Lack of Inventory? Not with a Certified Probate Expert skillset | PLUS: Tips for Cold Calling Probate Leads

How to get more inventory through probate and tips for cold calling probate

In this episode, Certified Probate Experts share success stories and exactly what actions and mindset adjustments made cold-calling probate leads in probate real estate. Whether you’re marketing to probate leads through direct mail, cold calling, or referrals, the mindset and skillset will always be more important than the availability of leads.  With some discussion of Propstream list segmentation and options for selling distressed properties in probate, the group comes together to share a ton of support, referrals, and best practice tips.  You can become part of the community, too, when you take the Probate Mastery course.

Cold Calling Script examples in this episode:

  • 36:05 What to say when calling back after a hangup
  • 37:56 Handling cold call objections about cost of services in one word.
  • 50:44 How to pitch vacant insurance as a SERIOUS value-add

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Episode #56

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Training Topics In Why lack of inventory isn’t an issue for Certified Probate Experts | WEEKLY LIVE REAL ESTATE COACHING

0:00 Social media template for Probate real estate marketing (Social Media Marketing)

Social media template for Probate real estate marketing (Social Media Marketing)

1:21 Is hiring a real estate ISA worth it? (Cold Calling Probate)

Is hiring a real estate ISA worth it? (Cold Calling Probate)

3:57 How I stopped having to cold call for real estate lead gen (Lead Generation)

How I stopped having to cold call for real estate lead gen (Lead Generation)

5:58 Recommended reading for real estate entrepreneurs (Book Recommendations)

Recommended reading for real estate entrepreneurs (Book Recommendations)

Get Certified in Probate Real Estate

7:27 What to remember about your mentors and what success looks like (Personal Growth)

What to remember about your mentors and what success looks like (Personal Growth)

10:04 Propstream list segmentation for pre probate leads with reverse mortgage/HECM mortgage (Propstream Tips)

Propstream list segmentation for pre probate leads with reverse mortgage/HECM mortgage (Propstream Tips)

15:58 Partnering with attorneys for reverse mortgage salvation (Real Estate Strategy)

Partnering with attorneys for reverse mortgage salvation (Real Estate Strategy)

22:01 Marketing to Probate Leads and scaling up (Probate Marketing)

Marketing to Probate Leads and scaling up (Probate Marketing)

31:10 Getting over the fear of cold call rejection (Cold Calling)

Getting over the fear of cold call rejection (Cold Calling)

36:05 COLD CALLING SCRIPT: What to say when calling back after a hangup

COLD CALLING SCRIPT: What to say when calling back after a hangup

41:07 Melanie’s probate marketing strategy pays off (Probate Marketing)

Melanie's probate marketing strategy pays off (Probate Marketing)

42:45 Transaction engineering for probate sales (Probate Sales)

Transaction engineering for probate sales (Probate Sales)

49:39 Vacant property insurance and inherited property (Probate Tips)

Vacant property insurance and inherited property (Probate Tips)

53:29 Options for selling a property with severe water damage (Distressed Properties)

Options for selling a property with severe water damage (Distressed Properties)

57:18 How to cold call probate leads: Slow your pace and calm your tone (Cold Calling)

How to cold call probate leads: Slow your pace and calm your tone (Cold Calling)

Resources for this Real Estate Coaching Session:

EPISODE TRANSCRIPT How to stand out in real estate: PLUS 4 scripts for probate real estate | Live probate mastermind

Lack of inventory? Not when you have the right real estate mindset, skillset. Live probate mastermind 56

Social Media Template for Probate Real Estate Marketing [00:00:00] 

Welcome, everybody to the weekly probate mastery group coaching call and these state professionals mastermind podcast. Zac, nice to see you, man. I haven’t seen that name in a bit. Thanks for coming. And then Jim, this is your first call. Bill Gross, glad to see we won out over the pool one more time. We might not be the best thing for your diet and exercise plan, but we like having you here.

I know that. And we go walking at 1230. So I go for power walk the mic. Well, yeah, I just finished mine, so that’s a nice day in Virginia. 

Okay, so a little bit of housekeeping this week. If you haven’t noticed already, Katt released a CPE template that’ll help you make CPE photos specifically for social media, but also for your postcards letters, things like that. It’s just a really simple Canva template that you can use and drag your picture in.

And she has made all the other design elements, so it will auto-crop. Graphic design is not my strong suit and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. So, that can be found in the Facebook group probate mastery Alumni. It’s also included in session three of the actual course so when you take the course, Jim, I think you’re relatively new. You haven’t finished yet. So when you get in session three, you’ll be able to download the logos, but also simply drag a photo and have yours already made. So, something cool that Katt did this week. 

Other than that, guys, I’m ready! I’m here for you. How can I help today? 

Is hiring a real estate ISA worth it? [00:01:21] 

Zac, you’ve been out there doing deals.

How’s it going?

Business has been, pretty good from the probate side of things, a little quieter here recently I think part of, that’s just a lack of phone calls in all honesty. That’s always been one of my struggles, just making more of those calls, but I’ve found that I’ve been helping a lot of people in the office throughout the probate niche as well, which is it’s been nice because percentage here, percentage there and I’ve become the go-to for that type of thing.

So I certainly appreciate you and everybody else for sharing your ideas. And I’ve also brought on another team member I’ve been through the ISA piece and I can’t get one to hit.

It’s tough, man. It takes its. I don’t know. I mean, Even when you get one to hit it can last three months or three years, but they almost always turn into your competition.

And it seems like, okay, if I make 20 calls, I get something. If they make 200 calls, they get something. And they bang everybody up in the process. Yep. 

Did you watch the ask the expert that we did with the ISA expert? Yes. 

Okay. So we talked about some of those struggles and why those services even exist.

It’s because it’s the same for all of us. What we are capable of on the phones, it’s really hard to get somebody that can work at that level. I don’t know if you remember Sam Bingham, the name doesn’t sound familiar.

 She’s probably in estate professionals mastermind and, and the other Facebook groups. Sam was playing in the ISA role. She was a licensed ISA in an office in Richmond, Virginia. And she did well. You might try to connect with her and see if you can get ideas, but ultimately we just have to find times.

And David Pannell’s not here yet, but I know what his advice to you is just finds time to make your calls! Make the calls! And it, man, I’ll tell ya, that’s the same conclusion I always came back to. I tried to have assistants do it. I tried to outsource it to ISA companies. It’s just that t, I never got the same result as if I just had the discipline to block the calendar and do it. 

It’s weird though because when you make the calls, money’s on the other end, you’re helping people and money’s on the other end of the phone.

It feels good, but you still don’t make enough of those calls. 

So it’s, it’s an interesting paradigm, like in real estate in general. And I found the calls I was most apprehensive to make were the FSBOs. Probate was easy. I was, I looked forward to those conversations.

FSBO for me was like, ah, here we go. I’m going to line you up. And I’m going to interview five agents and I’m going to choose the one that’s best for me or read between the lines, the one I can whittle down on price. And those were like the worst calls. I was more apprehensive about FSBOs than divorce or pre-foreclosure.

