody in Los Angeles county.

Now, LA is the largest probate court. All 90% of our probates are 99% of our probates are in one court building, which is unusual. And while core confirmation cells are rare, less than 10% of all sales, less than 10% of a large number is still good enough, never. So we have 50 to 60 core confirmation sales a month in LA.

It was enough for me to make a good living. And so I did that until COVID yet, and I built a great business. And then I just start again because COVID changed all my lead generation. And so I moved my business, online. I host my call probably weekly as welcome to join. It’s free. I do a real estate investing zoom because I work a lot with investors.

And then I interview a lot of my vendors and attorneys. That’s how you do prospecting. As I interview people, I put it on my social media channels. And as a result, I’ve generated a fantastic business. Last year closed 42 sites between real estate commissions, about $380,000 gross. And then there’s an additional business I earned through my company and then there’s the flip semi money onto my gross income.

Last year was over half a million dollars. And I don’t work that much. I work 40 hours a week. I work a solid 40 hours a week when I work. I work when I don’t work. I don’t bail work seven days a week. I can’t a religious, I generally don’t work after five o’clock. I’m sorry. I have a little bit of a cold.

So I do work, significantly, but I’m not like when I was 21 years old, not working seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And not only may build a business, but I’m building wealth. I have a team beneath me of about 33 people. The generates revenue for me, I’ve residual income coming from a couple of different sources and I’m building a business that comes to me where I get people who call me to talk to me about referrals, whether it be attorneys or petitioners or investors.

So that’s what I’ve done. And it’s all because of the attitude and the focus and the mindset Judd laid out in the probate master course. I’m retaking it. I think. A couple of times I’m taking it now on-demand or retaking, I should say because we need to hear these things over and over again.

Our nature is to be more self-centered and the challenge is to be focused on the prospect of the customer. So that’s who I am. And I come on this call quite honestly, I checked in on it. I like to be part of a group. I do watch on demand. And a couple of other items. And Chad asked me to host it.

Cause I guess he wasn’t gonna be in this weekend. So I said, yeah, I think it’s something I do and do well, but I want you to think of me as a colleague doing sales as well as a real estate investor, doing sales, not as a coach, not as a company. So that’s my story. So real quick, before I get started a couple of questions already, just pretty sharp.

What state are you in? If you’d be so kind, what state are you in? So an idea of how many of California, or how many or other states I’m in California? On my team, I have an agent in Florida who went to Georgia. Love Florida. Okay. So we have, let’s see real quick, just to get some feedback. We have a. Wow. Okay. Utah, California, Texas, and Colorado.

It looks like FL, Florida, maybe New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas for them. Okay. So spread it out quite a bit. Okay, great. And then also licensed in Ohio, but currently not in Alabama. Okay. Well, that’s an interesting combination. And also realtor or investor. You’d be both. So you can be both, I guess, a realtor or investor.

Both. Both, both investors, both. Okay. And I would say if you’re a realtor, you should be both. I don’t think you should look at your listings as taking advantage of vulnerable people. I don’t this, I don’t as an investor buy those same properties, but do you come across investments as a realtor? Okay. So pretty good mix.

Okay. So now I know I’m talking to you and let me go ahead and start with a couple of questions. At the top, you can raise your hand or put the chatbox. The first question regarding proper Florida press died with a will. I’ll just tell you from the very beginning, that the number one misconception is the will of what’s probate.

I would just say that it’s a common phrase. Will don’t avoid probate wills are probably. Detroit to effectuate the will. Wills are put in effect in probate court. Lord of the PR says the property must be listed for sale over winter, like to buy out the other areas lawyer says no. Well, so Tommy has an interesting question that comes up.

I’ll make it a little broader rather than just this question to me, where the attorneys disagree with the errors. And I would say that in general, one of the pluses and minuses of working with attorneys is they tend to be very strong personalities. That’s the good news is when they refer you, to their squad, the bad news is they can be hard to work with.

You have to always treat them as though they’re right. You have to always treat them as though others, are right. So here’s a case where the lawyer says he wants to be listed. One year we’d like to buy out the others. And Laura says, no, well, obviously, because he wants to buy them out. He wants to buy them out.

What is cheap? So this is a new concept. And so with the, with the Loris and we’ll put in the market if you want to pay the fair market price and we’ll Satya at that price. So this is a classic challenge. You probably, and the. He says the Florida four has a pretty active, probably a market. So I would say that at the end of the day, I can only speak to the law in California that even if there’s no court confirmation required for probate.

