Gaining Traction In Your Real Estate Business: How To Master Time Management and Build a High-Performance Team

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Preview for Episode 12 of the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast, Live Group Coaching with Chad Corbett

Chad and the Masterminds brainstorm tips, strategies, and tools for increasing productivity and properly executing time management. Rosie Hayer shares how she was able to separate what tasks were necessary for her to handle (the dollar-productive work) and begin to delegate work that did not require her expertise to ISAs and Virtual Assistants. The Masterminds discuss how to properly find, hire, and train virtual assistants and ISAs so they can execute the exact processes required for their job role. The masterminds get philosophical and reflect on realizations they’ve had when they really needed to gain traction in their business most – What broke them through the cash-flow roller coaster cycle and made them top-performers? Lastly, Chad, Meera, and Donna discuss how to buy investment properties as a licensed real estate agent without pissing off your broker. You don’t want to miss the nuggets shared by Probate Mastery’s top performers in this episode.

Smart Scripts: What We Learned by Analyzing 4 Million Real Estate Conversations with AI

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Smart Scripts: AI Chatbots for Real Estate with Structurely's Co-Founder Nate Joens

From Cold-Calling to Chatbots, These Lead-Nurture Best-Practices Will Fix Leaks In Your Pipeline and Turn More Leads Into Deals.

What if the right script allowed you to stop paying for real estate leads altogether, and instead turn your existing database into a deal machine? In this Ask The Expert, Nate Joens (Co-Founder at joins Chad Corbett to discuss what 4 Years and 4 million conversations, analyzed with artificial intelligence, tell us about where people go wrong in real estate lead generation and follow-up, and how to get it right.

Are you compassionate enough for the probate niche? [Empathy quiz]

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Did you know that empathetic people are more inclined to be generous, are in happier relationships, and greater overall health? It’s no surprise, then, that empathy also improves a person’s leadership and communication skills. Empathy is the ability to understand and even sense another person’s feelings and emotions – putting yourself in their shoes. But research also shows that people … Read More

Group Coaching #11: Real Estate Agents and Investors Share Why Attorneys Send THEM Deals.

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Preview for Episode 11 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast with Chad Corbett

Chad and Anton discuss why you shouldn’t feel intimidated by probate attorneys, and instead be encouraged to network with them. Ronald shares his success story for landing his first attorney referral, and then quickly winning several more attorney relationships! Chad breaks down how to market to pre-probate leads in a way that wins both consumer and B2B relationships. Chad and the Masterminds brainstorm a hybrid B2B and SOI marketing campaign that can bring high networth individuals and attorneys together for estate planning, while giving you favorable positioning. The masterminds share their unique stories of how they leverage podcasts, affiliate memberships with local bar associations, and in-person court-room presence to build their brand as the expert in their markets.

Group Coaching #10: Wondering How To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition?

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Preview for Episode 10 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast with Chad Corbett

What should you say to differentiate yourself from other agents and investors? How can you quickly deliver an elevator pitch online? How can you find a missing heir in probate when the other relatives haven’t had contact with them in years? What should you know when considering your business structure and liability for investment? What opportunities are there in co-hosting a seminar with other vendors in your market? Chad and the Masterminds share their advice and insights.

Group Coaching #9: Unsure About Creative Finance? Don’t Be.

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Preview for Episode 9 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast with Chad Corbett

Why might a motivated seller choose another agent or investor? How can you win more deals? How can you put together an exceptional USP and value add that brings in more leads – including B2B leads? Experts share insight on the biggest evolutions they’ve had in their overall mindset and how a simple pivot in their real estate strategy made the transactions start flowing in.