6 Strategies to Make Money in Real Estate Without Cold Calling

Preview for Podcast Episode #13: Success Strategies for People That Hate Cold Calling

Live Group Coaching #13 | Real estate success without cold calling

Episode #13 of Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast

You CAN make money in real estate without cold calling! Please note that live participation in weekly group coaching is reserved for Certified Probate Experts (Probate Mastery course alumni).

What’s In This Episode:

Chad and the Masterminds brainstorm tips, strategies, and tools to deal with call reluctance, and even fill the pipeline without doing any cold-calling at all. Weighted discussion is given to door-knocking might vary between circle-farming, probate, and pre-probate leads. Probate Mastery’s top performers are challenged to take their USP to another level by coming up with their Red Thread in this episode.

QUICK LIST: 6 Strategies to Make Money in Real Estate Without Cold Calling

  1. Networking: Attend local events, join industry groups, and get involved in your community to meet potential clients and build relationships with attorneys and other professionals.
  2. Referrals: Ask your current clients for referrals, and offer incentives for successful referrals.
  3. Online marketing: Use social media, your website, and online directories to promote your business and reach out to potential clients.
  4. Direct mail: Use targeted direct mail campaigns to reach out to potential clients in a specific area or demographic.
  5. Open houses: Host open houses for properties you are selling or representing to meet potential clients and showcase your skills and expertise.
  6. Partnerships: Partner with other professionals, such as attorneys, mortgage brokers or home inspectors, to refer business to each other and expand your reach.

Podcast Streams and Download: Success Strategies for People That Hate Cold-Calling (buzzsprout.com)

Video: Watch On YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Episode Time Stamps (YouTube Links):

00:00 Door Knocking Personal Representatives
02:05 Finding Your Red Thread in Real Estate
7:25 Door-Knocking: Circle-Farming vs. Targeting Probates
10:07 Door-Knocking: New Probate vs Pre-Probate Leads?
11:52 Pastor Perspective: Dealing With A Prospect’s Grief in Person
14:11 Success Strategies: Eliminating The Need For Cold-Calling By Winning Attorney Relationships
17:39 How To Cultivate A+ Attorney Referrals
27:27 Call Reluctance: Stop Forcing Yourself To Do What You Hate Doing
45:00 Inbound Marketing: Building Facebook Groups With Partners


  1. Chad Corbetts On-Demand Probate Mastery Course
  2. Estate Professionals Mastermind Group (Facebook)  
  3. Chad Corbett’s YouTube Channel
  4. Recommended Reading for Real Estate Marketing Tips: Find Your Red Thread by Tamsen Webster 
  5. Chad’s Recommended Booklist: Probate Mastery Reading List
  6. Podcast’ From Chad’s Recommended Author, Mary Lou Tyler, on Inbound Marketing: Why Predictable Prospecting over Predictable Revenue? – Marylou Tyler
  7. Ringless Voicemail, Voice Courier, and Appointment-Setting Services with VoiceLogic’s probate-trained team: https://voicelogic.com/probatemastery/
  8. Daniel Ramsey’s MyOutDesk VA Service 
  9. Chad’s conversational mindmap: Different Ways To Offer Value to Real Estate Owners: 
  10. Ending The Real Estate Feast Or Famine Cycle and Finding Financial Freedom

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