So it, we, we all have our Achilles heels. 

How I stopped having to cold call for real estate lead gen [00:03:57] 

 Bill Gross, you stand as a great example in this community and you’re consistently getting three to four deals a month. Let’s talk about what days you don’t want to make calls and how, how you get that done.

Well, I will say that as a result of working your program diligently, and after spending over a year, three hours a day, minimum every day lead-generating, physically going to court, I don’t do that anymore. I’ve leveraged my expertise and success and the vision that I developed when I started with marketing to where more people call me. Even, though’s still hard to call people and pre-qualify them and there’s still work involved. And, I’ll just share with you, I had an attorney who referred me yesterday, his sister, right? So is it, I’m doing probate with this guy. He goes, Hey, by the way, my sister has a house in, how far from me, and she wants to sell. And, you know, I’d love to have you help her out and I know you will do a good job for her. So I call on the phone and frankly, I closed 42 sides last year, and about 35 or 40 years before. 

I very rarely go to the house.

I’ve only really gone to meet the client with a husband and sat down in the kitchen with the documents once a year in the last two years, I hate doing it. So today at four o’clock, I’ve got to put a suit on a drive an hour away and sit down with him for a $1.8 million listing. And I know it sounds like I’m complaining.

I mean, That’s, what’s going on in my head, right? Right. I have to fight that urge to say, well, can’t I just get them to sign electronically? And, and, and that’s just, no, in this case, you know, I’ve got to do the work. And so I want the result more than I want to be lazy. So I’ll, I’ll do the work. So I think we all have our demons and we all have our challenges, what we’re supposed to do when we don’t want to do it.

The question is, do you do what you’re supposed to do when you don’t want to do it? And that’s what makes us successful in every area of our life, whether it be relationships or whether it be business or personal growth, it’s all about doing what you’re supposed to do. 

Now. I get people don’t want to make phone calls, but until you have more leads coming in than you can handle, there’s nothing else you can do.

Right. I leveraged all the people I met with marketing. I didn’t just one day start spending money. I had built a database and it’s still the things I do that I don’t want to do that I do because I have, to be successful. 

Recommended reading for real estate entrepreneurs [00:05:58] 

I’m going to make a book recommendation, Um, angela Duckworth is the author and the name of the book is grit. And Angela, if you ever watched this, I’m sorry, but your publisher knows it should have been a blog post. A really good message. It a really good, it teaches you, the bonds, what grit is, and teaches you how to build that habit.

That’s one of the things that when I was being recruited in the law enforcement, in the military, everyone tells you how much they love West Virginia farm boys. Cause we grew up hard. Like we had to be resourceful. We had to figure it out. There was no quitting. There was no delegating. There was no help.

You figure out how to fix what broke down and do it with no money. So the military loves people with grit and farms are good at turning out gritty people. But it’s incredibly difficult to teach. I think Angela Duckworth would stand as the expert in that space. As far as the content creator, something I could point you to, but if you need something that, if you just want to refresh that in your mind and kind of challenge yourself to be a little more gritty and persevere through some time.

Now, what I would say is, I’m falling short on the author might’ve been Simon Sinek. Willpower doesn’t work is another book that’s counter to that. So you’ve got to find a balance. If you just use willpower to force your way through things, that’ll eventually chew you up and spit you out, but we can, we can use willpower in short bursts to develop.

Yeah. Kat, thank you for backing me up. Ben Hardy wrote that. But those are a couple of books. So willpower doesn’t work is a bit of an opposing view, but grit by Angela Duckworth is another. 

What to remember about your mentors and what success looks like [00:07:27] 

If I can add to other resources, because I think two resources, I watch a lot. Our wall street journal does interviews with various popular culture people like they’ll interview, pitbull, the musician, right? And you think of maybe as frivolous or he’s a party animal. He is a sharp businessman. And what you learned is there, success is years and years and years of leveraged hard work. And the other one is grant Cardone’s growth con.

He just finished 2022. You can buy the 21 and 20 cheaps. And he interviews again, some big pop icons, culture, rap artists, people I don’t care for in terms of their art, but they’re a savvy business. People who have a plan and work it continuously push through it. And I think you need to put it in your head, the opposite of culture today, the culture is all about walking around and Tik TOK and showing your rear end and people flocking to you to sell houses.

And then they sell your program. That’s what I do. You can do the same thing. I don’t know. It doesn’t work for anybody. But what does work is if you put a reasonable effort every day, over time, certainly in probate real estate, if you just did the work three hours a day to generate business, you’ll make more money, you know what to do with, and you’ll be helping people and feel good about yourself doing it.

So my best advice is, is if you dig into successful people, 99% of them is it’s a lot longer… you may just discover them, but they’ve been around for 10, 20 years and toiled away anonymously before they got some sort of big break and were then prepared to leverage that. 

I need to tell that to the guy that I saw panhandling yesterday with a sign that says, ‘will twerk for food.’

And to tell him his tactics are ineffective. According to bill gross, you know, another movie, one of my daughter’s young, I took her to see Justin Bieber’s movie. He is a great talent and businessman or whatever, but when you watch this movie, he was doing, he was panhandling or whatever the term is, doing music on the street.

For like 10 years before he was 14 years old or seven years, whatever it was, he was like an accomplished musician at 14. He wasn’t just some kid who decided to sing and dance. He had done it for food to eat for so long that he got good. And I think the same thing with these phone calls, I don’t sell any of the coachings and I don’t sell that data.

And I get people to call me all the time and say, well, how do I do this? How do I make a call? What do I say? And I just say, if you just spend three hours a day this week and call five days, you’ll figure it out by Friday. Like, I just don’t want to answer the question. I don’t want to point to a script.

I’m not as nice as you Chad, and I’m not selling the coaching, so I’d have to, but I just tell them, I don’t have anything else for you, but what Chad said, but if you don’t do it, you’ll never get good at it just doesn’t matter. And you’ll never get good talking to people on the phone if you don’t make the calls.

Yep. I agree. I mean, a conversation framework paired with falling on your face. We’ll teach you quickly a script. We’ll just keep you falling on your face. 

How to target HECM loan and reverse mortgage leads with Propstream list segmentation [00:10:04] 

Lynette, how are you today? Great. How are you? So I did, um, I’ve got three things.

I inadvertently made a phone call to an attorney. I made myself, I hated it like, Hey, all right. I’m like, oh, it felt like a 500-pound phone. So I did it. And it was because, and this is the point. There’s a family in one of the counties in Colorado that even on public record, there’s, there’s something to handle when you see a lot of loss for people, there’s a grandmother than the mother, then the dad, and now we have the heirs and it was boom, boom, boom. 

Well, consequentially their high equity reverse mortgage property went into foreclosure and I looked at county records.

Notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, notice, the same place. Finally, I called a probate attorney for mom and kind of got the low down. So inside of that conversation, I have an instant referral partner. He knew he knew the parents that the kids aren’t necessarily responsible, but he’s inside his commitment to where he started.

