Probate Books – Recommended Readings for Probate Real Estate Professionals

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Books are shortcuts through the journey to Mastery.

This is a carefully curated list of the books that have helped me and my students rise to the top of our industry by always holding ourselves to a higher standard of education and service to be more valuable to the communities we serve.

As Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch Philosopher and Scholar said, “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

Each title and thumbnail is a clickable link so you can easily add these to your Amazon cart from this pdf. There is also a link below the page title that will take you to the most current list in that category.

Remember, the average American spends $24.42 per year on books and less than 7% of books purchased are ever read…yeah, sad. If you commit to one or more of these make me a promise, but more importantly make yourself a promise, that you’ll read the book and post your opinion, best takeaway, or a full-blown book review in our community so you can be an inspiration to others instead of “average”.

Chad Corbett, founder of Probate Mastery and the Magnum Opus Project

Probate & Trust Administration

How Probate Works

In barely over 2 hours the author summarizes the probate process in layman’s terms. This was written to help families so think of yourself in the author’s position while you reading to get inspiration on how you can better serve these families.

The Essential Executors Handbook

Written by an Attorney, for families who are not familiar with law or finance, this book does a great job explaining the probate process, how every probate takes a team and more. This one is to spark inspiration while crafting YOUR unique offer.

Living Trusts for Everyone

Take 4 hours and learn how Living Trusts can help YOUR family avoid probate and why ALL of the families you help in Probate should have a Living Trust established with the help of your team.

Business Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

One of my favorite business books of all time. This book will change how you view competition and spot opportunities in plain sight. When you get what the authors call “value innovation” in place in any venture your business becomes a magnet.

The E-Myth Revisited

My biggest takeaway from this book was that when starting something new lookout 10 years at who you aspire to be and plan your way backwards to now. If you follow Michael’s advice in this book you
will work less and earn more starting now.

Predictable Revenue

Get inspired by examining the model that built and scaled enterprise-level companies and use that to flatten out the ”cashflow rollercoaster” present in most real estate businesses


The most thorough of the series, Traction is the best introduction to the Entrepreneurial Operating System for the Management Team. Listening to Get A Grip and then reading this book gave me the deepest understanding of the EOS system.

Get a Grip

The fable-version of Traction. This is better for folks who aren’t known for reading books but are a valuable part of your team. As mentioned above, it can also be the best first book for Management.

Rocket Fuel

This is an analysis of the Visionary-Integrator combo. When this is right in an organization you get a result like McDonalds, Disney or Ford has.

What the Heck is EOS?

This one is for your team. It’s essentially the employee handbook to introduce the EOS system and increase the likelihood of adoption by all.

Sales & Marketing

Never Split the Difference

Not a sales book but the best sales book ever written. Trust me on this one. Read it once without taking notes to lay the foundation. Read it again
while taking notes, practice what you’re learning and you’ll see a difference at home and at work.

They Ask You Answer

This book teaches inbound marketing based on value to the consumer. The author shares his own story as a small business owner and how others duplicate his results with the same methodology.

Inbound Organization

From a Co-Founder of Hubspot. An introduction to the mindset of what it takes to attract modern consumers instead of chasing them like everyone else. Remember…#ProvideValueFirst

Inbound Selling

Consumers are more informed than ever and looking for value, not to be sold. Read this for inspiration on how to craft an offer of value and properly communicate that so you don’t have to sell.

Real Estate Strategies

Real Estate on Your Terms

My friend Chris Prefontaine teaches real estate professionals to focus on the needs of the homeowner before their own by providing options most overlook because they are undereducated on creative financing strategies in real estate.

Investing In Real Estate w/ No and Low

Brandon Turner, friend and face and host of Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast, teaches his strategies for acquiring real estate via creative financing rather than just slingin’ lowball cash offers.

Big Shifts Ahead

Demographics book from a top real estate analyst that follows each generation through time and highlights the patterns emerging with a slant toward migration trends by region.


A demographics book from a Demographer who tracks patterns based more on people than real estate and more on economics than geography.

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