How to Find Probate Leads Online – PLUS Probate lead company reviews for Real Estate Professionals

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“I spent a small fortune on leads from Zillow,” I overheard a new agent say tentatively as she talked about putting all of her focus and efforts into her new business. While she had little success, I have heard of agents who’ve made Zillow leads work for them. But in doing some research of my own the big questions still remain: “Are Zillow leads worth it?” “How much does it cost to buy leads?” and “Am I going to have to cold call?”

Real estate is unique in that we – the agents – are the business. We market, sell, service, and manage our businesses; and without listings, we don’t really have a business at all. So gathering leads seems like it would be the fastest way to generate success… right?

In a niche market, like Probate, the answer is a resounding YES. Attaining the right probate leads with the right system in place will definitely produce the greatest results.

So, let’s take a look at some basic ways to find affordable probate leads and how to assess the value of paid leads.

What are probate leads?

Simply put – when someone inherits a property that they don’t want to keep, they need a real estate agent. The estate itself goes through what is called “probate” – which is how the court validates a will or lack thereof. We aren’t going to get too far into probate itself or how it works – but you can read more about why people need probate real estate agents here.

Finding great probate leads

Finding probate leads is no joke, and you could do it yourself by going to the courthouse if you really wanted to. The problem with the DIY approach is the amount of time involved in gathering, validating, and researching your local leads. If you want to be able to work all of the real estate opportunities available in the probate niche, you need to be able to produce a high-yield system for working the leads while also providing value to the families in probate. 

90% or more of real estate is feast or famine, and to become truly profitable in probate you need solid training and solid leads. No exceptions. 

Let’s look at some of the more affordable ways to find qualified probate leads:

Gathering leads from the courthouse

This is a tedious process and can cost you hours of time. Probates are public record, but you still have to find them. Regardless of what you might read on the internet, you can’t just go ask your local Clerk of the Court for the records 😉 You will have to search for the Probate listings on the computer or files in your local county court. But remember, time is money – and when you see it from that perspective, the leads are an investment. 

Additionally, if you plan to follow up with these leads in the future (which you will absolutely want to do), you’ll find that gathering your own leads can easily lead to confusion and disorganization – not a recipe for operating a streamlined business.


Don’t overlook vendor networking! Creating partnerships with firms that deal in probate properties, such as lawyers and accountants, can be mutually beneficial and create long-lasting results.

Asking for referrals

As a go-to strategy for agents to find listings, asking for referrals works in the probate niche as well. When communicating with friends, family, and colleagues – make it known that you are a probate real estate agent and that you are looking for people who need help with an estate.

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Real Estate Software

Like purchasing a list of leads, real estate software can help you to generate leads, analyze properties, and organize them with online tools. Some lead companies have built-in tools as well. Here are a few software companies to look at:

Purchasing leads

As we’ve already mentioned, purchasing leads is going to be the smoothest way to build your business. Probate leads are worth the investment, but it takes the right approach. It can eliminate the laborious process of curating your leads and give you enough leads to work on a schedule. As many seasoned probate agents know, probate is a long, drawn-out process and does not always go well. In some cases, it could be years before the property might be available to sell – so, specifically with this niche, it is a numbers game. Agents who have enough leads and work them consistently are going to be successful in probate. In addition, some companies give you the option to buy historic leads which can really boost your opportunities. To this point, some of the most successful people working this niche report that 4-6 months after a family files for probate is the sweet spot for getting a listing. After making the initial contact for those who are ready to list ASAP, you should be following up on a semi-regular basis, as every Personal Representative will have their own timeline.

Most probate lead companies have built-in software and marketing automation that is either included or available as an add-on.

5 of the best probate lead companies compared

Let’s take a look at 5 of the companies that offer probate leads.

1. US Probate Leads

US Probate Leads has been providing probate lead lists for over 12 years and furnishes lists for almost every county in the country. US Probate Leads appends their lead lists with PR phone number information and offers no-obligation probate leads data samples for prospective customers. Probate Leads are packaged by county and are delivered monthly with no commitment.

While US Probate Leads offers additional training only through additional purchases, they recently added more than 10 new real estate lead list types to their roster, in case you’re already trained and ready to go in another niche.

2. All The Leads

It’s no secret that our fearless leader, Chad Corbett, is one of the co-founders of All the Leads. All The Leads has long held the name of the “Done-For-You” probate leads and marketing system. In addition to probate records skip-traced with up to 5 phone numbers, A portion of their probate training content is available free to the public.