And with that reverse mortgage foreclosure. I’m like, huh? This is interesting because an investor brought me the deal and asked me to research and I’m looking at it and we have a foreclosure procedure in Colorado and the foreclosure attorney’s office, not the attorney gave them some information.

Like they could sell it outside of the trustee sale before, and I’m like, Hmm. And you can’t. And they won’t. I’m like somebody trying to pick up a check or like it didn’t sound right. I don’t, I didn’t go any further after that. So I go to county records. any sort of foreclosure, anything in reverse, these things are flooding

into these counties and this is before probate is filed. So I like hard tedious manual cross-reference searches. And if anybody has a tool for that, I assume it’s Lexus nexus or some sort of data clearinghouse in the background where you can do probate, foreclosure death, obits, 

I want to interject real quick. I think Katt can you drop a link to the prop stream, please? So prop stream has most of the query tools that you need to pull that list. 

What you’re probably looking for is under mortgage type HECM

HECM mortgage. Show me a list of people in this county, in Colorado that show up on the social security with a death flag, they call it pre probate. It’s just a social security death flag that has equity that has a mortgage that is HECM, not a hundred percent sure we can get that specific, but I’m pretty sure you can.

 It should show as HECM or reverse. Then, you got your list. With the subscription, the link that Katt will drop will give you 10 or 12,000 exports a month.

Well, I got related to the value of the tool last night. And then I guess the other part was I pulled it from public records. FHA, foreclosure only. Not that I want them to get there, but I’m looking specifically for whether they filed probate or not. Cause a lot of these families are just, in my mind, either handling everything they need to handle.

And then they’ve got this notice coming in. If they don’t understand the financial mechanism, they don’t understand that they’ve got a problem here and they have a timeline problem because you know that, I don’t know if it’s every other state and Colorado to get titled transferable a, you have to get through probate to get the letters.

You need to have some sort of assignment for PR, and then I’ve got another one that somebody selling property, they can’t sell yet. And they’re under contract then I’m like the kind of like, waiting. Cause the title’s going to bounce that shit. 

I have a lot of questions, but I want to hear where you are, I want to hear the end of this.

Then, the point is the grit conversation reminded me. I got engaged with the attorneys. I’m no longer afraid of them, bill you’re right. Just make the damn call and I don’t want to, and I didn’t want to, and I’ll do it now because I’ve got, I got lucky. I didn’t get a mean one if I had a mean one,

but it does it again. I would, I know I would, okay. So I got a good one and we’re immediate, I’m sending them business. And likewise, he goes, well, I’ve got the realtor. So I want that to be my hyperfocal focus because I think I can immediately bring value and I don’t need to wait for that probate lead because they need me quicker.

And there’s a reason. And there’s a real reason because there we’re doing like for sale quick, like the power of sale is happening under the statute and, and this attorney group. It is it’s a machine I’m seeing the same name, same name, same name. And, and I’m like, Hmm. 

Should I feel bad about wanting to buy distressed properties at a discount? [00:14:41] 

Okay. And then the other part is I want to buy them all like there’s, there’s like angel devil, look if you’ve got a.

Well, I will come, with the generous offering of everything. And here’s your check and thank you and whatever their choice, the only thing you have to worry about or show them, like, show them both like your halo and show them your homework. As they’ll, they’ll choose. I mean, Kat and I were talking about this morning.

The house that I’m completely rebuilding, I bought for 15 cents on the dollar. I paid, I paid 25 grand and it will appraise that a quarter million here, probably in the next two weeks. So, I, you could say I bought it at 10 cents on the dollar ARV. But at like a fast market as is, I was about 15 cents on the dollar.

They couldn’t be more thrilled. Like they call me and check-in and they’re like, Hey, how’s it going? How’s the house? Like, do you have pictures? Send us pictures. Like they think it’s the best thing ever. So you, you probably, should work on your thinking there. It’s not the devil. If you buy these homes with a ton of equity, a lot of times that’s what they wanted, but I just didn’t know how to find it.

They thought they had to get it through a 90-day process. I, I want to jump back, like I’m getting lost in the details of the devil in the details, but I, I want to go back to, because I see an opportunity here for specifically for you, because I know things about you and your reputation in your market.

How to specialize in reverse mortgage salvation [00:15:58] 

What was the outcome of that particular property? Did it go through foreclosure? It is in foreclosure. We’re in the middle of it. I’m working in lockstep with the family attorney and we’re meeting – Did you try to get an injunction?

So that’s, I didn’t know what to ask for. Can he do that? 

This is your opportunity, so if you’re finding lots of these in your marketplace, And this is an attorney that you are enthusiastic about having on, your team and the relationship. He has access to Lexus nexus.

He’s an attorney. 

He can buy the golden database that we can’t because they do an interview process. He can get credit or information. 

So potentially you can get way upstream of everybody and specialize and reverse mortgage salvation, and you and this attorney can approach it collectively.

You can approach this and it could be your niche. Now you’re going to buy some, you’re going to list. But if you, if you figure out how to stop the sale on this one, to buy the family time, to protect the equity, take as much video as you can get them to tolerate, to document the story, and then turn that into your specialty.

With that attorney, you create lots and lots of future business for both of you. You said there’s no way to do it in Colorado. Here in Virginia, we can put the brakes on it by ordering a payoff statement and paying that amount.

Now you have to pay for the substitute trustee and all the legal work they’ve done. You have to pay the penalties and you have to pay the full payoff, but you can literally, you can walk up to a substitute trustee with a cashier’s check and stop a sale right before he gets ready to auction it off.

I don’t know why you couldn’t do that. Why would the lender want to incur that cost, the legal cost alone? Not to mention the asset holding cost when they could get their full payoff penalties and legal fees paid? So, that’s a good question. The way the statute reads and it doesn’t mean there isn’t an injunction possibility.

I just haven’t found the right resource. The statute is 15 days’ notice to cure and then 24 hours before the sale. 

But I’m also like, why wouldn’t you just take a damn check, usually they will. The hard part is getting hold of the right asset manager or the substitute trustee. What I do.

And I’ve done this, you guys have probably heard me tell the story about the house I bought in two and a half hours, like a phone call to deed in hand two and a half hours done. And that was, I went direct to the substitute trustee and I said, just stop. What the hell you’re doing? I’m going to go look at this house.

You’ll hear from me in the next hour. And we did the deal and his office stayed a few minutes late to do the deal. So even the substitute trustee doesn’t want to deal with it either they can do

that’s useful in that I was going to meet somebody else, but anyway, it’s in their best interest to not let this happen as well. Go, go verify that it, that it can’t be. I can see where it might be 24 hours before, but make sure you verify that because this could turn into a niche for you.

So having a real, and I always resisted like hyper specialty, but I also get the power of it because it doesn’t stop. So I guess my question is if we don’t have letters, testamentary, and the note gets paid, how, how is the title transferred?