So there are two types of probates in California, those full 30 and limited authority for 30 minutes of basically the petitioner or the executives. Could sell the property for whatever they want, but unless somebody objects until some objects in court confirmation mean it has to be approved by the court, but even on the full authority, they file.

What’s called a notice of proposed action. And anybody can object. And this is a missing piece of the puzzle that if you have multiple errors in, one’s going to sell the other, even though it’s not required, maybe by law, the tunnel company is going to require a nurse of the proposed action. You filed in California.

Thurmond. I don’t know Florida. I imagine it’s the same. I think it is the same. So what happens is that the air will think, oh, I’ll just buy it and will agree to it. But if the other Arab jacks, now you need court confirmation. So I think at the end of the day, the attorneys are probably right, you’re gonna have to list a property and more importantly, probably have to pay for market value for the property.

And what I see happen again, as a practitioner, anybody besides me see this, where it looks like those teenagers trying to hide the property. Limited pictures, limited story limited number of numbers of limited, limited descriptions, right? It’s almost like they don’t want to stay only to see the property.

So those are the opportunities, I think, as an investor step in, sometimes you’re buying the property on the scene, but that’s, that’s kind of part of the probate world. Okay. Next question. I think was Steven about direct mail phone calls, also the mindset, and a little of my story. Steven, you and a MuleSoft wouldn’t talk about it.

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t want to take up too much time. I know I did the post yesterday to kind of save it for other people. So I stumbled across probate just because there are a lot of estate sales in my town. I fell into a couple of senior deals by accident where they moved into assisted living. So I ended up getting the SRDS and started doing that.

About three months ago, I’ve already gotten two listings. And, I do the mobile home thing because I tell you, I started in 2020 as a real estate agent. And I quickly figured out some stuff and I could probably talk forever about it. But this is an area, just the senior citizen market. That’s not servicing.

I have no competition and I’m in the greater salt lake city area. But my question is just because I’ve been going through the course, and of course, there are letters that Chad talks about, I have had a very negative experience with direct mail. I’m good on the. And of course, tax email, all that, and even at the door and fine, but I have spent hundreds of hundreds of dollars on mailpieces in the past and not gotten one call.

I wouldn’t say it helped me to build rapport. I wouldn’t say it helped me stay top of mind. And I think part of that’s because of my area, but I don’t know. I’m a little concerned about that with saying this lead source, right? So. What I, what I would say is that in my experience, you’re not going to, you’re not going to get results on mailing, unless your phone calling also in competitive markets.

When I hear people who do well with mailing, just my experience and listening in on these calls if you’re in a. Less competitive real estate market, rural semi-rural. You’re the only realtor in town talking about probate. Then maybe those mailers work, but in Los Angeles, they’re getting 20, 30 letters. So I’m in Utah by matching this competitive market.

So I would say that if you’re going to mail, you better be prepared to call. And I only mail, I would only mail to where I’m ready to call it. And we were like call worms. I do so much better with I’m meeting in person and calls any worse. That’s how I did with the data with the mobile homes, but, but there was no competition with the mobile homes.

I think it’s the same here. But it’s funny, you mentioned a realtor. It gets mixed in with all the other realtor stuff for fisbos expired. And I’ll tell you the really big thing out here. And as a problem is the whole circle prospecting thing, man, don’t even get me started on circle prospect. But yeah.

Okay. I’m glad to hear that. Cause I don’t want to just make excuses. Right. But it’s just really, that’s been the experience I’ve had. I just know that I just don’t think it’s going to be effective. I think you’ve got to call them as well. I think everybody I’m not selling the marketing so I can be honest about it, but you’ve got to make the phone calls by the Miller.

The mailer will make it more effective. It’ll make it easier for you to make the book. But I don’t believe mailing alone is going to generate inbound. It might get smaller rural areas, but I don’t think in our era at all. Okay. Okay. A broker’s Guild user. I think it’s P P what’s going on, man.

Are you doing the bill? Hey, I just had a question regarding when Chad talks about partnering with the attorneys and co-marketing, and co-branding the doc, documents as far as on the same page, like the list of what’s responsible. How do you go about that when you have, when you’re partnering with more than one attorney?

