Probate Mastery Group Training #4 – Certified Probate Expert Q&A

Thumbnail for podcast episode: Group Coaching Session 4

Chad, Katt, and Certified Probate Experts Erik Stark, Federico Salvatore, Rosie Hayer, John Fraker, Rodger Lecy, and more gather to discuss recent wins and brainstorm strategies.

Topics include creative finance, sales psychology, building a vendor team, and asset protection.

Additional Resources (Some may only have been mentioned In chat, not audio or video):

  1. Probate Mastery Course – Get Certified and get access to participate live in probate group coaching.
  2. Probate Leads and Marketing
  3. Mastermind Group (Facebook, join free!): Estate Professionals Mastermind
  4. Catch This Episode and More On YouTube
  5. Chris Prefontaine’s Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast: Latest Episode featuring Chad Corbett
  6. Book Recommendation: Sales Language: Chris Voss – Never Split The Difference
  7. Learn Creative Finance via Joe McCall’s Podcast
  8. Learn Creative Finance via Pace Morby’s YouTube Channel
  9. Check Out Rosie Hayer’s Real Estate Video Marketing via YouTube

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