So let me think, why can’t we transfer the title? Because they don’t have the letter. So in that scenario, like, let’s say, how long does it delay to get letters a couple of weeks? It depends on the county. I call I called the probate clerk and he’s like, well, it depends. And I’m like, okay. Yeah, if you can’t transfer the title to the end buyer, I was overlooking that.

I forgot. That was one of, your variables. You have cash, right? You’re going to want to buy these, ultimately you want to be the buyer?

So what have you issued them a first, and you refinanced them?

Since you have liquidity, you just simply come in as a refi lender, get a payoff statement, refi, record your first position, and then write up a purchase and sale agreement and record your memorandum of sale. 

You’ve got multiple layers of protection on the deed at the courthouse. 

Oh, that’s brilliant. Okay. So, I think you’d be proud of me. I talked to a personal attorney yesterday to get all of these structured member. We had that conversation about how maybe I needed some and I’ve got all of it. Now it’s in the works. I’ve got that serial LLC out of Wyoming and I’ve got the other one that handles it.

I don’t even know what I have. I’ve got it coming though. I told him what I needed and the blanket. for the boys, my boys.

So the next step in this, like be prepared real estate attorney is well, versed in notes and first deeds of trust and like, like a bomb.

He’s good. So excited. Okay. He wrote books So that might be the strategy. 


I need a good real estate pitch! [00:20:44] 

I was offered a radio slot free for opening day for the Rockies. And I need a sound bite and you can tell, I don’t have one, even if anybody is interested in helping with that I’m up.

So well specifically, as far as explaining what you can offer. Yeah. So, I could go either way. I could do like, a public service announcement. He did say he wanted me to for sure have an opportunity to promote the business and say what we do and who we are and et cetera, et cetera.

And I don’t have a one-liner for that. Like I show up the way I need to show up when I show up and I make it happen. That’s kind of it, when’s the recording. April 8th. In three days, you’re probably not going to figure out your stop foreclosure system in the next three days, but let’s look at what you’re already good at.

So two or three calls ago, we showed you how to take a listing off-market, a high net worth listing off-market for discretion purposes. You’re emerging, as a high net worth real estate professional in the probate space. Think about that. Okay. Got it. Thanks. 

Now. Zachary has been very patiently waiting for us to go back and forth. So I’m going to let him, I think he has something to add for actually just slightly different. 

Marketing to Probate Leads and scaling up [00:22:01] 

 One of the things I should’ve mentioned on the calls was the scaling. On average, I probably get about just shy of 400 leads a month.

And last year I was just over 80 sides, I would say. So it’s not a matter of not doing enough business. It’s a matter of how to scale that to a much bigger level when making those calls. So.

What market you’re in?

I’m in Palm beach.

Okay. I know you’ve got one Broward county, I see Eli is here.. She’s in Broward. Where my mind is going is can we, can we pair you up with somebody who’s also a CPE that you can trust and you guys can, can do it together if that makes sense for you. One of the things we’re working on is the CPE directory where you guys can have kind of a social platform where you can all have, you know, shared deals back and forth.

It’s just, it’s, it’s one of many ideas we’re working on. Grant has in the Facebook group in probate mastery alumni, there’s a CPE referral document. I would take a look at that and see who’s in your area. Maybe take them to lunch. Especially if they’re struggling, like you’ve got it figured out, you know how to close them.

If they’re struggling or they’ve already quit and they gave up, they still believe in what we teach and how we approach it. Maybe we can turn them into a licensed ISA that can actually, work the phones for you. Maybe they’re good at closing the appointment and they suck at the phones.

And that gives you more time on the phones and they’re out on the fieldwork. Yeah, I’d be open either way. 

Hello. I am in Broward, actually, Broward and now in Fort Myers. 

Okay. Well, I will notate your information down and I will try and reach out to you. 

I’m all in. But I believe that it’s about helping each other. So hang in there. Let’s help each other. That’s fine. Sounds good. I will reach out. Thank you very much, guys. 

Yeah. And anybody listening to this, like if you’re finding this days or months later one of the big things we try to do here, we want to connect all you guys cause a rising tide lifts all boats.

I’ve found that new business and new great relationships tend to find their way into your life more easily when you’re not trying to hide everything you’re doing. So if you’re listening to this and you have an abundance mindset and you’re in that Southeast, Florida market reach out, drop a comment below this video, and tag Zac. Let him know, Hey man, I listened to his episode.

I’d love to help you out. 

If you’re not currently a CPE and you would like mentorship from somebody who’s, setting the world on fire and has figured this out. And Zac, you’ve been part of the community for what? Four or five years? Probably. 

Yeah, I think I’m just shy of five. Yeah. So, you’ve got a five-year veteran that has figured this out in a super competitive market.

If I were just trying to figure this out and I had an opportunity to earn half the commission and do three quarters 90% of the work, you would be my damn mentor if I lived in West Palm. So if you’re listening to this and you’re not a CPE, why the hell does not step up? 

You’ve got mentors waiting.

So that’s awesome. That guy I’m really glad to hear you’re doing so well. The good news about that is you’ve got capital. You’ve got money to share. Like you’ve, you’ve, I’m sure what that much deal flow. Your, business is healthy. So going 50 50 on commission is certainly feasible for you.

Oh, absolutely. Cause right now it’s just running out the back door with, potential. That’s me that’s my biggest struggle is, you’re just watching, I might be able to get through half the leads, that thing during the month and there, the followup is not for the three to six months.

So I know that I’m just like bleeding out with the potential business, going out the back door type thing, Show of hands, and I want everybody to be honest, who’s thinking, oh, poor Zack, too many deals. Uh, Nobody raises their hand. They’re all nice. How many deals are we talking about guys? As many as you can handle, Ele. You did 80 sides last year, Zack.

like 80, I think 84 was my number. That’s amazing. So Zach, where are you getting the leads? Is that through the lead thing? So, the probate leads come through all the leads. But I would say the vast majority of my business is just referrals out in the marketplace. 16 of about 84 deals last year were from probate.

And I will say that every month, I’m lucky if I get through all of my leads, I may call them once, sometimes I’m doing 10% of the deals or 10% of the calls and I do the mailer every month. I do have email campaigns set up. I use the forewarn app for pulling phone numbers that I might not be able to reach.

And that’s something that I would highly recommend to anybody struggling to get phone numbers for warning F O R E w an R N. It’s based out of Boca Raton, $20 a month. And you, if you have a phone number or if you have a first name, last name, and city and state, can pull all their addresses, cars, convictions, and background.

It’s pretty great. 

Hollywood Renee, hands up.

Floor’s yours. I love it. It’s never going to die. Something I’d like to pitch to Zac.

Zac, I also sent you a Facebook we’re friends on Facebook with this goes for anyone else. So I’m going to toot my horn for one second, but this is meant for all the right reasons. I live in Los Angeles and also in a very competitive market.

One of my biggest skills is I I’ve done so much cold calling in my life. I’ve been I’m an investor-friendly realtor. I’m a realtor here in Los Angeles, but I’m very good at phones. And I’ve done a lot of JV with other real estate practitioners, wholesalers, and so forth where I call in other states and they give me the warm leads to close.

