Ending The Real Estate Feast Or Famine Cycle and Finding Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

Chad Corbett discusses the latest NAR Member Profile for 2021 and shares advice for finding financial freedom and building wealth as a real estate professional.

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The NAR 2021 Member Profile offers a picture of what the average real estate professional looks like: Only one out of four earn $100,000 or more, and median gross income sits at $43,330.

Despite inflation, median income in this industry is DOWN 12.8% from $49,700 in 2019. So for the real estate agents and investors who are finding financial freedom, a happy work life balance, and a pathway to retiring early – How? What’s their methodology?

In this video, Chad Corbett lays out the most important advice anyone seeking answers on how to make money, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom through real estate needs to hear. The best part? You can make it happen while loving what you do and helping hundreds of people along the way.

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2 Comments on “Ending The Real Estate Feast Or Famine Cycle and Finding Financial Freedom Through Real Estate”

  1. Hi… I’ve taken your probate mastery course. I’m not doing nearly the deals I should be, and it not anyone’s fault but my own (Too busy chasing RE leads); I have to get focused ADD is my issue. I’m interested in the report you mentioned. Unfortunately, I do not see the link.

    Thank you, Chad

    1. Hi Marie! NAR offers a highlight summary for free. You can find that as well as the option to purchase the full report on their website here: https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/research-reports/highlights-from-the-nar-member-profile

      Have you joined us over in both the Probate Mastery Alumni (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProbateMastery) and Estate Professionals Mastermind (https://facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmastermind) groups on facebook? Surrounding yourself with others who are dealing with procrastination and accountability in this space is a great way to get and stay motivated and inspired. The group members are also always willing to help answer questions and help solve problems as you come across them!


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