How to build a cash buyers list: The Step-by-Step Process of Finding Real Estate End Buyers

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This article will give you an overview of where to find cash buyers for real estate deals quickly and easily, without having to buy a list. Be sure to check out the free guide at the end of the article for an advanced walkthrough.

Have you ever wondered where GOOD cash buyers for real estate deals are hiding?

You would think cash buyers for real estate deals are easy to find. Just look on Facebook or grab a cash buyer list from an online seller, right?

Not quite…

Most active cash buyers have multiple real estate deals going on at once. This means they don’t want to be bothered with deals and relationships that aren’t worth their time. If you are constantly bugging them with list after list of cash deals that they don’t want, you’ll probably find yourself on their do not call list.

In addition to gatekeeping their time, cash buyers may also be concerned about having their cash investments become public knowledge. Good investors often take extra care to protect their privacy, making them even harder to find.

So how do you find cash buyers so you can start contacting them?

You can watch this video above for some creative thinking, or reference the introductory guide below.

What is a real estate cash buyer?

A cash buyer is someone looking to make a cash purchase of real estate.

Cash offers mean financing contingencies aren’t necessary for a purchase contract, which makes the offer more favorable to sellers.

The cash could be cash they’ve received in the form of cash buyouts for other deals, cash flow from another property they own, or cash sitting in an account collecting dust.

While a cash buyer can be an individual looking for a one-time transaction, when building a cash buyers list you’re looking for active real estate investors that are consistently looking for properties.

How do I find a cash buyers list for real estate deals?

You can find a nationwide list of cash buyers for real estate online.

However, these lists are often incomplete, outdated, and filled with people who didn’t truly opt-in to be on this list.

These lists are often sold over and over again and come with very little information about the supposed investors.

However, if you want to try it out for yourself, all it takes is a simple google search or Fiverr search and you’ll have plenty of options for purchasing a cash buyers list.

How to find local cash buyers using public records and auctions

If you want to build a cash buyers list that’s better than what you can buy online, but do so quickly and for free, all it takes is a little bit of your time.

The majority of public records can be accessed online, but some places still require an in-person visit. Whichever it is, head over to your County Recorder or County Clerk’s office or website and look for recent title transfers that do not have a mortgage lien.

You can also leverage public records to find notice of upcoming property auctions. You don’t need to buy anything to show up at the auction and start networking with the investors who are there to pay cash for auction properties.

More ways to build a free cash buyers list

  1. Leverage “For Sale” signs. If you put up a for-sale sign in your yard, especially in today’s market, you will spark interest. You can use a rider about offering a cash discount to entice responses from cash buyers. You can use a website on your sign to gatekeep responses and capture leads easily.
  2. Take note of bandit signs when you see them. Though bandit signs are more and more often associated with wholesalers, plenty of true cash buyers use bandit signs to find fix and flips and properties for house hacking. Also, plenty of wholesalers become cash buyers when they’ve made enough money from wholesale assignment fees. Give these numbers a call, find out who they are and what their goals are, and get them in your sphere of influence.

How to find cash buyers on Zillow,, and other MLS platforms.

Sites like and other platforms that pull from the MLS can be extremely powerful tools in helping you build a cash buyers list for free.

For one, you can get as hyperlocal you want. You can also target any market you want from wherever you are.

Whatever market you choose to look for cash buyers in, you can use these platforms to:

Most importantly, you can use these platforms to find investor-friendly real estate agents. Use a keyword search on MLS listings for terms like “rental,” “investment,” “TLC,” “opportunity” to find agents that are comfortable listing as-is properties and understand when a property is a better fit for an investor end buyer.

The benefits of working with an investor-friendly real estate agent:

Cash buyers tend to be local, but they could also be out-of-state and even overseas investors who are too busy to handle their cash real estate investments themselves. These cash buyers often rely on an agent in their target market to handle transactions.

In addition, investor-friendly real estate agents don’t just shy away from prospective home sellers with unrealistic price expectations. They have investors in their network that know how to pull equity out of deals or create opportunities through creative financing, and these are great people to have on your buyers list.

So, how do you build a cash buyers list for any type of deal?

If you want GOOD cash buyers for real estate deals, you need to think about

  • What related professionals work with cash buyers
  • How to find and network with these professionals
  • What you need to ask when you interview a cash buyer
  • How to find the right deals for your cash buyers
  • How to turn single transactions into long-term, fruitful relationships.

We worked all of this into a Guide to Building a REAL Cash Buyers list, which includes a sample interview sheet and exact professionals you should be networking with to build your team. You can download the guide here:

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Build your cash buyers list the right way and you’ll be able to connect assets with the right buyer in any market conditions.

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