15 Best Real Estate Podcasts of 2023 For Agents and Investors

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The real estate market is always changing and the best real estate podcasts are the ones that keep up. There are tons of new trends, influencers, and tech that pop up every year.  Having the latest news and insights can help you make better decisions when buying, selling, and marketing your properties. 

Have no fear! We’ve put together a list of the top real estate podcasts for agents and investors to check out in 2023.

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We’ve broken down the best real estate podcasts in 2023 into the following categories, in no particular order:

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Best Guests: Real Estate Rockstars

Pat Hiban, Aaron Amuchastegui

Rock up your real estate game with one of the most trusted and informative podcasts on how to be more successful in this industry. With over 4 million downloads, Real Estate Rock Stars is a household name among listeners who are looking for knowledge about what it takes to sell homes like crazy! You’ll learn from up-and-coming agents as well seasoned brokers about their industry expertise! 

Even better, you can check out their monthly State of the Market special episodes. They’re perfect for agents and investors who want to keep up with broader trends in the market without going down a research rabbit hole. 

Real Estate Rockstars podcast with Pat Hiban

Best Real Estate Podcast for Ultra High Net Worth Aspirations: Real Estate Disruptors

Steve Trang

This is not your average real estate podcast! On Real Estate Disruptors, Steve interviews the biggest producers in real estate. They are wholesaling 10+ houses per month, flipping 5+, or are really killing it with a specific creative real estate investing strategy. Listen as they share their secrets on how they started and what sets them apart from others. 

This show is a must for real estate investors and wholesalers aspiring to join the #100Millionaires squad. Whether you’re looking to get started in real estate investing or you’re already making millions and just want a little help strategizing, anyone who listens will feel like an expert.

Photo of Steve Trang with Real Estate Disruptors podcast backdrop

Best Overall Mindset for Real Estate: Millennial Millionaires Through Real Estate 

Jonathan Farber and Claire Rosenberg

Both experienced and new investors will find valuable insight in this show. You’ll learn how to get started, what it takes for success with real estate investing – both on your own or through partnerships like joint ventures, and get inspired to take action.  

If you’re a real estate podcast aficionado, you’ll likely hear familiar voices on Millennial Millionaires. But in a way that’s pretty rare in the podcast world, guests on this show get to dive deep into their experiences and strategies. 

When you find yourself in need of a mindset boost, this show will give you inspiration and direction.

Podcast thumbnail for millennial millionaires through real estate podcast
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Overall Best Action-Plan Podcast: Keeping It Real – Real Estate Growth Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Real Geeks

For real estate professionals who want to take real action today. These guys get straight to the growth hacks and they do it well.  From follow-up plans, marketing assets, and setting up scalable systems, this podcast is the “how” for people that already know their “why.”

Real Geeks offers plenty of products and services for real estate professionals to purchase, but there’s no price tag for what they provide for free in their podcast.

Podcast thumbnail for Keeping it Real by Real Geeks

Real Estate Podcast with the Most Actionable Episodes (Investor-focused) The A-Game Podcast: Real Estate Investing for Entrepreneurs

Nick Lamagna

If you are looking for a podcast that discusses the A-to-Z of real-life success stories – what steps you should be taking, what your priorities should be – this is the right one. Featuring diverse guests from MMA fighters and investors with massive passive income, host Nick Lamagna amplifies the mindset, habits, and actions of highly successful people.  

Get ready to think bigger and bolder. The A Game Podcast is loaded with gold nuggets that will do more than grow your knowledge about investing and wealth-building: They’ll guide you to your greater potential.

(Plus, bonus points for the awesomely-memorable domain name!) 

Best Commercial Real Estate Investing Podcast: Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Joe Fairless

This daily podcast provides active and passive investors the insight they need to make smart decisions about commercial properties. Through interviews of successful commercial real estate executives and an extensive library of 2000+ episodes covering topics like property management or cash flow analysis; there is no better way to make daily learning a habit than this show.

Great for creatures of habit who can’t help but talk about commercial real estate investing every day, but want to be considerate of their friends and family :P.

Thumbnail for podcast Best real estate investing advice ever with Joe Fairless

The Podcast Nextdoor: The Kevin and Fred Show: Next Level Agents

Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome! This show is jam-packed with relevant and useful information for taking your real estate business to the next level, delivered by two incredibly relatable hosts and their guests. Think of it as a roadmap for ordinary people by ordinary people who have walked the walk.  You’ll learn new things without feeling overwhelmed or getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

If you’ve ever listened to an informative podcast but somehow felt farther away from your goals afterward, try this podcast instead. It’s truly a breath of fresh air from other shows out there that focus on unicorn success stories – without telling you how to find a unicorn yourself.

