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The Estate Professionals Mastermind Probate Real Estate FAQs Challenge

This guide will walk you through steps for planning and using Probate FAQs as a valuable marketing asset in your real estate lead generation and marketing.  

This guide includes:

  • What questions you should answer
  • Step-by-step implementation
  • Tips for CTAs (Calls-to-action), internal linking, and keywords
  • Ideas for repurposing your content
  • How to leverage these marketing assets in B2B relationships
  • What to do if you get stuck

If you already have a vendor partner/vendor partners in mind you will include in some of these videos, I encourage you to invite them to the Estate Professionals Mastermind group to join the brainstorm.

Watch this video for an overview of all prompts

You can also DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES from the above video to keep handy.

What Should My YouTube Videos Be About?

For this exercise, your videos will focus on commonly asked probate and inheritance questions. That means you’ll get to use these same videos to create a really awesome Probate FAQs page on your website!  

Copy and paste this list into your favorite word doc and start tinkering! You don’t have to do everything all at once, and you can always invite others to collaborate.

18 Ideas for Probate Marketing Videos:

  1. What is probate?
  2. Where does the probate process occur?
  3. Do I have to file probate if there’s a will?
  4. How can I find out if I’m named in a will?
  5. Who are the heirs when there is no will or trust?
  6. How long does probate take? 
  7. When can I get my inheritance?
  8. When is probate not necessary?
  9. What happens to the house when there is no will?
  10. What are an executor’s duties?
  11. I don’t live in the area. Do I have to be there in person? (Heck yeah ancillary probate lead!!!)
  12. What is probate litigation?
  13. What should I do to prepare for a meeting with a probate attorney?
  14. What do I need to know about Probate in _________? 
  15. What happens to assets (real estate, vehicles, etc..) during probate?
  16. How much does probate cost?/ Do I have to pay upfront to settle the estate? 
  17. How can I avoid probate?
  18. Bonus Challenge Question: What if my family member was a Medicaid recipient? Here are some stats-by-state to get you thinking.

Action Plan for Implementing Your Probate FAQs Marketing:

  1. Brainstorm answers to each question.  If you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, I highly suggest going through Chad Corbett’s Probate Mastery Course.
  2. Brainstorm possible CTAs (Calls-to-Action) for each question
  3. Record a video of yourself and/or collaborative partners answering these questions.
  4. Make any necessary edits and add your branding to the videos.
  5. Create video thumbnails. The best elements to include are short, bold text about video content and a picture of who is in the video 🙂
  6. Upload each video as a separate video to your YouTube channel.
    1. You can use or rephrase the questions as your video titles
    2. YouTube will suggest 
    3. Be sure to add tags, including directory-style hashtags within the description of your video.
    4. If you aren’t using your own transcriptions, make sure you enable auto-captions for accessibility.
    5. Write a video description.  Good things to include are:
      1. A one-sentence statement about the value a viewer will get from this video
      2. A summary of what your video answers. Use keywords that your target audience might use when looking for this information
      3. A call to action
      4. Links to connect with you on other channels
      5. Links to any resources mentioned or a place to read more.
    6. Add an end screen and cards to help people navigate to other content.
  7. Add all videos to a playlist with a name like “Things You Should Know About Probate and Inheritance [in (Location)].” Remember, the location helps find people in your target geographic area; while probate and inheritance are both focal keywords of this content, ‘inheritance’ will help pique interest and ‘probate’ will catch people searching for general information.
  8. Double-check your work!
  9. Begin repurposing and sharing your content.
    1. Create FAQs page on your website.  You can embed a video alongside a short text summary of your answer to each question.
    2. Add links to specific videos in existing website copy. For example, if you have a page where you talk about your vendor team and you mention attorneys, try adding something like:
      “How Might A Probate Attorney Save Me Money?” and link the entire phrase to your “How Much Does Probate Cost” video.
  10. Use your thumbnails and written answers to make social posts that direct people to your website or youtube to learn more.
  11. If you have vendor prospects, share with them what you’re doing.  The fact that you took action and produced valuable content is so powerful and will help you break through the ice as you prospect for B2B relationships. Many of the vendors you’d like to work with are small business owners struggling with their own action plans in marketing, and your probate video playlist is proof you’ve solved overcome that same challenge.
List of best practice tips for taking action and improving your probate video marketing strategy

Tips for Gaining Traction, Taking Action, and Getting More Mileage:

  1. You do not need to knock out all of these questions, nor limit yourself to these questions. Use this as your own Probate Potato Head and just start building. You can rework it as you go.
  2. Use local keywording where applicable.
  3. To keep CTAs simple on the FAQs webpage, create one contact form below the FAQs list with an open field question where people can describe a bit more about what they’d like help with.  Simply direct people to fill out the form below for help with [relevant action item from that FAQ]. This will help avoid the complexity of creating separates fields for various CTAs. You can also include a broader CTA above the form such as “Do you know what your next steps are? We can help:”
  4. Remember, the beauty of recording answers to these questions as separate videos and hosting them on YouTube is that you can update, unlist, re-order, and re-purpose your videos without having to redo ALL of your work.  You’re also allowing viewers the chance to get the answers that matter most to them quickly and easily.
  5. Always remember your marketing is an asset.  As your content gets in front of more people, more potential vendor partners will see it, too, and they’ll probably pay closer attention to what you’re doing than a regular person will!  Include a casual prompt in your copy directed at potential vendors to initiate an introduction.  “Are you someone that helps families through life transitions and would like to work together?” and link to your contact method of choice.
  6. Share your writer’s block, rough drafts, and finished projects with Estate Professionals Mastermind. What’s better than building momentum together?

Challenge Accepted?

I knew you’d say yes :).  You can only improve if you start somewhere, after all. If you have any suggestions for others taking this challenge, or for future content you’d like to see us make, comment below.

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