Well, I don’t do it. So I can’t speak from a personal experience. Right. I’ve given them my flyers to hand out. I’ve never co-marketing material with them. So I don’t have any particular insight. You can print multiple copies of the flyer when, for one attorney, one for another attorney, right?

Well, the reason I’m asking you to, like, when I go this morning, I met with. An assisted living facility administrator in the packet, I gave them, had several documents and, I don’t, I don’t want to put just one attorney in there because I don’t want to favor anybody. So I was wondering, that’s why I’ve asked him the question.

Why do you want to give everybody? So in Colorado, when we make referrals to our clients, we’re required to give at least three attorneys, three plumbers, three painters, whatever are you required to do that? You sure. I forgot to say in California, it’s California Colorado border realtors.

Yeah. Wow. You’re supposed to, I don’t know if everybody does, but I try, I try and follow the rules. Well, when you say smoke again, I would check the rule and see if that’s the law versus common practice. I know brokers often say that, and I think that brokers are more focused on not getting sued than they are.

Again, I’ve heard this in California, from every broker I ever worked for. You should provide three lenders, and three ESCOs who titles. Well, the problem is I could barely find one good one. So I’m going to give him the best one. I know when it’s average and one below average. Well, why would I refer my client to the below-average lender?

It doesn’t make any sense at all. I understand that. There’s your question. I don’t know how to get, I, I don’t have that particular restriction, so I don’t know how to answer that. My goal here today is to be practical in what I do. I think that you can certainly see. You can vary, I guess you’ve had three or four different flyers.

You could tell them you mix it up and do you know what packet is? One attorney. The next packet is the next one. The next one has the next one. Like this. And at the other options, you can have called you with the trades information rather than co-market, but I don’t know that I would, I’ve not co-branded my market material.

I’ve been promoted by interviewing attorneys on my YouTube channel. And then I friended them and I tagged them on it and that’s been effective, but I don’t know, I would print up flyers with their comp with information on it. Okay. So I wish I could be more specific. Okay. Connie asks a question. My time ago, you went to the Pasadena courthouse to get probably a file to the clerk.

So I will say of that in LA county.

Okay. Got that. So Connie says you went to Pasadena court. So now like county, all the probate court is in the Los Angeles county mosque courthouse. Which is I’m an orange county and I’m also in your long beach. So you can go to the orange county courthouse, which is Santa Ana if we were in person, but you can also buy the data online there are several providers, and all the leads, I would say it’s of the highest quality, but more expensive.

There is Probates Daily. There’s probably data. I have a page for probate leads on my website. I’ll put the link in the chatbox, but on my website, I have a page with all the data sources that I’ve found and some comments on some of them. In some cases, I did a small video on them.

Cause I’ve had attorneys come to look for that at all. So I’ll put in the chatbox right here, the link to, my website page, and I have in there a page that has probably data sources. So you can, you can get from anybody and they’re all a little different. They all have their pluses and minuses. That’s just the data, the actual filings.

Hey, bill. Yes, bill. How are you? Good. Who’s this chip? The chips. Hey, I just want to interject about the last fellow who was talking about co-branding. I think might’ve been referring to Chad had talked about where you could do a timeline and a PDF file and you can use that as a marketing tool.

Cope co-branding with attorneys, it’s not like you send out stuff. It’s just like a PDF that when people go to your website or your YouTube channel, they sign up and you send them a copy of the PDF and at the bottom of the timeline and it has that trend tactic. And so that’s why the one suggestion, I remember that Chad has mentioned a couple of times.

So, I have people all the time ask me for falls fraternities, and I, because I’ve talked to so many now, I would say that there’s, it’s kind of like asking somebody what’s a great restaurant to go to. Well, depends. What kind of food do you like? Do you like Chinese? Do you like barbecue? You like hamburgers, that’s food.

You like more bougie, high-end grill. Okay. Meat, dairy. You’ll get more specific. And so I think the trays are the same thing. Is it a basic case? You just need a filling that’s. Can you send me his handle a hand-holder isn’t litigation, then you need a real tiger. So I’d rather the customer call me than just generically send them to the train.

I think what Pete was talking about is if you agree with an attorney to do some co-marketing, how do you manage that? That depends on your agreement with them. But I would be hesitant to refer somebody. I want my material to circle back to me, but I think marketing is all points. All messages should come back to me and then I can send up referrals where I want them to go.