How much does All The Leads cost? Unlike most probate lead companies, you’ll get all the probate records filed from a courthouse with your leads purchase. In other words, the list isn’t scrubbed. Each county has individual pricing. Though a subscription isn’t technically required, there is a two-month minimum purchase, and cancellation requests should be made before your next 10-day delivery window so a researcher isn’t dispatched. Data appended for real estate owned comes at an additional cost of $2 per lead.

Though All The Leads offers a free CRM, it is designed specifically for probate prospecting.


Also called, ForeclosuresDaily has been working in the real estate lead business since 2004. Widely recognized by top influencers in the real estate investment space like Brent Daniels and Pace Morby, their no-frills probate leads and mailing sequence makes it easy for customers to target probate leads with property to sell. Simply choose your target market and automate your mailing with their 4 to 6-step mailing campaign.

The one downside (which many people mistakenly view as being advantageous) is they limit their probate leads to probate records with real-estate attached: This means any leads where the property isn’t included in the probate filing, as well as leads with no property that could be monetized in numerous other ways, are missing from this list. The silver lining is they offer more than a dozen other real estate lead lists.


Also called, Morry Eghbal is an innovative and entrepreneurial real estate professional who uses his passion for data technology to simplify the work of other business owners like himself. The CRM is designed in such a way that probate lead purchases are not bound by county. Free online mail-merge with the option to add automated mailings at a flat rate, to both personal representatives and attorneys.

The “WOW” Factor for is the ability to add tools and systems a la carte, to your overall business. Morry is the face behind several products used by real estate agents and investors all across the country, such as,,,, and more. Morry’s extensive offerings include all the pieces to gather, verify, and prospect through real estate date types, including but not limited to probate leads.

5. is an extension of MTI Education and currently offers probate leads in 81 counties across 18 states. $99 a month gets you 100 cases in any one state and a free monthly training seminar. is an ideal fit for agents and investors in major metro markets who are looking to skip the work of pulling online lead lists on their own, but want to stay under $100 for the automation. Because of the ease of access, these counties may be oversaturated and highly competitive. This might not be an ideal fit for agents and investors who’d prefer to save money and scrape data from court websites themselves, or who need a more robust marketing system in place to help them connect with potential probate sellers.

Grab our Lead Company Comparison Chart

We’ve put together a comparison chart of all 5 of these probate lead companies, their current pricing and what it includes. You can download it for free here!

10 Questions real estate agents should ask about Probate leads

How do we know if probate leads are worth the financial investment? Are all of the lead companies trustworthy? Where do they get the leads?

These are all very important questions to ask when thinking of investing in leads. 

Here are 10 questions to consider when choosing a lead company:

  1. Cost per lead vs Subscription billing?
  2. Do they pre-scrub the leads or leave them for your discretion? 
  3. How many other agents are going to get the same leads?
  4. How are the leads delivered? Spreadsheet, online platform, or some other way?
  5. Do you have to sign a contract?
  6. What else are you getting with your purchase?
  7. How often are leads delivered?
  8. How do the leads compare with what other companies offer?
  9. Do the leads come with software?
  10. Are you going to get any training or support with your leads?

Probate Mastery could be your key to success in probate

Here at Probate Mastery, having been in the probate niche since 2011, we can tell you first hand that the #1 thing to consider with probate leads is the training and support that you are going to get. Regardless of the lead company you choose, you’ll need to know how to market to probate leads and what to expect when dealing with probate sales. While the probate niche is still a numbers game, it’s going to take more than cold calling personal representatives to gain real traction. You’ve got to understand the probate process and the mindset of the heirs, surviving spouses, and other family members going through it.

Our tribe of certified probate professionals, including real estate agents, real estate investors, wholesalers, probate attorneys, loan officers, and more, are actively troubleshooting and supporting each other through the process. The probate course that Chad Corbett designed is chock-full of strategies and tools that will get you moving towards a better lifestyle as a real estate professional, working less and making more, all while doing good for your community.

Schedule a 15 minute Clarity Session

As an active probate real estate agent and investor myself, I know how it can feel to consider the probate real estate niche. That’s why I’m setting up 15-minute clarity sessions to help answer any question that you could possibly have. No obligations, just Q&A. Schedule with me today.

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