Best Real Estate Sales Podcast for Aspiring Top-Producing Agents: Kevin Ward’s YES Talk | Real Estate Coaching and Success Training for Agents

Kevin Ward

Tired of getting shut down? Well, what are you waiting for? Get more Yes’s in your life and on the sales front with Kevin Ward, an internationally recognized speaker who delivers high-octane training about skills strategy systems scripts – all critical to becoming a top-producing real estate agent

This show is great for individual real estate agents, sales teams, and inside sales agents/virtual assistants who set appointments for real estate agents.

See Also: Kevin Ward joins Estate Professionals Mastermind to talk Probate Sales

Best Real Estate Podcasts for Investing in Canada: Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing in Canada

Sarah Larbi

Canadian real estate investing is a booming industry, with millions of dollars being invested every day. Join host Sarah Larbi as she interviews experts from across the country to find out how you can get involved in this exciting and growing market! Wherever you are, Sarah’s expertise transcends borders.

This podcast is especially great for Canadians who have a love-hate relationship with US-based real estate investing podcasts, and for investors around the world who are considering investing in Canada.

Best Podcast for New Real Estate Investors: Real Estate Rookie

Tony J Robinson and Ashley Kehr | BiggerPockets

This isn’t just a sneaky way to work Bigger Pockets into this list a second year in a row. Ashley and Tony started out just like everyone else: They have had to build their businesses from the ground up; make connections with vendors, agents, contractors, and other investors; solidify their reputations so that people knew they could be trusted to close deals, and; and constantly stay motivated to take educated risks without fear.

If you feel like you can do more with real estate investing, but can’t seem to get lift-off, Real Estate Rookie is for you.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Podcast Massive Agent Podcast

Dustin Brohm

This podcast is a must for any real estate agent or mortgage loan officer looking to grow their business in the most tried-and-true way: Lead generation and marketing.  Dustin Brohm provides actionable lead generation tips and strategies that will help you get more real estate leads. You’ll learn everything from Facebook Ads to direct mail down to good old-fashioned blogging ideas.

This podcast is great for any real estate professionals who want to get in front of the right people more often, at the right time, with the right message.

Best Real Estate Podcast for Short Attention-Spans: Wholesaling Inc

Wholesaling Inc.

This podcast airs 5 days a week and focuses on real estate wholesalea and investment strategy.

Each episode is a guest + a deal they did + the exact steps they took to get it done = all in 20 minutes.  You’ll learn about specific marketing methods to use to find properties, as well as next-level sales, negotiation, and closing strategies.

This podcast is the perfect daily pairing for a morning coffee, quick workout, or short commute. It’s also one of the best real estate podcasts for people who want to make money strictly through wholesaling houses.

Best Inspirational Investing Podcast: Investing For Freedom with Mike Ayala

Mike Ayala

Though Mike Ayala is full of wealth and knowledge himself, he has built a platform for successful people in all industries to share their stories and explain what they’ve done to achieve the life they want. Practical financial advice, business mindset, and personal philosophy converge for a one-stop-shop where aspiring professionals can get inspired in their journey to financial freedom.

This podcast is perfect for real estate professionals who are seeking to use real estate as a vehicle for financial freedom. If you want to get into the heads of moguls in real estate and other industries, this is the place. 

Catch Chad Corbett on the Investing for Freedom podcast!

Best Real Estate Podcasts Rookie of the Year 2021: Real Estate Home Runs Podcast

Luis Vanderhorst

Luis and his guests share how they pivoted into commercial real estate and started creating passive income opportunities.  Strategies include single-family and multi-family acquisitions, syndications, self-storage, financing, and more.  Luis kicked off this podcast in 2021 and is quickly building a community where investors can learn and grow together.

This podcast is best for small business owners looking for more ways to grow their wealth through real estate investments, and we look forward to seeing it grow in 2022!

Best real estate podcasts with communities

Probate Podcast Spotlight: Probate Weekly

Bill Gross

Bill has graciously hosted Estate Professionals Mastermind weekly probate coaching several times this year while juggling his own weekly podcast and probate real estate business.  He’s extremely well-respected not just in the Los Angeles County probate court (where he serves as an expert witness to the court!), but nationally for his knowledge and willingness to teach others how to build a successful business around probate.  Bill is proof that meeting people, providing value, and being consistent is all it takes to find huge opportunities to do business.  

And especially if you’re in California, you’ve got to know Bill Gross.

Best real estate podcasts about probate: Thumbnail for probate weekly podcast

Best Real Estate Podcasts, 2022 Edition = Best Year Yet!

Each year, we strive to highlight people and platforms we haven’t highlighted before.  Our 2021 list had over 12,000 views from aspirational agents and investors just like you. These top real estate podcasts should help keep your sales skills sharp and give you ideas for new ways to generate leads, create more effective marketing campaigns, and build a real estate business capable of providing financial freedom. If you’re looking to surround yourself with top-performers and educators, be sure to join our community, Estate Professionals Mastermind.

Stay tuned for our top real estate video influencers post, coming soon. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what we post each week.

Why do you listen to podcasts? Which podcasts are your favorite (and are there any we missed on our best real estate podcasts list)? Let us know in the comments. 

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