I would want them to go directly, to an attorney. Thanks, chip Renee, some of your face what’s going on. Hey there. So I’ve always admired it and I liked your approach to interviewing people. And I know we are specifically talking about probate here, but just for me, kind of interviewing lots of different vendors is going to be fun.

It’s just fun. It’s like, it’s, it’s a way for me to engage that. I like. So you said you have interviewed a lot of different attorneys, obviously with. Probably underlying hope of getting some business from them. Right. But when you were approaching them, you probably can’t do business with everybody.

Right. Or expect business from them, but their attorneys, they’re like we get paid by the hour. We, this, we, that, how are you able to, or what is your approach to basically taking an hour of their time, or did you pay, ever pay for that? For marketing? Okay. So one of the principles of business is what you want to work with.

People who are swimming towards you. You’re thinking of yourself as being, you imagine you were on the coastal. Where are the Titanic sock and your job is to save as many lives as you can? You can’t swim after somebody, you got to be on the boat and pull up the people who are swimming toward you. Any businesses, the same, you want to get people moving towards you to be able to help them.

So, some attorneys have pride, so they just blew me off. There are losses. Truly the loss. I’m a much better agent than their agent. I can be a real asset to their legal business. I can help promote them, but whatever. I do sleep over it. I will take exception to what you did say. I think the key is not to come from.

I’m pretty. If I’m that good, they’re going to refer to me if I’m not that good, they want, but I don’t really, I come from a point of view. I like to expose you to my network of people who are looking for trace and have time for probate and realtors and investors who need to refer to somebody.

And I believe it’s genuine. It’s a challenge to, keep, your heart pure and your mind clean. But I work at it. I, I, I believe I’m being genuinely saying that. And so. And look allotment, not give me any business at all. That’s okay. I, the times worth it, I’d say that most of the attorneys I’ve interviewed that I’ve asked for have agreed to an interview.

They see it as business development, particularly the type of covert, where they used to go. Either out to lunch with people or they would go speak at events, particularly in San Angeles, the number one probate attorney by volume has been Paul Horn. And he built his business by speaking at realtor Vance, and all the probate attorneys know that.

And they would like to get that business. So when I call them and say, Hey, I have a call. I do probably weekly. I like to interview and exposure to my channel there. Most people are interested in saying and saying yes. Now I’ll say I’m opportunities. I try to pick an attorney. They have some business with maybe I closed a deal and they were the attorney or maybe I see the YouTube.

I see that they’re doing marketing. Right. So there, what’s funny is maybe we’re realtors. I see attorneys who have very fancy YouTube channels. They have like five videos. They have a total of 30 views. Then they’re all professionally done with great intros and thumbnails. It all looks perfect, but they probably spend $10,000 paying some consultant.

That’s the guy. And I say, I think that you more views. I might have you in half an hour, then you did follow that. So when you do it that way, a marketing them is worth more than $10,000 for a 30-minute interview. So that’s how I believe it. They believe it. That’s fine then. Okay, perfect. And then just for myself and the rest of the group because there’s this notion that, the attorney themselves are most likely not going to pick up the phone unless maybe, they’re like one-off attorneys.

Just walk us through like, in the very beginning, like, did you cold call the attorney and say, this is who I am. And did you speak directly to them or were there a lot of velvet ropes and assistance to get through? Well, I never really made a point of cold-calling attorneys. I’m looking for one guest a week and not all are attorneys.

So out of 52 weeks, I need about 40 a year. So it’s not even one a week. Some I met through various, I was, I was on YouTube and I saw, I was on a Zoom call and I met them that way and I called them back. The ones I saw, oh, there’s one in particular. I thought, oh, she’s perfect. I saw another realtor do a YouTube.

And she was always counting. And I said, oh, she’s perfect. I’m going to. So I called her and I emailed, I think with attorneys in general, the way I, the way they communicate again, you always would speak your prospect’s language. I call it the message. And I sent an email, that describes exactly what the phone call is about.

So when they get my email and I’ll meet you back at these idiotic messages, realtors every day. Hi, can you call me back about your listing? W why what’s Alyssa for Y if your email was Alyssa for, I can add. But to call you back and get you on the phone to tell you the price it’s kind of stupid. So, attorneys, I want to be very, I won’t speak their language and I want to show them, that I know the language from the communication.

