Group Coaching #8: No Excuses: Get The Deal CLOSED

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How can you handle objections and excuses relating to listing preparation? How can you use tactical empathy to pull probate sellers out of quicksand and get back on track for an on-time closing? If one heir wants to keep the house (even though they realistically can’t) when the rest want to sell, what options do you have? Chad Corbett and Certified Probate Experts mastermind ideas and solutions for solving problems in probate.


Bonus Probate Real Estate Coaching with Special Guest Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward joins David Pannell, Chad Corbett, and the Probate Mastery community for an on-the-spot probate coaching session.
Kevin is highly regarded for his expertise in sales language and conversation in the real estate space. In this group coaching session, he and Chad break dissect what makes probate prospecting so different from FSBOs and Expireds, and why this difference often creates highly motivated sellers.

Taking Your Probate Script To The Next Level: Expert Tips For Evolving Your Real Estate Prospecting Plan | Group Coaching #7

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Should you use a script when calling probate leads? What script should a virtual assistant use when attempting first contact? How can you adjust your introduction depending on the demeanor of the personal representative? Experts share cold calling tips that have made them successful. Beyond cold calling, what’s the best way to get started using video and testimonial content in your overall prospecting plan? The group discusses ways to repurpose content for inbound marketing, brand awareness, and lead nurture. The group also masterminds how to balance listing and acquisition opportunities with transparent and properly-structured business practices.

Probate Real Estate Business 10-Year Roadmap | Probate Coaching #6

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What lies ahead for the housing market for 2021 and beyond? How can a real estate agent and/or investor being to scale their businesses up? What’s the benefit of working with real estate notes and syndications in the business brokerage space, and how can creative real estate investment niches help you carve out a 10-year plan to retirement?