That’s the short of it. 

So I’m not an ISA. I don’t want to be on the phones for hours and hours, just banging through, trying to find needles in a haystack. I’ll do it. I’m good at it, but that’s not my intention, but what I will do and can do is I’ve got them set up to do follow-up for you. You know We can, if you’re not sure who I am and you want to do a contract or whatever, that’s fine.

But what I request is maybe a CSV and you can send it to me. I have mojo, I call rail, I can make a number, that’s a local number and call out to Florida, whatever. So, utilize me if you guys are like having a hard time with your follow-up you don’t have to pay me to do that, but I’ve done splits with people and that’s how I get compensated.

But that’s really where something that has worked out well for me. And if you want to talk more about it, we can, and sometimes you just gotta throw your hat over the fence. So that’s in response to Zac or anybody else on the call. And my last name is K I S as in Sam, C H E, which you can find me on Facebook or I’ll put my phone over in the side chat and then completely separate, which is why I raised my hand is 


I talked to from last week, The lawyer, and these two probates. I talked to her yesterday and she’s so stoked to do some videos. And I found a videographer that I had not worked directly with but had been privy to his energy and his work. And I like what he’s up to and he’s still doing it.

A young guy, like 22 is all the equipment ready to rock. And so that’s just going to be a lot of fun. I get to do I think some evergreen stuff and anyway, it’s all working out. So thanks for universally planting that seed. So that was fun. In one week, that came to be. 

That’s awesome. So, thanks, thanks for bringing back the result.

You did it. That’s awesome. Thank you guys for letting me share if you will. See when we put ourselves out there, look at what we find. Zach, you might’ve found, your solution. And she’s modest when she’s talking about her skillset. You won’t get her in the weeds. Renee, you took the live class, I don’t know, four or five times, I think.

And we had some very good conversations. When you get on the more creative side of things, when you’re structuring deals with multiple options, Renee has that skill set. 

Yeah. I know a lot about it, sometimes you will create financing. You dug into session two and like, wait, we can do that! 

Like, so she’s, she knows how to monetize every conversation for sure.

Thank you for saying that. And you remember, I still am coaching directly with Chris Voss who wrote the book, never split the difference, which I was already doing in the last four years. So that’s probably my biggest unique selling proposition. And so a lot of people say to me on the phone well you don’t sound like everybody else, you don’t sound like you’re hustling me.

And that’s not how I lead in life anyway. But just with my training and skills, that seems to go over very well, particularly in probate, as we all know. Or I think McKenna reached out to you about Chris’ Voss. And I think she may have gotten the wrong number, cause she’s like, I talked to her and she doesn’t know who he is.

I’m like that’s not true. I’ll email. Sure. I send me, and just say, Hey, Chad asked to ask us to connect about Chris’ Voss. We’re interested in actually bringing Chris into the community as a guest speaker for you guys. And I know you have, you have a connection with them, so.

Okay. Very good. Thank you, guys. I’ll put my number in there if you need to reach out. All right. What a cool call guys. 

We’re connecting, connecting the dots here. What other problems can we solve? How can we help somebody? 

Getting over the fear of cold call rejection [00:31:10] 

I need a little help. You light me up with the recording that you have about pre-probate and understanding the psychology behind it. Earlier I rejected it because I say to myself, I just need to have that moment to talk to somebody and communicate, but um, I’ve been getting on a lot of different calls And they’re like, oh, we have everything handled. Boom, hang up. And I’m the person that after they hang up, I call again because I think that we got disconnected or something like that. You know, trying to reengage that conversation, but I’ll tell you, it’s just when you have the goodwill to help somebody and they’re just hanging up,

I’m having a hard time with that part. 

So let’s point back to Zach, he had 16 probate deals last year. He had almost 5,000 probate leads. What if he focused on the ones he failed?

It, wouldn’t be that exciting to talk about. Like we would, we would think, and Zac would probably think about himself. You know, I, I fell on my face.

I’m no good at this. I should quit. But this is something and trust me, I fought this fight too, Ele. Like, that’d be two hours, two hours, almost three on the phone because I want to get it done. I get it. So here’s how I persevered through that. Like I maintained a 6% conversion rate over a quarter. 

Most of the time I would pat myself on the back cause to have 6% conversion month in and month out to the point where the author of a book wants to track your results to show how consistent it is. I’m like, hell yeah, I’m doing it. But there was always that Tuesday morning where I would wake up and be like, you have a 94% failure rate.

You should just quit. You’re a fraud and imposter syndrome would set in on me and I would focus on all the wrong things. I would focus on the lack. I would focus on the failure and you just can’t do that. So just stop doing that first. Realized the best of the best of the best of these faces.

You see here are failing at about a 95% failure. We all suck by that met that standard measure, of conversion, right? But you can become a multimillionaire on a two or 3% conversion rate. 

You can’t possibly help everyone.

You’re not going to, you’re going to find two to 6% who are going to be thrilled that they met you and that’s where you get your fuel from. That’s what you focus on.

Just prepare to be hung up on, prepare to be told they got it handled, they don’t need your help. What I ultimately came to understand: twenty-five percent of families are more affluent and they’re more proactive and they’ve got their “stuff” together.

So everything’s done the day they file probate. They’ve already got half of it done because in their mind that checklist was being prepared before the death even occurred. 

Another 25% stick their head in the sand and act like it’s not happening because emotionally they’re just not sure how to deal with it.

And you can help them. Those are yours, those are the really good ones, 6, 8, 10, 12 months down the road. 

But they’re going to tell you right now, ‘you’re a damn ambulance chaser! Leave me alone. We’ve got it handled.’

And they’re less. but because of our conditioning, we’re, we’re taught that vulnerability is weakness.

I think it’s strength, but most people will never show you their vulnerabilities because they’re conditioned like if you’re feeling weak or you’re feeling depressed, don’t tell anyone. So what they’re not saying is, oh, you’ve called me in a bad time. I’m emotionally crushed right now.

I can barely dress myself in the morning and remember to pick my kids up at school. It’s not the right time for this conversation. 

It’s easier to say ” why are you calling me!?” And hang up because it’s easier to muster up a little bit of strength than it takes to do that.

It’s easier than to reach into your EQ and have a mature conversation. 

So you need to be in charge of your own emotions and your response to them. 

What I would encourage you to do is get more empathetic and think what the hell must have that person’s morning been like for them to just abruptly end a phone call with someone as nice as me with such a valuable offer.

As I have, I better call them back at a different time.

 What I’m trying to say here is to be kind to yourself. A lot of this is coming from the inside and I think like your, like the way people react to you in a sensitive environment, isn’t always reflective of what you have to offer.

Sometimes it’s just their ego, trying to get them back into safe territory and hide in that emotionally. And it has nothing to do with you or your offer.

Like David Pannell, I wish he was here. I mean, He sticks with them for a year. They forget that they slammed the phone down and called him an ambulance chaser.