So I’ll call them. I’ll leave a message. Hey, Renee, it’s Bill Gross. I’m a real estate broker specializing in probate. I have a probate focus channel. I’d love to expose you to my population of investors and wholesalers and realtors that work with probate attorneys like you. And I was wondering if you might be open to doing a short.

And I’ll send you an email, with the details. I sent an email that link describes it all down and said, either, give me a call. We can talk about it, or just book yourself right here. And they have a Kelly link and some book themselves, and someone calls me back and talks about it. That’s perfect. That’s perfect.

That answers my question. Beautiful. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Ready? Thank you, always. Likewise, Lynette, what’s up on that. How can we help you? Hi, so thanks for doing this. So I have your left shoulder. What are the sculptures of, oh, I don’t know, something yard art? Okay.

And something you like, and they kind of builds up. Okay. Kind of crazy, no cats. Okay. So, I have three things specifically going on and I, I think what’s under, I have some practical semantics that I, I could use some guidance on if it’s available and then it’s really like a mind mindset snack. In the end.

So when, when I get there I have a probate lead and it’s very warm. I had shared briefly on our last call that we have a deceased 35-year-old male, and there was speculation that there was foul play. And now the most recent ex-girlfriend’s being It has been charged with murder and she didn’t do it very well either.

Like she, she left the needles and, it’s just insane. It’s not funny, but good at that kind of thing, but I would have done better, I don’t know. So, so that said here’s, what’s going on. The sole heir and they did find a will. We didn’t know that last week they found a will for this sole heir to his estate, his minor child.

Who’s 11 years old. So there’s that’s number one. Number two is the child’s mother is a former girlfriend from the child’s 11. So. From a while back. So the deceased mom is occupying the home because it needed to be secured. And the police had to do that. And so did all the attorneys to just kind of keep watch because the home and the personal assets were at risk and it was like weird funky stuff, not just the big stuff that said here’s, what’s going on.

Grandma. Then, the sun is deceased the 11-year-old son hair Elizabeth with the mom with the yes, well, they had 50 50, but then, but the 11-year-old it happened the 11-year-old daughter is staying with mama. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So, grandma has an attorney. The child’s mother has an attorney and they’re all operating very cooperatively, but they’re, they’re they were immediately underinformed, but now they’re getting better and better information.

The last I heard is, that I need to give grandma a call. She does not know me. I know the child’s mom and Mon from the mom’s side. But. Cheryl’s grandma shared that the state is going to file probate on the child’s behalf. I know this is incorrect just to help, as an orphan. And I don’t know what that means or what it means in terms of engagement.

And how the PRS, I understand that, that the child, the minor, his mother’s living, he’s living with his mother that is correct on the basis that he is, that he is an orphan. So, well, well, and I made a bunch of shit up about that. So here’s what, here’s what I said. It occurs to me like the state’s filing because there is a $2 million life insurance policy with the arrested individual and the child.

So I think there’s, there’s probably a financial fiduciary component that needs a third party involved. And it may be a li a different legal definition of the orphan because I immediately went, both are deceased, and they are not. So that may be incorrect information or something is going on in the background that has, and also on a life insurance policy.

I don’t think you can collect if you murder the word of the person, who’s the beneficiary there are pike exclusions. I would think about that. So cross, my wife would bind. Paul sent me and killed me, I think some days. There’s a Slayer policy Slayer clause. So if you remember, if you’re a beneficiary that murders the person that took out the thing and it goes to the rest of the beneficiaries or the estate.

Right. So I did figure that out, assuming that’s the way that particular policy was written and written. So, right. So there’s probably a conflict of interest probated. So that’s not even probated and the state’s gonna file. On behalf of the minor child and I don’t, well, the state might be filing just, in general, to look up.

We see a filing in Elma, Colorado, and chip asks a question in Florida, California, you have to establish a guardianship. So it might be. That the state’s following a guardianship to control the son’s financial matters and financial interests and the base of the mother’s not capable of doing it. Denver. Can I jump in here?

Sure. Linda, you’re in Denver, right? So, I have an attorney on my referral list over in Inglewood who specializes in stuff like this. So after the call, if you want to give me a call, I will hook you up with him and you can give him a call. I’m sure he’d be happy to speak with you. That would be great.

I, I have an editorial about the referral that I, and anyway, so that’s great. Private message. You may contact. Okay, sounds great. Okay. So aside from that, I’m going to give grandma a call cause she’s in the house and just as a reach out and just make myself available and that this, this is close enough to family, to me that I’m, I’m happy to support and serve without monetizing this one, if and it’s just horrid.

