How Realtors can Offer Inheritance Cash Advance to Probate and Trust Leads

Preview for probate podcast episode with Probate Cash and Chad Corbett

Working with inheritance advance lenders to improve your probate and trust real estate services

What is a Probate Cash inheritance advance and how can you use it in your real estate business when working with probate leads?

Be the hero story next time a probate seller is dealing with a reverse mortgage or HECM loan in probate,

…Or when they need to move but can’t figure out a first, last, and security deposit,

….Or when siblings don’t realize they can all get more if they leverage someone else’s money to make repairs before selling an inherited house.

See what Chad and the Probate Cash crew have to say about the top reasons probate clients can use cash advances and how quickly they can get it in this 30-minute Ask The Expert episode.


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Inheritance Advance Topics in this Episode:

0:00 How to access funds in tough times through advance on inheritance
9:36 Top 3 reasons families in probate need access to liquid cash
13:29 How heirs can get more money by maximizing equity in inherited property
16:39 How quickly can you make an inheritance advance happen?
23:36 What probate situations might not qualify for cash advance inheritance funding?
28:16 How real estate agents and investors can benefit from estate advance funding

You’ve been in situations where borrowing against future inheritance could create an opportunity to maximize equity after repairs.  Now you have a way to make it happen!

So, next time you have a probate lead asking “When will I receive my inheritance money?” or “How long doe sit take to get inheritance money from a will?” Find out why they need the money and see if you can help them get an advance!

You can chat with Probate Cash Sean Driscoll and Marc Harris in the comments or our Facebook group, and check them out at (make sure you bookmark them!)

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there are companies in Ontario. Canada that provide us with some cash out of the life insurance check we have Received for my deceased beloved wife?

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