How to prospect assisted living professionals for real estate referrals

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Plus, two marketing copy samples for prospecting assisted living sales for referral relationships.

Where do you start if you want to prospect assisted living professionals to find new partners for your real estate referral network?

Real estate professionals can build new referral streams by tapping into two audiences and bridging them together: their existing buyer and seller clients and professionals who work at senior and assisted living facilities.  

On first instinct, it might seem counterproductive for real estate professionals to seek referrals from someone who also sells and leases real estate, right? But the transition into senior living can involve two entirely separate real estate transactions – the sale or rental of existing owned property, and the purchase or lease of assisted living units.

The relationship is beneficial to all parties: Clients have greater access to valuable information and professionals they trust across different stages of their life; assisted living professionals have a warm introduction to people considering senior care; real estate professionals solidify relationships with clients and assisted living professionals – both of which can become valuable referral sources.

How to reach senior living sales professionals:

If you don’t know any assisted living/senior living sales professionals in your community, don’t worry! There are a few ways you can reach them without spending a dime on paid ads.

Some ways real estate agents and investors can initiate relationships with assisted living professionals include:

  • emailing them
  • mailing handwritten notes
  • social media outreach (i.e., LinkedIn)
  • “cold calling” them over the phone
  • inbound marketing (YouTube, blogging, social posting)

– etc. Don’t be afraid to use more than one method.

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Who are ideal prospects for senior living and assisted living referral partners?

This article was sparked by a question in the Estate Professionals Mastermind group from Kevin, who was looking for clarity on the relevant job titles to use to prospect assisted living referrals.  Kevin wrote:

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I went down a research rabbit hole, and the phrase strings “assisted living sales” and “senior living sales” are clear winners.  Both phrases are top suggestions from search engines and extremely common titles in Indeed job listings, LinkedIn (self-titled), and on the company about pages. While variations like “Assisted living sales consultant” or “assisted living sales and leasing” were common, using the concise search phrase will encompass rather than exclude the people you’re trying to find.

As far as types of property and levels of care covered, assisted living and senior living sales professionals act as catch-all titles. During their consultations with prospective clients, they’ll explore options for the appropriate type of housing and level of care for a client’s specific needs.

I would caution against using the term “long-term care (LTC).” Although the term appropriately describes senior and assisted living sales professionals, the term is widely used as a professional title by nurses and other health care workers. This key phrase would likely have you reaching out to the wrong audience.

You could also target Assisted Living Administrators (ALA) – it’s a licensable title and likely what someone with the license would have on their business cards and professional profiles.

At a small facility, an ALA likely plays a major role in marketing and sales – which means they are meeting face to face with the people who might need your help selling a home to transition into senior living. 

At a larger facility, an ALA is less likely to meet with prospective residents directly, and individual sales might not have a direct impact on their paycheck.  But they probably still play a key role in overseeing marketing and sales operations.  A one-off referral might not sound as enticing to an admin at a large facility: Instead, build your offer around collaborative marketing and an ongoing, scalable business relationship. 

The best way to prospect assisted living sales workers is by targeting “assisted living sales,” “senior living sales,” and “Assisted Living Administrators.” While you might choose preferred partners down the road for specific long-term care needs (e.g., skilled nursing facilities, residential care, nursing home care), your goal right now is to meet people and create opportunities, not box yourself out from them.

Infographic on types of senior living and aging care
These are some of the types of senior living options out there. Start broad, and eventually you’ll have a preferred contact for different types of placements.

What to say when you prospect assisted living professionals for real estate referrals:

What do you say when prospecting senior living professionals for real estate referral relationships?

Kevin’s question got me thinking that a lot of people probably feel stumped right in the very beginning

Not knowing how to address someone feels like a major roadblock, and we’re going to get that out of the way right now.

Who is your message for?

You won’t reach everyone if you fixate on a single title. And, truth be told, not everyone who claims the title of senior living or assisted living sales consultant is going to be the right referral partner for you.

You’re trying to reach people who are much like you – sales consultants that work with clients in specific and often sensitive needs and situations. The difference is that instead of traditional real estate listings and acquisitions, their service focuses on senior living sales and leases. 

What problems might they have in their business?

Well, you’re reading this because you’re looking for referrals, right? So are they

Spiderman meme about real estate agents and referral partners
When you realize you’re both looking for the same thing.

And if you’re thinking – Well, if they need more business of their own, how can they help me? Stop there. A major hurdle to senior living sales is the cost; selling, refinancing, or renting an owned residence is often the best option for prospective residents to fund their long-term care transition.

Your ideal prospect is senior care and assisted living professionals that can “put more heads in beds” by working with you to facilitate real estate transactions involving a senior’s current property.

Now that we have clarity on who we’re talking to and why they’d want to talk to us, here are two examples of marketing copy to break the ice:

Sample marketing template #1: Prospected Assisted Living Workers – Introducing yourself to prospective senior living referral partners:

Keep it short and sweet when reaching out to make introductions.  The following sample is great for a quick email, direct message, or hand-written note.

Sample marketing copy for B2B prospecting assisted living sales for real estate referrals

Some additional tips:

  • If you’re using a medium that has a subject line or header, try grabbing attention with something like: “Are you a senior care professional looking for more referrals?”
  • Your call to action can be anything you want it to be: Jump on my calendar, shoot me a reply, book a coffee date, etc…
  • This messaging could also work as a voicemail drop for phone prospecting.

Sample marketing template #2: Building desire to work with you.

Sample #1 was introductory.  Sample #2 paints a picture of a problem your ideal prospect has, and the solution – working with you.

Sample marketing copy for B2B prospecting assisted living sales for real estate referrals


  • Whether you post this on social or sending print or digital messages with your contact information displayed, the reader will inevitably realize you work in real estate. This messaging lays the foundation for them to perceive you positively: Not only can you help them identify people in need of long-term care solutions when they are looking for it, but you can also help facilitate the sale of their current property when funding for long-term care is needed or desirable.
  • As always, be sure to add your call to action (reply, call, message, schedule, join our Facebook group, etc…)! 

Get the samples in editable text format:

Start prospecting long-term care professionals in three easy steps:

  1. Search for senior living and assisted living sales professionals near you. LinkedIn or online searches are your two best tools for this.
  2. Reach out and introduce yourself to at least 3 prospects. (Grab the sample marketing copy from the form above)
  3. Set a reminder in your phone or preferred productivity tool to rinse and repeat next week.

These real estate referral sources will send real estate clients to realtors who they know and trust, and the families you help will appreciate you having a valued resource for senior living needs. Get out there and start making your introductions today!

For more helpful training on how to prospect senior living/assisted living professionals and build referral relationships, check out this free 4-part training playlist.

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