16 Properties! And, the Attorney Chose Me! Success Stories from Probate Specialists

Podcast Preview: probate real estate specialist success stories with certified probate agents and investors

In this episode, real estate agents and investors dive into content marketing and video strategy for probate lead generation. The effectiveness of direct mail marketing is questions. The group shares tips about probate situations involving mobile home sales, dealing with property not in a trust after death, and pre-probate. It’s a great time to be in the probate real estate niche and we hope we can help you learn the ins and outs each week!

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” Plus Best Pre Probate Script | Weekly Coaching

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” PLUS Best pre probate script | Weekly Coaching | Episode 105

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts coach through probate sales, probate marketing, and general good-to-knows about the probate process. Bill Gross breaks down the biggest real estate myth: that the real estate market is slow. The group discusses pricing probate properties right, cold calling pre probates, and probate litigation situations. We also celebrate the launch of the Probate Problems and Solutions Workshop and Courtney Rollin’s probate videos.

Real estate market slowing down? Fear not. Tips for surviving real estate slow months | Episode 99

Real estate slowing down Fear not episode 99 probate podcast

In this podcast episode, Certified Probate Experts discuss how to be successful through seasonality and economic fluctuations. The group shares advice on mindset, motivation, and finding creative opportunities. Key questions about what to do with international heirs and successor trustee disputes are asked and answered. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

Probate Wholesaling Scripts | Podcast Episode 98

probate wholesaling scripts podcast episode 98

In this episode, probate real estate professionals share probate wholesaling scripts, feedback on CRMs, and tips for working with newer attorneys. David Young shares all the details on the probate wholesaling deal that landed him a $22k assignment fee; Bill Gross responds with tips to use that success story to find bird dogs and property scouts to get more deals. The group discusses free customer management tools like Google Sheets and how they compare to paid software like KvCore, FollowUp Boss, and REI Black Book. Tune in to learn what’s working this week for Certified Probate Experts!

Passive income through private money lending in real estate | How to save an AirBnB failure – with Derek Dombeck

Podcast episode: Taking a failed airbnb to profitable padsplit. Tips from Private lenders in real estate

In this episode, Derek Dombeck shares tips on how to start private lending for profit, what common mistakes to avoid, and how to underwrite deals in a recession. You’ll hear his private money script for finding private vendors from his pool of past clients and why Probate is a great space to find people with money to invent. Lastly, Derek and Chad discuss 2023 housing market trends and how there is huge opportunity in failed BRRRRs and AirBNB short-term rentals through pad-split and residential assisted living. Tune in and sharpen your eye for opportunity in the changing real estate market.

Starting real estate in a new city, new niche | Success Motivation with Susan Chace

Starting real estate in a new city, new niche | Success Motivation with Susan Chace

In this real estate success story, we hear Susan’s story of starting real estate in a new city. She describes the action she took to start getting leads and building her real estate referral system while continuing to educate herself. This episode will inspire you to carve out a path for your success today so you can build a career that lets you work less, earn more, and do good.

How to get probate leads from the courthouse: Weekly Probate Expert Mastermind #85

How to get probate leads from the courthouse: Weekly Probate Expert Mastermind #85

Success stories and marketing tips from Certified Probate Expert working probate real estate deals. Congratulations to Bill for buying probate property, ClaireMonique for breaking out of her comfort zone, Deborah for getting a probate listing by providing value first, and Larry for hitting the pavement with his probate marketing plan.

How to become a successful probate real estate agent: Zac Mazur’s story

In this episode, Certified Probate Expert Zac Mazur shares his success story and offers tips for becoming a probate real estate agent. Topics discussed include building attorney relationships, probate mail marketing, text messaging for real estate prospecting, and tips on how to speak to personal representatives.