He’s better at that than I ever was. Like, he gets the most out of every single list. 

So be kind to yourself. Like, none of us are perfect. 

Most of us are failing it more than 95%, but we’re all everybody’s making a good living and we all have stories of the people we’ve helped and the impact we’ve made.

So don’t quit. 

What to say when calling back after a hang-up [00:36:05]

Number two, the fact that you just pick the phone back up is awesome. I love that. And I will, what I would recommend that you pick the phone back up and say, ‘okay, Listen this is Ele, one of two things happened: you didn’t understand what I was talking about, or you think everything’s handled and you’re about to get your assets handed to you; which is it?’ 

Be abrupt. You can figure out what language to use, but the point is to be abrupt so they know that this is a different conversation. 

And most people who are early in the process, think it’s going to be simple and it’s no big deal. And the attorney told them what was going to happen.

And then it goes sideways about three months in the work piles up, the creditor period is over all these things came in. The attorney wasn’t checking in with them and making sure they were progressing. And then they’re stressed out. So keep calling until they say, I do not need your service, but most of the time when people say we’ve got it handled, what they’re telling you is, ‘listen, I know you’re just like the last son of a that called, and you’ve got a selfish offer to buy the house for pennies on the dollar.

And I have no damn interest or time for that right now. Leave me the hell alone.’ That’s what they’re saying. And it’s your job to differentiate yourself early in the conversation? “Hey, my name’s Ele, this conversation’s probably a little different than the ones you’ve had with other people.

I’ve got a social enterprise right here in Miami, just for helping families going through probate. So I’m not going to come at you and try to steal your house, but I am going to come at you and say, what would you delegate? If you had an expert to get it off your plate today?” start using different approaches to the USP, just try things on for size. Like if, if you’re getting the same result over and over and over, and it’s wearing you thin, don’t be afraid to try things on. 

But the idea is to be abrupt and differentiate yourself.

Use terms like we have a group, a team of people specifically built to help families. We have a social enterprise, we have a service that you’ve probably never heard of. I’m calling today to talk to you about something I’m betting you’ve never heard of before, and you’re going to think it’s too good to be true.

And your first question is going to be, how much does all this cost me? And the answer is zero. Have you got five minutes? 

Things like that. Be abrupt, have fun with it, but don’t get so damn discouraged, and be kind to yourself. Like maybe helping Zach with some of his calls might be a good way for you, to just get more at-bats.

You’ve got it. Don’t give up, please. You’ve got a will to serve like I’ve seen in very few people You’re gonna figure this out. You keep showing up, you keep being, you don’t, you don’t mind being vulnerable and asking for help.

Are you licensed? Yes, guys. Yes. I’m licensed in Florida. I should be a broker. I’m comfortable. The broker is my husband. That’s easy. So, reach out. I may be able to hook you up with a referral agreement. 

Do you speak Spanish? Tell me you speak Spanish. Yes and understand Portuguese also. Oh, okay. So I’m happy to work together under my license in Colorado when I have Spanish-speaking individuals with somebody that understands and compassionately can walk them through.

And I, I can’t do it Ele, cause I, you know, ‘Hola,’ that’s what I have. Okay.

Thank you, guys. Thank you. This, this is, this is, this is the vitamin that I needed. I literally, cut my lawn. I started blowing the leaves this morning and I listened to YouTube. So these YouTube videos, these retrainings about different subjects it’s, it’s food for the soul. I remember this morning, listening to you, Chad, to that YouTube video about distinguishing yourself from others.

You’re not the mass. It’s offensive when an attorney tells you that, oh, the realtor. Nope. You’re not any Realtor, you have an enterprise. I have a social enterprise. I have a company, a team of professionals that deliver results. And I’ll tell you that was huge. Did you reach out to Sylvana after we did that interview?

I’ll tell you I’ve been getting my ass beat the whole past week calling people because I got to make it right. Okay. So you’re the person that I referenced in the interview with Sylvana. She’s right there in your backyard. She’s a probate attorney with a huge heart and a valuable service. I want you to go meet with her this weekend.

I want you to connect with her and 

you’ve done your work. You deserve the deals. And like, she can be a really good way for you to get some easy at-bats, like some inbound referrals from an attorney who’s got a very consistent set of values to you. No. And the international part, the global, as I did presentations for brokerage, basically for builders.

That should be great on that side. Yes. Thank you so much. Yep. All right. And if anybody needs an Appalachian translator, I’m, I’m your guy I’m there. So if you guys are running into slack-jawed yokels, you need to know if I’m your guy.

All right. Melanie had something to add. Yeah. So, I can relate to exactly what Ele is saying and

Melanie’s probate marketing strategy pays off [00:41:10] 

 I introduced myself a couple of weeks ago. You were not on that call Chad and I’m in the Tampa area. And I’m an agent as well as a nurse. And so what I’ve done is I’ve created a different marketing package for myself, and I’m going to tell people just don’t give up.

I’m fairly new to this. And I really held in the background and listened to taking it all in and, and admire all of you for your tenacity and, in going after it. And you’ve like infused me with that vibe of positivity to keep moving forward, because I felt like Elle, like, what am I doing wrong?

What is it that’s preventing me? So I just, I got a bunch of letters and I got to print and whatnot, and I just revamped myself. And I put myself out there as the probate nurse. And I’m sending that to people and they’re calling me and they’re going, what, what is that? I’ve had 20, probably 20 calls since last Monday.

And I got a deal that I scored pretty large down in St. Pete. And he also needs a condo to downsize, his story. His situation is so brutal. He lost his wife and his daughter within like 11 months and he was so incapacitated that he’s not able to do much of anything. So he needs me and my whole team. He, as soon as we called him, said I need you to come.

So I’m just going to tell people, don’t give up on that. This has given me that positive vibe that I need to go in and show people that I can help them.

I’m taking it a little bit till I make it, but and answering their questions that people have, but I’ll tell you, it’s nothing that you can’t look up or ask anyone else on the team, Hey, what’s it Ladybird mean or whatever.

Transaction engineering for probate sales [00:42:45] 

So anyway, this guy is, his house is in trust. And this is my question for you because of houses and trust. We got with the lawyer yesterday and we got the certification of trust. What would be the next steps in that? I am meeting him on Thursday. Cause I got a listing. He doesn’t want to do a cash deal. He didn’t want to do anything creative.

He wants to list. He wants to know what my fee is and what the next steps are. So where would I go with you? And in the blue pen, it’s done to me. I guess in terms of like, because of house, I want to the, like the possible service opportunities here, you, you said he’s incapacitated. Did you mean mentally or physically?

Just like mentally he’s done. He had two major losses within 11 months and it’s been some up for,

he has a high net worth. Okay. So money’s not an issue coping is. That fair? 

You should get a white glove moving service lined up for him. Don’t he should do nothing. Right? That’s what I’m presenting to him. Make sure, he can pay for it, but, you can coordinate it and take the social credit for that person being on your team.