So that’s number one. Number two is that’s number one. Okay. Number two. Number two is I’ve made a few calls. I’m trying to find the right attorney for the mom because everything was she, she was at risk for, for a while and she, she had her a restraining order against the other girlfriend, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

My experience of talking to attorneys. And I want you guys to tell me this is incorrect. I was treated like on the verge of is there’s a parasite and amazing how bad their business schools are. I don’t know. Did they do that? They gave bad advice. Like, Able to practice law, it’s not my first rodeo either.

So it was on the real estate side. I’m like, if you’re getting that kind of vice-versa transaction and you’re like, anyway, so that’s, so my mindset is now, like, why would I bother? And I’d like to cooperate and provide service, but I also, I’m not interested in cow-towing or whatever that word is, do that.

Right. Well, look at a comment on attorneys, the trees have common skills. I’m not sure how they pick it up in law school, the attorneys almost to a person sound like they know what they’re talking about when they know nothing about what they’re talking about. That’s why it’s a fact nine episodes. Our politicians, our attorneys.

If you think about posts, politicians always talk like, they know what to talk about and they know nothing about what they’re talking about. You have people, my youngest son should go to law school by the way they keep going. So on one hand, they’re hard to work within the end. If you find a way to work effectively, that’s where the opportunity is.

So I try to not let it bother me. Their trays who were named were asking me that you turned me down. Don’t mean to help them do business development. I don’t think a personal, they want to work with them if you’re a realtor. Okay. Whatever. I don’t care. I’m pretty busy. So I’d like more business by doing pretty well.

So. I’m not going to cry over it, but you’re right. It’s a challenge. Looking at attorneys as a challenge is working with them effectively. It’s a skill. It takes time. You got to build your Rolodex one at a time. I don’t know. There’s no other way to say it. In that mindset point of view, don’t let it bother you.

Yeah, I just said it out loud, kind of disappeared. It’s fascinating. I’m I treat strangers better. I treat everyone. This is a good place to vent that I think hopefully that way. Okay. Thank you. Come back if y’all posted. Thanks. Okay, Michael Sallis

I think you muted it.

Okay. Good. Hey bill, thank you for taking my question. First off, I want to say I’ve, I’ve read your stuff over the years and I think you do a great job participating in the groups and giving the information I’m down in the orange county. So you know, we’re fairly close to one another, but I’ve never reached out, but I want to just tell you right up front though.

I think that the things that you’ve done and said have been helpful and I appreciate it. So my question is about ISA. I remember a couple of years ago that Chad had I think referral of a company, I think it was in Canada or something like that that was doing working with the people in our group or with him or someone that he had a deal range arrangement with.

And they were well-versed in, in our field. And I wanted to see if you might know that or who I could call to find out the name of that company. Calling ISA, no, I think I would say this is an area in that I’m a practitioner. I’m not a coach. Chad has a much broader reach in those areas.

I’ve never successfully worked with an ISA company. So I wouldn’t want to refer anybody. I know of companies and people supposed to be all the time, but I’ve never worked with one successfully. So I would say as far as the one that he recommended, if cat’s listening or McCain, if you can maybe put in the chatbox, if there’s a particular company, yeah.

Cat works. I think for that company, so maybe she’ll put the chatbox that information, but I don’t know. I’ve never worked with them. I really can tell you, well, I’m in a situation right now where I might have a bunch of people dumped on me, but not, just and I thought, well, maybe the plow my way through that I might hire a company for a couple of.

To plow through those names and numbers. And I remember Chad talking about this and you liked this company. So I thought, well, maybe, and that was a couple of years ago like I said, so I thought it would be nice to find out. So if I can’t get a hold of somebody here on this call should I call the office and ask for cat or somebody there I should ask for no, go into the Facebook group, Probate Mastery, and post this question there.

If you don’t get it by the time we’re done with the call today. Okay. Great. Thank you. See, I see McKenna’s on the call, but we can on, if you reach out to Katt if you get that information, either chat or cat, that’d be great, but yeah, you’ll get the answer by the end of the call, Michael, just go into the Probate Mastery Facebook group posted there.

I’m sure you get the answer. Okay. Thank you very much. My pleasure. Thank you. South undergraduate, what’s up.

