How to stop cold calling and get referrals instead: 6-month probate business plan

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The time to build your probate business plan is now. The Silver Tsunami is coming and the long-term care industry is bracing for impact. As baby boomers age, the number of people needing long-term care will skyrocket. This presents massive opportunity for real estate practitioners specializing in the probate niche.

Two main ways to get probate leads are cold calling and earning referrals from attorneys. Cold calling is time-consuming and can be very frustrating. It’s also expensive because you have to buy lists of leads and then make the calls.

Earning referrals from attorneys is a much better way to build your probate business in the long term. It’s more efficient because you’re only talking to people who are already interested in what you’re selling. And it’s more cost-effective because you’re not paying for leads. The downside is that you have to build your referral system.

An ideal strategy for anyone looking to become profitable in real estate quickly is to use cold calling to generate leads short-term, and aim to build a referral system for the long haul.

Building referral relationships with attorneys is not easy to do on your own, but it’s well worth the effort. In this episode, we’ll share a 6-month plan for doing just that and how you can hit the easy button on this process with the EARN course. 

By following this plan, you can stop being intimidated by attorneys, start building a referral system, and become indispensable to attorneys and clients in the probate space.

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