Where’s he going to, has he already moved to that new place? No, he wants me to find him a condo in the St. Pete area. Perfect to rent or to buy, to purchase cash. Okay. And do you, do you have a good idea of what kind of lifestyle he’s he thinks he needs to be living? Do you think, do you agree with that?

Or do you think he’s thinking and from, from a place of grief and like, if he were in his best state of mind, is the most powerful state, would that be the place for him or should it be a different place? Yeah, he’s very reasonable. He’s very, very reasonable. And he’s ready, he’s ready to make that move.

After the loss of his daughter and then his wife she suffered from dementia. So he’s had about three years to deal with it. He is the best. I would just say more incapacitated in terms of not wanting to deal with the extraneous situation with the home. He doesn’t want to deal with it.

He wants to bring my crew on to help him do that. I feel very strongly about the fact that he’s able to make that decision for himself where he knows where he wants to go. And I’ve sent him a couple, of private listings, and some off-market things from investors that I know here, and he’s very interested.

So, I think he’s making the right move for him. Yeah, like that’s good. It sounds like you’ve gotten to know him. I like to really wow. Him to, to provide that, that ultra-high level of service go find him a place that’s on the market. Negotiate, negotiate a sale with a, lease an early occupancy lease.

Get him out of that place. Out of that mindset, get him a white glove, moving service to get him moved in. You’ve got an empty house to stage and sell and probably get a higher price, but like potentially getting him to move. If you can get him early occupancy, if you can find a seller, who’s a vacant property, it’s a tall order right now.

I understand. But especially like my goal would be to get him the hell out of that environment as fast as possible. I would just sign a purchase agreement with, with some teeth in it that, that, an Elisa agreement with some teeth in it. And the lease would dissolve the day that the real estate title was transferred.

And then that takes away the early, early occupancy objection. That way then he’s, he’s taken care of he’s off to the side. I know he’s dealt with. And then I know I can, I can do a bang-up marketing job on this house without his stuff on it. Yeah, absolutely. He wants to do the estate sale and donation and everything.

So we’re doing landscaping pool, everything for this guy. And he’s just so gracious. I can’t even believe it. He was like, where have you guys been? So you’re needed no matter what anyone thinks people need, you. And even the people that I talked to that 15 or 20 others I spoke with this week, guys, they, they all needed something from me and they thought I was just a solicitor until they said, explain to me what this is and what you do.

And when you have them on the phone, honestly, you lead in with what you can offer them. They’re going to listen to you. And I’m living proof of it. 

So it does work. No

for anybody, for anybody who’s has quit and might be listening to this, or anybody who’s listening to this. And it has thought about quitting. Who’s one of them. I’m one. Think about that story that she just told and the impact she’s going to make in this. And there’s one person’s life right now.

And think about how many of those opportunities she would be walking away from in the next 30 years of her career. And that’s what fueled me at first, you guys have heard me in the course tell the story about Pam and her mom. And that one has kept, has, has earned me more deals over time and kept me from quitting, who the hell knows how many hundreds of times like we all have those days.

But think about who you’re not reaching. If you step away, I almost retired and just let you guys. Because I thought I wanted to do that. But these stories, these phone calls like these relationships, that’s the only reason I’m working. Cause I want to, because I think that at the end of my career, the best thing I can do is off like create communities like this and offer this kind of encouragement because I believe in the whole of my heart, that you are making a huge community impact, like what we do here, doesn’t matter.

Don’t quit wherever you’re listening to this, figure out what works for you. I’ve been doing this for going on nine years and if you’re willing to move forward with us, we’ll find out what works for you and your market with your personality, with your accent.

Even if you talk like me, it works. So thank you for sharing that. Melanie. I think the nurse angle is cool. Like finding your brand within the niche, I think is at some point everybody should think about who else has a unique skill set like if you are a doctor if you’re an attorney, we have several people in the community who are practicing attorneys and real estate professionals.

We have some people who are appraisers and are think like going and getting an appraisal license, isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s way harder than getting a real estate license. But if you already have an auctioneer’s license, you already have an appraisal license, you can add that, like, bring that into your brand, into your identity as a probate professional, bring that in and, and offer free services.

Like, say, well, we’ll do the personal property for free. And if we get the real estate listing or we’ll give you a free, we give, we offer a free appraisal. Every family we meet with things, things like that. So if you wear many hats, if you have other professional certifications the other thing I thought about, and I don’t think anybody is on this particular call, we have several, several members of this community who are firefighters and police and have done well because those of us who ended up in public service, usually have a servant’s heart and we’re looking for ways to help people.

But that’s the other thing too if you have law enforcement credentials, public service, and public safety credentials, think about bringing that into your brand. So anyway, thanks for that, Melanie. 

Vacant property insurance and inherited property [00:49:39] 

James, you had your hand up next. How can we help you? Yeah, it’s just going to be real quick. Thanks, Chad. How can I help PR when I know his insurance is going to deny his claim because he failed to get vacancy insurance. While he was out, the pipe ruptured. And I think the house went about a month or so with the water, that the city had to come and shut down the water.

Yeah. I know my heart dropped when I heard that. By the way, he’s, his parents died within two months of each other. He’s a pilot I’m here on the east coast. He’s from the west coast. So when I asked him to go get vacant insurance, the agent told him, no, he said he intended to come back to the house once a month.

So he didn’t get the vacancy insurance. I was close to trying to muddy up the water cause once I heard that the furnace run out of oil or the oil, I did order some oil hoping that when the plumber showed up they found oil and he would see a malfunction, but I’m not going to commit insurance fraud. But I dunno, how can I help him?

It’s going to be $100k or so damages. Okay. 

So first off, I want to make this a teachable moment for any of you who have heard me use that: that’s one of the abrupt objection handlers that I use. When people say Ele, listen, when people say, oh, we’ve got it handled. Just say, “you know what? One of my peers heard the same thing from someone who has a hundred thousand dollars in property damage right now. And the insurance rejected the claim. Would you like to make sure you’re not in that situation? Cause I am sure as hell would. I think you have three minutes to talk to me, don’t you?”

And it’s a way to abruptly stop those people who think more, just another X, another wholesale, or another person who can’t help them.

We can pull from stories like this from our community. If you don’t have your own, you have, James is now, this is the real-life example of why we do that. Like we’re just trying to slow them down and get them to realize they don’t know what they don’t know. And there’s, there’s the real-life liability that they’re walking toward.

Most people don’t get tripped up and end up in this bad shape, but sometimes they do. James. Next is a compliment to you. You tried, and the fact that you were thinking like a servant to the level, you are going to go buy six, fricking dollar diesel and put in a tank to get a, to get a furnace going again.

Good on you. And it shows your heart.

As far as what you can do for them, is there any cash in the estate or does the personal representative have cash? Yeah. So we’re gonna move forward now with the, with the bond. What is it? He was trying to avoid somewhat, is it? Then, the bond, some expense on that, but we’re going to move forward.