Hey bill, how are you doing? Great. Hey, my question is regarding building your team, trying to explain to members of the team that sometimes they wouldn’t get paid right after they finished whatever job you’re required to get paid. Probate cases post and they get paid by your state. Then there would be some type of category, most likely, but a question was asked to me what happens if there isn’t enough money to pay it, that this predator, excuse me.

Yeah. That’s a risk, right? Number one. What if so I, I think there’s, there’s two ways you can do it. I often advanced somebody myself. I try to use it just for advancing probate money. And I send invoices to this with the attorney’s approval, send them invoices and so far I collected every time I’ve done it, but I also know the transaction.

I know the equity of the house. I know the motivation and I would only do it for, a house is going to be sold for sure. Meaning it is vacant. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. I think the other side is what you referred to is asking the vendor to get paid at the close of escrow. Now they’re gonna get paid.

You’ll get paid at the close of escrow, not to close with the probate. So if there’s money at the end of the escrow, They’re going to get paid, but they might, there might be more creditors in line, but you get paid through escrow. You then step ahead of all the creditors. So I wouldn’t wait till the project closes a sour.

So where are you located in Washington state? I don’t know the law in Washington, California as a real Trek in advanced expenses and get reimbursed ethically. So the S for many houses and the proceeds are $400,000. And I advanced a 10,000, they get three 90 proceeds. There might be $500,000 of creditors in line to get that money, but they’re gonna come after me because I got through the escrow.

Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. That makes sense. Okay. Drive safely. Thank you, Clara. Monique, your next, how can we help you? Hello, everyone. I am fairly new to the group. I’ve only been I got certified about two months ago and I’m in Arizona. I understand that Chad has attorneys in Arizona that are part of this group.

I was wondering if I could get connected with them. What are you looking for them? Some probate attorneys you look into further cases. You’re looking for them. Yeah, for them to refer me business and see the thing is in I’m in Pinal county and in this county, I can not get from all the leads.

I can not get probate information. From all the leads. Okay. So you might try different vendors. I put it in the chatbox earlier. I’ll do it again. My webpage has a list of different vendors. I’ve accumulated and they’re spread out there. If you have a source, I missed, please let me know. And I add to my list.

My goal is to have a comprehensive list of business. But there’s in particular. There’s one that I think is everywhere in the country is what is that?

When that you should look at successors’ data. Yeah. But you might try a couple, but I would get successors’ data. Some are only in certain states or certain areas, I think they’re nationwide. But so then, so there’s that. And then I think that as far as getting business from attorneys, I think to get business from anybody, you have to start.

Well, we’re bringing the value, right? And I think that in any relationship it’s about being the right partner, not finding the right apartment. And so what are you doing to help them with their business? So you’re helping them by bringing them other services. You’re bringing them marketing. Are you bringing them?

And what are you doing to help them with their business? And I think you have to focus on that. Once you do that, then they’ll come around to you and for your business.

I apologize. What was the question that you were talking about? Successors data. She was looking for data in a less Metro county in Arizona. It was Pinella county. Ah, okay. Okay. Yeah, I think successors’ data, is very good. And I think they use, I’m drawing a blank on who they use. I think it’s core, core logic, I think, or something like that, but that’s their, their data Yeah, I think, yeah, they have stuff in, in Florida all over Kim put, you have not able to get Arizona leads as well.

Kim, are you in specific with all the leads or just in general with other providers?

Wrote to track. Okay. You might try different vendors. I think that some vendors have spots. They don’t cover it. So you got to, you’ll have to find the one that works in your area. And by the way, Kim, if you’re the only one that knows vendors in your area, good for you. Right. So cool. Okay. Hey, we’re at the top of the hour.

Well, I guess we got a little late start. I’m not sure I was going to tell him I’m not showing up in there. I’m sorry for the delay in the start of it, but I had a lot of fun. My name is bill gross. You can see me on YouTube at bill gross exp, or you can go to my, I have probate calling you every week on Thursdays, probably a weekly.

I do Thursdays at 4:00 PM Pacific time every week. Love to have you join there for free, but this is Chad’s probably master call. We did it every Tuesday at noon, Pacific 3:00 PM Eastern time, and I believe it’s recorded and put on social media on YouTube and Facebook and all those good places to find that as well.

So thanks to all those of you who brought great questions today. I appreciate working with you as a colleague in this group. I’m honored to have the chance to do that today. . Thank you so much, everybody.

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