I know there’s some life insurance, so I’m trying to get him quick cash at this point. 

And by the way, and just to go back to your story at some point, hopefully, I’ll do a heck of a job. 

They’re going to give me a testimonial. I’m going to document this as a way of advertising in the future, and give them the actual proof.

This is the damage this person suffered. And, hopefully, that will work. 

Can you, can you do me a favor? I would like for you to pull out your phone when you’re at that house and show them, show the mess that it is and talk directly to this community and tell them why, why vacant insurance is a must and why?

Yeah, so, I just want to trash ServPro because they came, they did like, I guess at that point they were trying to muddy up the water on more than one occasion., but I do have one of those 3d pictures that they come and try to take for the insurance. So you could walk through it as a 3d image.

You could see the damage, all the clutters, and all this stuff. Yep. Well, whether you post a video or post a video and that, I would like for others to be able to learn from this experience you’re having. It happens every day and it’s not every day we see it and everyone gets a chance to see it.

It’s something I’ve taught for years. Like, I’ve just been lucky. I had over a dozen houses before I even learned that they weren’t insured, even though I was paying a premium. 

Options for selling a property with severe water damage [00:53:29] 

So it sounds to me like they’re just looking to get rid of the asset now at whatever price, not fix it up and, maximize equity, is that the case? That might be an option, but I think it all depends on how much cash he is going to get.

If you’re going, could get to the month life insurance and all that, he might be able to think about partnering with someone. And that’s what I think I’m going to probably step in and help him with all different options. So it depends on how much cash they get at this point. Yes. Okay. So I was going to suggest, multiple options.

This is a really good one for that. So is he the only heir? And he is the personal representative and has the letters, right? Correct. And, and actually, so the house is already in trust, so we could already move forward. Perfect. We can do, we can do anything with this one. So you can, that’s my call. I’m late because he can wait, you guys will see him next week.

So you can, you can partner with them yourself. You can bring them one of your investors to offer a partnership. You could just sell it for cash quickly and make it someone else’s problem. Those are all, I think those are the most, as far as maximizing equity, those are, are the best options right now.

Okay. As far as the insurance don’t even bother, right? I guess there’s a difference between vacancy versus homeowners insurance, right? In this case, I think they gonna deny his claim because he failed to put oil in the tanks. So there’s nothing we can do about that, right? Other than perhaps maybe malpractice, you can Sue them.

Like he can Sue them, but quite honestly, you’re probably looking at two to five years of mental drag, and is this a pretty sophisticated individual? No, no, he’s an airline pilot, a pretty simple life. Yeah. I usually don’t recommend litigation for anyone who, who like, if, unless you want to get in there.

I brought that, but I don’t think it was going to go far. And I don’t think at this point, they’re going to put two to two together. The claim’s going to be denied. So we’re just going to move forward and try to move forward, with this estate.

So, yeah. I’m sorry. no, this is, this is good. You know clear this with him in case he ever sees it, but say, listen, Mr. Seller, this is a situation that I warn families about all the time, but most don’t believe me. Do you mind if I document your situation and include it in my probate marketing so we can avoid, you know, making sure that doesn’t happen for other families?

If he says, yes, you can repurpose that content. So it can be here in this community as learning content, for how we can serve others, but you can put it on your face. Like if you, if you’ve started a community Facebook group, if you have a blog, you can even, by this is one of those ideas where you can go to GoDaddy, grab a domain for 10 bucks and call it, don’t forget the insurance.

 Probate without would be the one that like grab that domain, create a redirect to the blog post and send out a postcard that says, I’ve tried to reach you three times. I can’t get ahold of you. You must know what I’m offering is different than other people you’ve spoken to. Just go to probate without And you’ll see how I treat families. They’ll call you when they’re ready, but there are a lot of things you can do with this. And like I said, just get his permission. So he doesn’t eventually come back and go, oh, you’re going to profit from my pain.

I’m like, but it sounds like you’re, you’re in this for the long haul to make sure he gets the help he needs. So make sure you get the credit and all the credit you can for serving at the level you are. 

Yep. That’s eventually, I think that’s one of my payout it’s to be able to document it and build our report so that we could use this experience actually and help all the families.

I think that’s ultimately the biggest payoff that I’m looking for. Okay, thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you, James. 

Cold Calling Tips: Slow your pace and calm your tone [00:57:18] 


I got lost in all the shares and I’m sorry, I took a bite of food, but I, I think where I was going is when you were talking about, with Al just to keep going, I have made thousands in the last year of cold calls. And what I can say that probably works is to some advantage being a woman’s voice on the phone helps because a lot of the people that are hustling, these folks are really either in a call center or they’re young, and they typically are men and just calm down and slow down and know that it’s all gonna work out.

And without sounding too leftist, I know I live in Los Angeles and bill, but if you just get grounded in yourself and calm and re-present yourself to every phone call. Even if you have to go around the block or get up and just shake it off because people feel that energy. I don’t say a whole lot of different stuff than probably any of us are on the phone, but it’s just calmed down and slowed down.

I think that’s also a differentiator on top of the wonderful things that Chad is saying verbally as a differentiator. So try that you guys that just seems to work for me. So just wanted to share that and just keep going, no one’s made us be here. This isn’t, this is a lot more challenging than people think it is.

And there’s a reason why there’s so much attrition in real estate people don’t want it to work. You’re either going to spend a lot of money on mailers, 5, 10, 20 grand, or more a month, and that works, or you’re going to get on the phone and talk to people or door knock. That’s it, that’s it. You gotta talk to people.

And people will be mean to you and hurt your feelings, but just keep moving. Because we all have those stories. So thank you for letting me share, but just keep going. People need our help. Thank you. So thank you for that Renee, I like your so much contribution today, guys. I love this, like the community aspect of this.

I’ll second what Renee has said. I talk probably too much for a living, but I’ve done it on YouTube. I’ve done it on the phone. I’ve done it from stages. And I’ve gotten, from people who have never seen me speak, never heard me, I would say the most common compliment that I get is you’re so calm and humble in doing this.

And I think I learned that over time. Like I was a pretty high-strung salesperson. I was, I was, law enforcement picks at target, get it done. What’s the objective, what’s the goal, burning up the phone. And that didn’t serve me that well. And I think I learned what Renee is saying.

Like I learned to slow down. I learned to think more about the other party than I did myself. And then through positive reinforcement through lots of validation… now everyone’s like, oh, he’s a slow country kid. That’s cute. But um, my speech patterns are more because of the validation and the income that I’ve gotten from that.

So I think that that’s a good reminder. Like sometimes we just need to slow down, not be so emotionally reactive and we get a better result. So, well guys, I’ve got two gurus ringing my phone. I’m 18 minutes late, but this was too good of a conversation to jump on or jump off of. Guys, listen from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you. Like this is these, these calls are so rewarding for me because I see that you’re getting something from it and it warmed my heart to watch you guys coach each other. That’s way better than hearing me talk for just, another hour. So thank you guys for all your contribution, for being here and we’ll see you next week.

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